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  1. https://1drv.ms/x/s!AvGjQ-Tj8Z4ohkcy_7NrEjV2I1Tk?e=YXwpfX Soooo....I'm doing a themed run in preparation for a story that I am going to write. I have limited mons to run with, so even though I have mons you're not able to get at this point, I still have an added degree of difficulty because I am limited That being said. Radomus Is a pain in the ass. I thought I could power through using some setup, BUT that means I can't kill his first trick room setters for the sweep. The attached spread sheet has my mons, the attached items, EV spreads and the moves I currently have, as well as, the maybe useful items in my bag. Any thoughts on a potential solution are really welcome. I have gotten close, leaving just the Slowking left, that lived a +2 Leaf Blade from my Sceptile.
  2. So, when planning out a playthrough for my story, I logged into my account as I recently switched internet browsers... then I noticed a notification from your story. Best decision I have made in a long while. First off, glad to see you back in the saddle on writing this. Glad things are starting to settle for you. Congrats on the degree! Secondly, what a chapter to come back in on. I wasn't to sure how Flannery was going to get out of that situation. And Dounia being more involved is a good choice. Far to many stories dump characters after setting an... interesting background and moral compass.
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 🙂🍰

  4. I think because there is a trainer sprite, he might be someone we fight. Maybe a younger Solaris... Time travel anyone? Dialga's influence to help protect Arceus... Hmmmm, feeling like I need more sleep.
  5. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 🙂🍰

  6. Random life update no one asked for, but I am alive...I think. Covid fucking sucks. Wow, my first update to these forums in a while and I say that? Guess I should elaborate a little. I realized that I haven't posted anything in...*checks watch* over a year? But, I have had shit thrown at me that few could predict. So, I'll start where I left off. The end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 was possibly the worst stretch of months in my life. I remember posting on my story about my laptop completely breaking. I have tried to post things through my phone, but my phone doesn't like this site... so I was stuck not being able to put my creative ideas to use. Then I doomed us all. I said on my story thread how I hoped that Coronavirus wouldn't become a thing in the states...Well.....we see how THAT worked out. Between quarantine and the near endless stupidity of some people, I lost a majority of my income. I've had health issues my entire life, and I am susceptible to various community spread illnesses..mainly Bronchitis. So me working in a hospital during a global pandemic wasn't going to end well for anyone. I managed to avoid covid for a while, but I still had medical emergencies pop up. Between the months of July and August, I had a colonoscopy preformed with biopsies taken. Those tissue samples came back positive for cancer. However, because of the massive tear in my colon, it was determined that these rapidly mutating cells I had were caused by said tear...not because that they were actual cancer. Bad, but that could of been far worse. Fast forward to January 2021. Myself and my mother finally contract Covid.... Fuck. Covid. Because of my medical training, we were able to avoid the hospital. Though...It's sad when the best chance of avoiding the hospital is having a lot of neurological issues. Constantly falling down, forgetting words...just generally unable to function. It also doesn't help that when we going through the initial period of Covid, the cold snap from hell hit Texas. Being buried under 4 1/2 feet of ice and snow while dealing with covid is not my idea of a fun time. We are STILL dealing with the symptoms of Covid 2 months later. One positive thing though... I have a new laptop. So, I will be re-writing my story. I think that's it for now. Cheers -Shadow
  7. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  8. So... it's been a while... what year is it? 2020?.........shit damn..... Next time, I need to not jinx the entire planet and myself. Sooooo... Between losing my ENTIRE computer (power source corruption fried the mother board...yep) and being hospitalized for complications due to an injury from a few years ago, I lost both all of the chapters that I had written and the time I could of saved writing it again. No promises this time. Now, back to writing while the pain meds knock me out... I wanted to publish the next chapter. Bright side, I have my op account again. Silver linings...
  9. So, for those unaware, I am writing a story playthrough for reborn, and I'm currently testing the team for it as well. (So, spoilers....I guess?) I'm having trouble finding good moves for Elektross. any suggestions are welcome, however I would like to keep crunch as it comes in handy.
