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  1. As a lot of these are insurgence sprites, backsprites should be located in said games folders Edit: realized post said Gen 5 Spriting No ability to help with that
  2. Somehow your character was fused to one of those chairs, Debug has fixed that Your in Peridots train station now Game.rxdata
  3. As above, your gonna have to change about 9~ files in a few different folders for safety Im not sure about Debug Modes change character options as i tried that in a different game and it crashed it
  4. XP-> Ame is or was gonna add Rejuv's Level cap system for e19 Fields-> Fields are what make the gym fights hard though, its personally nicer to beat the leader when its on their perfect advantage (Here's looking at you Charlotte and Amaria) EV/Stats -> Yeeting set up moves = a lot of work to code removal/Cap limits of setup as some mons complete abilities are dependent on that [Moody, Hyper Cutter, Belly drum loses all usability along with anger point ], All the gym leaders mons to my understanding are Max EV IV trained anyways Common Candies-> Point becomes invalid for e19 getting Rejuv cap changes if first point is still correct, plus ive used maybe 5 common candies to my life in my current 154h of playtime, plus you have SMW/Additional Options modpack to fix that cap issue anyways Mining rocks-. are mostly whatever cause the big one heart scales i believe are in the pickup table, so why mine when i could just run around and get a buttload with 6 pickup mons fighting trash wilds? Im only starting an intense mode playthrough for Rejuv but i had issues in normal mode reborn and rejuv normal mode getting past parts so im not there with difficulty Id recommend looking at Pokemon Reborn Redux as it gives each gym leader much harder teams to fight against as a lot of the changes your asking for requires a lot of effort recoding the spaghetti code that is essentials, changing entire teams of leaders, recoding the fields system, recoding the evs/ivs, recoding stat setups cause changing that code affects Opponent too Very very large amounts of essentials code changing -Personal Opinions be this thread as a casual player who hates Ciel after being stuck on her for 3m
  5. Macintosh Edition for mac osx 10.12 and later. "fruit" does not include blackberry. why are you using a blackberry. Mirror 1 (Mega) Mirror 2 (Drive) Mirror 3 (Local A) Mirror 4 (Local B) if apple blocks you from playing, just right click and open. save file help can be found here. Pokemon Reborn Download - Reborn Evolved ^----Link to download page This is what you guys tried to do yea?
  6. Saved games are not in Reborns file itself, use below table or in Windows Explorer where the search option is in top right corner - [Saved Games], Should be first option Windows (C): ->Users ->Top folder {Depending on What you named said computer] ->Saved Games ->Pokemon Reborn ->Game.rxdata Other files listed in this folder should be named as example: Game - 472 - Marisa - 156h 58m - 17badges.rxdata
  7. C:\Users\YourComputerNameHere\Saved Games\Pokemon Reborn Game.rxdata drag into the forum reply here Should say Drag files here to attach, or choose files...
  8. Post your save on the thread here and if im on when you do, ill set you free
  9. Cause currently A. Toxtricity is currently bugged and unable to learn more moves
  10. Oof, i planned on doing an intense mode run anyways after finishing V13 content so thats okay for now
  11. Copy pasted from the handy Field_Effect_Manual.txt file in your Rejuv Folder Its Gen 1 mechanics is what your playing during the field Fairy are now done as Normal Type Damage Physical: Normal Fighting Flying Poison Ground Rock Bug Ghost Steel Special: Fire Water Grass Electric Psychic Ice Dragon Dark
  12. Check your options menu, Believe it or not One of the speed up options in there is 1x so you might of changed it to 1x on accident instead of 4x
  13. Question, do you have an antivirus software on said computer, or a program like Advanced System Care? My game was causing Errors originally because of ASC not like rejuv accessing a billion files to load spriting and music and code scripts ^above issue was fixed giving Game.exe an exception
  14. Ive decided to do the help quests and noticed not able to do a bit of them <Hidden Library Series and Battle Me series> Continuing in V13 from 12, is there no possible way to go and do these quests at all or am i locked out of them for this save file? Cleared all the Neo Gearen ones also
  15. When you have volume mixer open, are you looking at "All" instances of audio? Sometimes certain controllers (Looking at you ps5) or headsets add new instances of audio output that requires going into sound settings to set defaults as example i had one day Youtube outputting to monitor speakers, discord going on headset, and FFXIV outputing on "Nvidia Audio device" changed defaults all back to Headset output and everything worked
  16. >hasnt used joiplay in a few months but i remember certain versions of Reborn didnt like working with joiplay Also was said android update the Android 12 upgrade?, otherwise id check Joiplay's patreon for support since the creator is quite active on there
  17. Or Inferno if your that much of a mad man
  18. How does one accidentally delete everything off PC? On starting over, Most of those mons become Illegal mons and will not listen to trainers Also this post should be in [Online Play] Easiest way to do it on your end is Via [Pokemon Reborn Sandbox Mode] over in The Mod Market
  19. Mimikyu

    swords dance

    Breed Swords dance over to a Mimikyu >or if you dont care for ruining difficulty of game, Pokemon Reborn Sandbox Mode
  20. Its activated at the beginning of the game only, inside the starter selection area 2 NPC's are added to the room To my knowledge, Randomizer cant be enabled past that point but as a side note, you can have more then one save file for reborn though so no editing required
  21. Mimikyu, formally known as Keyblade336 uwu

  22. It isnt due to online only being compatable with Windows/Linux/And Mac when it decides to be nice/Never Download the game on computer, unzip, then transfer it to phone using cable connection Thats how i did it
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