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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone! I am sorry I haven't posted in a while. My computer crashed and I was worried I had lost my reborn data. Fortunately I did not however when I play the game, after about 30 seconds or so I receive this error. I did not know what to do so I redownloaded the game and ran it from there and I am having the same issue. Please help, I put so much into my playthroughs and don't want to lost it all! Image below: \ Thanks!
  2. I'm sorry if i'm posting in the wrong place,but i started playing the game very recently,and since after defeating the "Garbodor Gang" i can't walk in the grass,because this happens and crashes my game,i've already tried patching to V12.1 but it still keeps happening,how do i solve it?
  3. I was in that Mirror Gym stage. Before the fight i used debug just to see if it works and changed the stats of Pachirisu. But then in middle of battle i pressed rest and themn the game didnt open after that. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o75C55viAGGhctLGEQUXTxkWBvGfukxe/view?usp=sharing the link has the pic. Please tell me what i should do
  4. Anyone got a save file for Pokemon Reborn up until when Luna gets kidnapped which is right after the 8th gym badge? My save file got corrupted and my last backup is 2 days before. I've been on a marathon run, so my last backup is definitely not up to the 8th gym badge. I don't care what the starter or the name is. I just wanted to play. Cheers
  5. My game crashes in a few places in the Glass Factory. It crashes anytime I use glacion's heal bell and it crashes at the end of the fight with ?????. To clarify it crashes after the single battle ????? that immediately follows the Cain Shelly battle. I am not using any mods. The error says the following: (also attached) Script 'Interpreter' line 276: RuntimeError occurred. Script error within event 12, map 734 (Glass Workstation): Exception: NameError Message: (eval):1:in 'pbExecuteScript'undefined local variable or method 'pbPartialHeal' for #<Interpreter:0xe9bdb88> ***Full script: pbPartialheal Interpreter:243:in 'pbExecuteScript' Interpreter:1611:in 'eval' Interpreter:243:in 'pbExecuteScript' Interpreter:1611:in command_355' Interpreter:499:in 'execute_command' Interpreter:193:in 'update' Interpreter:106:in 'loop' Interpreter:198:in 'update' Scene_Map:103:in 'update' Scene_Map:101:in 'loop' If anyone could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated.
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