  10. If civies heard the conversations I've had with co-workers, it would be bad. I'm pretty sure that commitments to mental health hospitals would be flying fast and furious. If you try to be "normal," with the sense of humor, the strain would be to much. Just the fact that you have to remain somewhat calm after witnessing deaths, you can't hold it in being what the perception of healthcare workers is and not be affected. I remember them all. And it still affects me when a patient dies on my call. Nothing, even going through it before, can really prepare you for it. Bit of a turn from a pokemon story. lol
  11. I work in medicine (Respiratory therapy), and the honest truth is that more medical professionals have darker senses of humor. Fact is, you have to have a darker sense of humor. You will lose your mind pretty quickly if you don't. so I'm evil as well.
  12. Thank you kindly good sir. This is kinda new to me, so reading that gives me confidence. Through writing it all yesterday (I haven't really slept, Insomnia is a fickle mistress) all I could think is "I'VE GOT SO MANY TIE INS TO THE STORY!!!" The myth of Johto is actually lifted from a difficulty mod/hack for HG/SS made by Drayano. He expanded the story of those games to include it, and it fits with parts of the story of vanilla Reborn, so I thought what the hell? I always intended to write my story of a Dragon tamer from Blackthorn, so it was a natural fit...
  13. Honestly though, that back story makes it. It rounds her character out very well, explains how she holds family and friends very closely, and explains why she gets as animated as she does. It's better than most of what I've seen Nintendo ever put out. If I get half the support you've gotten, I'd be working on it for that long as well.
  14. Chapter 1 : Ancient Prophecies and Small Beginnings Zane hadn't slept for days. How could he? Getting thrown into a wall by a Dragonair and blasted by a damned Kingdra... "I'm lucky to only have a few broken ribs.. could be my spine..." Damn that Clair, she might be a talented trainer, but she looses her cool so often. Yet, why does the council prefer her? I've been through their training far more than she has. And yet, I keep getting turned down on my request to become a trainer, Zane thought. "You know, I'm beginning to think you like being busted up..." Said a female voice entering the room. "I don't intend to go into there looking for it. I'm just looking for recognition." Zane responded. "I know you are," Courtney said "but, you never get it. And it's always ends up the same." she added... Zane scoffed. She was right, but she didn't have rub salt in the wound. Dating for 4 years now, and she was the only one to really ground him. She was the only one that understood him after all. "You can't go through it anymore." She was right, he couldn't.... Blackthorn has always been famous for being where most Dragon tamers begin. Every kid aspires to be a trainer like most of their idols. However, rooted in tradition, the council makes the decision who actually becomes a trainer. Every kid is given the choice of a dragon type if the exam is passed. The exam is given by the head Elder, and insures those who would treat pokemon poorly, never get the chance to. Only those who know that being a trainer is more than just giving orders. It's a symbiotic relationship between Human and pokemon. Both feed off of each other, insuring both feel connected and grow. Of course, this is so that the mythos of Johto occurs. The Legendary Trainer. The archaeology supports this myth. While the Ruins of Alph suggests this, it also warns about those who seek to force the end result. The legend of Johto says that a trainer will befriend every species of Pokemon, and ends up meeting multiple legendary pokemon. Finally, the trainer ends up meeting that is which is called... God. Arceus, the creator of everything. Because of this, Blackthorn has always wanted to home this trainer. Thus, these traditions were born. To ensure this myth happens, while avoiding that which is warned about. 22 years ago, a mother and her infant, fled from abuse to Blackthorn. Because of her connections to the prized champion, Lance, she was welcomed. Wanting her child to be happy, the council agreed to allow the child to take place in the training normally left for the children born in the village. Because the infant was only a month, no harm was thought of the council. Except for one... Alcin. Alcin had been recently accepted to the council because of his background. He had a favored reputation through the village as well. He argued that the child wouldn't fully grasp the significance of the honor. However, the elder said that nature doesn't dictate one's beliefs, but rather nurture gives what is wanted for this village. For 14 years, Zane was trained just like those who were born in Blackthorn. He was trained to be a tamer, but that isn't what he wanted. He thought being a trainer, traveling the region to prove his strength was more apt for him. As most children had the choice to do so in Blackthorn, the council still had to approve this. Because, the child leaving the village would carry the name of Blackthorn. Alcin blocked Zane's request. Zane's mother continued to support his choice. Always wanting him to be happy, she supported what he wanted to do. She always did things to ensure