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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^🍰

  2. When you have volume mixer open, are you looking at "All" instances of audio? Sometimes certain controllers (Looking at you ps5) or headsets add new instances of audio output that requires going into sound settings to set defaults as example i had one day Youtube outputting to monitor speakers, discord going on headset, and FFXIV outputing on "Nvidia Audio device" changed defaults all back to Headset output and everything worked
  3. >hasnt used joiplay in a few months but i remember certain versions of Reborn didnt like working with joiplay Also was said android update the Android 12 upgrade?, otherwise id check Joiplay's patreon for support since the creator is quite active on there
  4. Or Inferno if your that much of a mad man
  5. How does one accidentally delete everything off PC? On starting over, Most of those mons become Illegal mons and will not listen to trainers Also this post should be in [Online Play] Easiest way to do it on your end is Via [Pokemon Reborn Sandbox Mode] over in The Mod Market
  6. Mimikyu

    swords dance

    Breed Swords dance over to a Mimikyu >or if you dont care for ruining difficulty of game, Pokemon Reborn Sandbox Mode
  7. The Mac version of the game does not currently have online functionality, Youll have to do the go around with the Wine thing [Not a mac os user]
  8. Early Game> Event in Obsidia Park Post Route 1> Iolia Valley, Grassy Area up a waterfall
  9. Its activated at the beginning of the game only, inside the starter selection area 2 NPC's are added to the room To my knowledge, Randomizer cant be enabled past that point but as a side note, you can have more then one save file for reborn though so no editing required
  10. Thats what trick room is used for
  11. Im more specific to Chandelure but it having Heat wave will trigger some Field effects throughout the game [Also since Overheat is diminishing returns after first usage]
  12. Gonna throw this out there [Just bsing here, might not be viable solution since im pulling this randomly] Even though your trying to play on v8, the game still will attempt to read a folder in saved games to attempt to load a save from it So its probably crashing due to v8 loading the folder called "Pokemon Rejuvenation" and it gets weirded out since saves in that folder are newer and require other things to load them
  13. Smogon is your friend in this situation Greninja | SM | Smogon Strategy Pokedex Use the SM listing's for pokemon since Reborn uses SM Mechanics currently Issues being Dependent on where you are storywise
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