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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I'm new to Rejuvenation and have decided to play it on mobile via JoiPlay. Earlier today, I was grinding in the Abandoned Sewers after having caught a rare shiny Geodude there when the game crashed, causing me to lose two hours of grinding and said Geodude. I was hoping someone could instruct me on how to edit my save in order to get back what I lost? Can't get story progression back but the Geodude and levels I can. Was all quite disheartening. Thanks!
  2. Howdy all, I managed to get Reborn running on Mac OS Big Sur and wanted to post the steps in case anyone else had the same issues. For me the game would start fine, show the train moving along, but right before the loading the inside-train scene the entire computer would crash. I'm not sure if this is due to Apple's version of OpenGL or just not having an actual video card, but the following did the trick for me: Download the Mac version of Reborn Move the file "Pokemon Reborn.app" into the Applications folder Right-click on the "Pokemon Reborn" app and select Show Package Contents In the folder Contents/Resources there is a file mkxp.json - open that file with your favorite text editor (TextEdit is a good default) Look for a line towards the middle of the file that looks like // "enableBlitting": true, and change it to: "enableBlitting": false, (note the removal of the "//" - you have to remove those slashes or the line will be read as a comment and ignored). Save your changes. Back in the Applications folder, right click on "Pokemon Reborn" and click Open. Enjoy! NOTE: I still have stuttering every couple steps in big cities / open areas but battles and inside buildings seem to be smooth. If anyone knows how to get the outside world to render smoothly too tips would be greatly appreciated Tech Specs of my machine: OS: Big Sur (11.6) MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2020) Processor: 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 Memory: 32GB 3733 MHz LPDDR4X Graphics: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 1536 MB
  3. I am making a post here because I encounter a game-breaking bug and cannot find similar reports on the forum. I have downloaded the game (version 18.4.1, "fruit edition") on Mac (latest version, Big Sur 11.5), and I can launch the game without problem. However, after I initialize my character and view control, my computer freezes at the introduction scene when the train is riding through a desert (see spoiler below). The soundtrack is playing, and I can move my cursor, but otherwise the computer does not react to either mouse click or keyboard, so I am forced to restart with the power button. I have moved the game to the application folder. I have attempted installation using both the MEGA and Google Drive portals. I am running no other apps other than Safari and activity monitor. Also, in case this is relevant, I can play Rejuvenation just fine on my MacBook. Any assistance will be much appreciated. UPDATE: I have attempted a workaround by playing the game on a Windows computer until I can control my character at the train station and moving the save to my MacBook. However, the game remains laggy and freezes my computer after I move around 20 steps.
  4. When using v13.0.3 the game crashes as soon as I enter battle. Does anyone know what might be causing this, and how to fix it? I'll attach the error log. Edit: I tried installing on another PC and it seems to work as intended, so it's likely some issue with the unpacking process on my end.
  5. Hey all, I was going through reborn for a second time and I got to the part of the game where you fight El. My game started lagging (which is fairly normal, usually just have to restart and we're all good). However, I kept holding off on restarting. I beat El and moved on to the next part and the dialogue started going. The game slowed to a snail's pace and eventually froze mid-dialogue. The game displayed the message it shows when the game needs to close and restart (the game is taking too long to respond, the game will restart). After this message, the game saves and closes. The issue here is that it did this mid-dialogue, so when I got back into the game, I was unable to move, the dialogue wouldn't continue, but the game was still active (I know this because i was able to press the quick save button and the UnrealTime mod's clock was still present and progressing. Idk if this was caused by mods I have, but I highly doubt it. I tried fixing the saves, but nothing seemed to work. I tried renaming the Game.datarx file, I tried renaming the LatestSave.dat file, I tried fixing the saves from the InfiniteBackups mod, and I don't know what else to do. At this point, I've pretty much accepted the game is scrapped, which is fine. Mostly, this is to show the devs that there is something that should probably be fixed before the release of episode 19 (I'm not super tech-savvy, but it might just be something like resetting dialogue on a load or not saving during dialogue on a force close. If that's already been implemented, it might have something to do with the fact that I entered dialogue, battled, and then resumed dialogue, idk.) If anyone has any ideas on how to fix the save it would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading.
  6. Hey, I'm in Goldenleaf town right now and I am at the point where team Xen is hunting the pokemon center disguised as ghosts. I defeated almost all of them, but the "ghastly" is giving me a bit of trouble. Every time the fight with this trainer starts up, my game crashes. I've tried a few times, but I do need help. Please. I'll attach the file and the error message. Game_2 - 32 - Clay - 21h 13m - 3 badges.rxdata errorlog.txt
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