his success, and was always willing to fight for him. It was her who actually trained him be a trainer instead of a tamer for those years, being a proficient battler herself. She taught him the importance of always being thankful for his pokemons performance. Always looking after his health, she taught him some of the best training methods she had used for her pokemon. Because of this mentorship, Zane had quickly become one of the best battlers in the village, only being challenged by Clair, who was, in her own right, a prodigy. Zane and Clair often butted heads though, both being stubborn and hardheaded. Often their confrontations leaded to some building in the village being damaged or one of them being hurt. Both recognized each others talent, but they differed in how strength is supposed to be. Zane preferred the silent, stoic but imposing version, while Clair wanted to flaunt her strength around. Zane was content enough in training to want to travel, having the village backing him up, except for the one Alcin... that was until his mother fell ill. For three years, she battled a rare, but aggressive form of cancer. Zane struggled with this. Wanting to care for someone who taught him all he had come to known is what he felt was right. So he gave his ambition to travel up. Though, he continued to train, as his mother liked seeing him battle. His style was imposing, and yet, he held no malice for his opponent. She felt he was the best battler that she had ever seen, above Lance even. That left Zane and his rival, Clair, in even more contention than before. Especially since the town's gym leader spot had opened up. However, his mother's condition worsened rapidly. Eventually, she passed away a week before his 17th birthday. This sent Zane into a down spiral of emotion. He quickly fell into a depression that consumed him. He abandoned his training nearly entirely, causing to lose his passion for battling. He instead focused on making sure he could survive without his mother. Planting a garden yearly, constantly fishing, and making sure he had what he needed. That left Clair the clear choice for the Leader spot. Because the connection to Lance had been lost, the village quickly lost the thought of him as a battler, but just someone living in the village. A year later, the village was more open to travelers, seeing as the Pokemon commissions office of Johto had recently put out a new league campaign. That was Zane met Courtney. She was a challenger on her travels, and while running to the center to gather some supplies, they ran into one another. For some reason, Zane wanted to challenge her to a battle. He hadn't had the urge to compete with someone for a while now. Why her though? He couldn't understand what it was, but he had to ask for a battle. While she agreed, she wasn't to pleased about it. She only wanted to fight them gym leader. But, his quiet confidence pulled her in. She was in her early 20s, and had piercing, but friendly blue eyes, with a striking smile. She had an sparking aura about her, only accented by her looks and air of her own confidence. Zane was unsure what it was, but he felt like she was familiar to him, even though they had never met. It was only a 1-on-1 battle, seeing as Zane only had one. His trusted partner, a pink Dragonair. A rarity to be sure, but he had so many battles with him, and he had been the only real pillar of support for him for a year. He had Dragonair when he was a just a tiny Dratini. But it wasn't a gift from the council as most Dratinis were. He had caught him without the councils knowledge or approval, but they were taken aback by the appearance of such a rare phenomenon. They approved of his use of this Dratini, even Alcin agreed. Even the way Zane caught Dratini was rare. Dratini had come to aid of Zane when he was 9, being chased by a Skarmory from the south of the village. Through knowledge provided to him by the village and his mothers training, Zane was able to battle with Dratini and fend the Skarmory off. Using a combination of Thunder wave and Dragon rage, Dratini was able to avoid damage, and thus that bond was instantly born. Though he had not battled in a year, he still had his dominant style. He quickly took control and won the battle, but that wasn't what made Courtney stick around. It was the fact he thanked her and her Ivysuar and the honor he showed. She wanted to learn not only the style that he had, but that honor. It was intoxicating to her. "I hope that the fact I keep trying that it'll change," Zane responded after a minute of thought. "But it doesn't. That fight wasn't different, it was like she had other intentions..." "Alcin?" Courtney asked. "I think so. He has made it difficult from the start. But I have nothing to prove it..." he added "I just hope it will change soon." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  15. so... I've been reading this for the past 4~4 1/2 hours... Holy. Shit. Firstly, you're a talented writer. You made a backstory for a character I've been wanting more for. And you made that backstory damn good. Gamefreak lost a lot of potential not giving her more attention... Secondly, I am more motivated to actually write the story that I've wanted to for a long while. I'm actually going to start that now... I cannot wait for more of this story.
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