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  1. Ah, thought someone said they found it at night, changed my settings for daytime and found it rather quickly, thanks!
  2. Ok so, A-Budew is in the Desert. right? I'm gonna assume it is a wild encounter somewhere. But my question is, in which part of this big ol' desert is it be in? Since the encounters change with the area quite a bit.
  3. Oh now we're doing stat info too? In that case... A-Toxtricity's stats are 70 HP, 75 Atk, 70 Def. 114 SpAt, 70 SpDef, 98 Speed. which is Toxtricity's stats but with the attack and speed swapped(and 5 points of HP missing for some reason) I mentioned it having Galvanize, but turns out its other two abilities are Punk Rock, and.... Solid Rock? I mean.. I get the joke but its like... weird. All three A-Palossand have the exact same stats are regular Palossand. which are 85 HP, 75 Atk, 110 Def, 100 SpAt, 75 SpDef, 35 Speed. Rock Palossand gets Clear Body and Soli
  4. This might sound strange but... get a good Pyukumuku. I used a Pyukumuku to beat her. with good investment in all 3 of HP, Defense, and SpDef, and a Sitrus Berry. Though its better to have more SpDef investment. Pyukumuku can use Purify to turn the Dimensional Field into a normal Icy Field, which is a good option, but not the most important. Pyukumuku gets both Toxic and Gastro Acid, Toxic is self explanatory, but Gastro Acid is good here to neuter the Arctovish and Beartic's speed, though you can also use it to make Rotom-Frost weak to Ground too. The most important thin
  5. Venusaur is pretty good, despite its horrid list of actual attacking moves by level up, thanks to its good Status Moves like Leech Seed and Sleep Powder, and the Giga Drain Tutor in Crawli's Gym, and Sludge Bomb TM in Carotos solve its movepool issue. I remember using Tangrowth in my first ever run, it was also really good thanks to its great bulk, Regenerator, the utility of Knock Off and Sleep Powder by lv up(though Sleep Powder is relearner only). And pretty decent Coverage, with Giga Drain and the likes of Ancient Power/Rock Tomb or Sludge Bomb. One I'm using in my
  6. Sorry for being a bit late but uh, yeah. If you have rpgmaker it is really easy to get past, but if you do not, you cannot do anything about i'm pretty sure. Here's a file of the map that happens in. should fix the issue. just plop this in the Data Folder of the game, replacing the current one. Map415.rxdata
  7. We do not, since none of the Sword/Shield DLC stuff is in the game yet, they had said a while back they'll be added through a 13.5 update or something among those lines.
  8. So yeah you read the title let's get into it. The most important is the Story one, while it is not a V13 story error, it was one part that quite largely reworked, so I'll spoiler it regardless. One that I'm assuming is a bug, A-Toxtricity just does not learn any TM moves at all. Not even the TM moves other Toxtricity get, and not even Attract. And I guess since I'm on this, might as well point out how the little screen in the TM bag menu that displays a TM's compatibility does not account for alternate forms it seems. And last one, which is most lik
  9. There is no regional Toxel, just regional Toxtricity, which you can get by using a Fire Stone on any Toxel, Though for some reason A-Toxtricity doesn't learn a single move by TM. Also idk if anyone mentioned it yet, but you can find Milcery in the Isle of Angels or whatever its called, outside the Angie Church. Now how does THAT one evolve in this game?
  10. For those who have not completed Zumi's quest yet, you can get A-Toxtricity by simply using a Fire Stone on a Toxel, any Toxel. It is Fire/Poison and the one I got happens to have Galvanize, dunno what its other abilities might be if it has any. However one weird thing I noticed is that for some reason it cannot learn ANY TMs at all. I'm assuming its a bug or smthn. It cannot even learn TMs normal Toxtricities can, like Sludge Bomb, Poison Jab, Magma Drift(yes the regular Toxtricity can learn this for some reason), and not even Attract-which is almost universal on gendered Pokemon.
  11. I am certain. I got it from the Fight Me Again, or whatever it is called quest with Novae from Sheridan Village, in fact when you take the request, you should see Clobbopus' icon's silhouette down in the Rewards. Did you do the quest with Rorim B that was in the first Help Center? It was the one that can only be accepted at night. Maybe that could have something to do with it (as Rorim B appears in this one too)
  12. I have no clue actually, all I know is that (at the time I'm typing this) I'm about to head into Mount Valor and I've encountered neither of them so far. Spent a while in Corrupt Cave too while looking for Sandile(which i also didn't find) and didn't find a Roselia there either(which was previously rare but possible).
  13. You can just simply buy both the Apples from a vendor in Teila Resort, the one who just sold the Apophyll Pancakes before.
  14. I don't really think the EV rooms are available, *strictly* after Angie, I had them available to me before then, I first noticed they were there right before Crawli. But I can't tell what exactly "unlocks" them. I was just rebuilding my team before tackling Crawli, went there to go grab some of the Golden Items and bam, the EV cards were there. I had 99 AP when they were there, does that have anything to do with anything? No clue. And yeah Angie is hell, and I most definitely wouldn't've won without the EV training LMAO My personal issue is a few Pokemon being moved a l
  15. You can find Applin(alongside Skwovet and Greedent, and some berries) by Headbutting these trees inside Jirukala Cavern. AKA : That one cave in Terajuma Jungle that you need Surf for so you then Battle Vallerie while the squad watches. Or alternatively- the Cave where the Ampharos for that one Help Quest are held at. And just like with that quest, you need Rock Climb to access them Also, while not exactly a *NEW* Pokemon, Alolan Grimer was moved from being Zetta's Shadow Pokemon at Goldenwood to Corrupted Cave(wasn't there in previous versions) EDIT : WRONG PICTURE LOL
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