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  1. Big hug energy sending Feel free to send a message to me anytime you need someone to talk to
  2. Im more specific to Chandelure but it having Heat wave will trigger some Field effects throughout the game [Also since Overheat is diminishing returns after first usage]
  3. Gonna throw this out there [Just bsing here, might not be viable solution since im pulling this randomly] Even though your trying to play on v8, the game still will attempt to read a folder in saved games to attempt to load a save from it So its probably crashing due to v8 loading the folder called "Pokemon Rejuvenation" and it gets weirded out since saves in that folder are newer and require other things to load them
  4. Smogon is your friend in this situation Greninja | SM | Smogon Strategy Pokedex Use the SM listing's for pokemon since Reborn uses SM Mechanics currently Issues being Dependent on where you are storywise
  5. Unfortunately most RPGmaker pokemon games are forced saved into the Specific computers Saved games folder, i dont know how Empyrean managed to move its location for it There is backup software [dropbox] that have autobackup capabilities for you to tell it to copy all contents of Saved Games>Pokemon Reborn to [drop box] every night
  6. Im not sure about the guide but my dex location says its in goldenwood forest back in Floria Region Teruguma Jungle and a place to the left of that Oval loop there in the jungle Teru's spot is 2 down from bottom purple circle where you have to surf through the cave to get to other side
  7. Mimikyu, formally known as Keyblade336 uwu

  8. As ^ says We need to know the operating system your computer is since theres 3 versions of the game out currently Mac, Linux, and Windows are the current Supported builds Chromebook is iffy but somewhat usable via usage of Joiplay but that has its own issues (18.2 being the most stable release but unable to utilize GameZ.exe for them crispy fps)
  9. Mimikyu obviously *points to my shelf of every Mimikyu plush Pokemon Center America has ever released*
  10. It isnt due to online only being compatable with Windows/Linux/And Mac when it decides to be nice/Never Download the game on computer, unzip, then transfer it to phone using cable connection Thats how i did it
  11. Mimikyu

    hi again

    Instead of progress bars for dev cycle progress, i demand a bowl of ramen picture be the bar The Emptier it gets, the closer its done being made
  12. Hi, so some games use 1-5 number buttons as key item autouse buttons If you can, open the key config menu and type out what you have listed for them all for us to look through
  13. Does Linux have an Windows Explorer like program? If it does then you could have it search for the file game.rxdata
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