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Found 2 results

  1. So a friend and I have really enjoyed playing online and fighting each other. The first few times it works just fine, a few seconds lag but nothing serious, but now after a short break we come back to the game (we're talking 20 days max) and we try to play a match but the waiting has increased significantly. It can sometimes take over 30 seconds for a move to register, and sometimes different things happen to us. Case and point I use my Gliscor to Uturn and kill my friend's Xatu, who then sends out Exeggutor and I send my Hippodown. But on my screen I see a Xatu with no health instead of the aforementioned Exeggutor. And after that the game just goes into Waiting mode and nothing else happens. Any reasoning behind this? Is it just a case of overworked servers and is there anything we can do to fix it?
  2. So time to reveal the big secret. When E16 development started, we had a stretch goal. That was to get online battling and trading working. Turns out, that wasn't as much of a stretch as we thought. Thanks Alexandre's online functionality systems which you may recognize from games such as Pokémon Zeta/Omnicron or Insurgence, we've been able to implement online battling and trading in Reborn, While there is no guarantee this will ship with E16, it is a feature I was very excited about and wanted to share with you guys. We will probably be coming up with solutions to balance online gameplay by controlling which pokémon can be brought into battle or kept in the party and stuff like setting up our server, so there are definitely kinks that still need to be worked out. Unfortunately, while I would love to give you details and a ton of images or footage, there isn't a lot to show yet. I can give you guys this image of me fighting myself with two test trainers: or this image of me logging in: And this image of me trading with myself with these same test trainers [ (Background is weird because it's just a test build) But maybe soon we'll be able to do more. Including a showdown, I feel, that's been a long time coming.
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