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Found 23 results

  1. In preperation for the inevitable e19 release i did a rerun of ep1-18. right now i've beaten hardy and wanted to do some of the sidequests namely the aqua gang job appl quest. i've finished all restorations howerever archie never seems to appear in 7th street for me and i don't know why. is it a glitch or bug or is there something i'm missing to trigger the quest? Game.rxdata
  2. I'm on my way through victory road, still close to the beginning, at the part with the strength puzzles. I dodged an icicle crash from Blake and now I'm able to walk through walls on the map? I can't leave the area either. This is version 19.07, no mods installed
  3. Bug buzz is supposed to hit all pokemons in a double battle from my understanding (bulbapedia states so) as it is a sound based move. however it only hits a single target durign a double battle. in this case the rodamus gymfight as i planned to use helping hand bugbuzz to wipe the gym. is this because it was changes specificly for reborn or not?
  4. I got all of the stickers, I went through and counted multiple times, and for some reason I can't access the very top floor of the department store, the 12th. Not sure what to do here. Edit: I got it fixed.
  5. So, I've run into something that I'm like 90% certain is a glitch because I refuse to believe I'm just lucky enough for it to happen. I've started two files, one on mac version 19 and one on pc version 19.03 and in both I encountered a wild shiny pokemon (bellsprout on mac and hoothoot on pc) and then, staying in the area and continuing to grind in the grass, I found the same species pokemon and it was also shiny. Assuming this is a glitch where once a pokemon is rolled shiny, the species will be rolled shiny subsequent times, but I've also only run into a second shiny after the first, so it might fix itself after the first time.
  6. Hi everyone, I just beat the E4 and saved @ the train station right afterwards, but had to close my file. On trying to open it back up, my game doesn't recognize my file anymore. I've still got the file named game.rxdata, it's in the exact same save folder where it should be based on all the community instructions, with all my other save backups. When I open the Reborn player now to start the post-game, it just prompts me to start a new game, and when I try to check for other save files, I get a message saying I don't have any. I've tried deleting and redownloading the E19 player, and the same thing keeps happening. I don't know what to do and as much as I want to play through the game a second time, I've had this file since E8 and don't want it to be lost :( can anyone help? Thanks so much
  7. Hello everybody, I wouldn't want to bother anyone, but I need confirmation that a part of the game is working as intended and that I'm overlooking an obvious solution, rather than having a specific puzzle be bugged. I'll put a couple screenshots with an explanation of the issue in spoilers as to not spoil anything for those who would prefer not to learn about the new stuff beforehands. To be clear, I'm not asking for a solution to the puzzle, I'd prefer to figure it out myself if possible, but I'm having some peculiar behaviour that I'd like to understand wether it's intended or not. Thanks for your patience and consideration. Also, side note, I get a funny error message on startup that really doesn't give me trouble in any way, I just have to click OK and the game starts with no issue whatsoever. Apparently the game believes me to be playing v0.0. I'll add a pic of that too, just in case it has something to do with my issue. All of this is coming from a fresh install of e19, other than the savefile. I've been stuck at that puzzle for the last couple of hours and I can't seem to find an alternative path. If it's just me being dumb I'll redouble my efforts, but if it's not... Yeah. I'd probably go through with the new savefile instead. I would appreciate any sort of help, even just a simple "look better into that room". Again, sorry to bother anyone, and thank you for your patience and consideration. EDIT: Figured out how to put pics in spoiler. Sorry about that.
  8. I brought my gible to nurse joy to max out its IVs and EVs. When I tried maxing out its speed EV, it maxed out its defense EV instead. I think it's a bug. What to do? Do I have to train its EV manually at East Gearen lab? I play on a mac.
  9. I'm playing through Reborn ( this is my second run ) and I don't think I had this issue the first time, but now after the battle, the story behind the death of Laura's, Charlotte's and Saphira's parents and coming back into the house, Noel asks me to talk to him -- supposedly he's in the PC area according to a guide ( i'm trying to 100% the game ) but anytime I go in that room, he's nowhere to be seen. I keep restarting the game as I don't save at that point but this is the end result.
  10. I'm not sure what I did, but I noticed that every pokemon I've been catching recently has had the Bold nature. I've tried restarting the game and catching a new one, but it's still Bold. Is this a bug or just strange RNG?
  11. Can someone help me please. I searched on the forum and found only different error numbers and links who doesnt work (at least what i found). i beat Rasmodus (eight Gym leader) and saved outside his mansion. Now i wanted to play a few days later and get an error (Script '082' line PokemonField: NoMethodError occured. undefined method 'spriteset' for#<Scene_Intro:0xebfb438>) Best regards~
  12. Here you can see my Pichu is already level 53 with full happiness already, but it cant evolve. Currently on Version18.2, and just finished devon line. Is there a bug here?
  13. I am casually playing through the game once, and I beat shade first try losing no pokemon. I thought that was cool so I saved, left the building and continued the story, I try to go to apophyll and my laptop dies, fine I think at least I saved, I reopen the game to find I am standing right infront of shade still despite saving. So I fight again I lose, then I win the next battle I forget to save and my screen like breaks it is only showing the top left corner of the screen I use d to quick save and I reset, I start up the game and guess where I am? the yureyu power plant... I beat Shade again and was about to continue until my grandfather forces me to fix a broken cabinet... I get back to my laptop and the game closes itself forcing me to fight him again. I do it again losing one poke and I get to his last mon, then the game crashes restarts leaving me in an unwinnable battle situation, I swear If I have to decimate him one more time I am going to leap out a window
  14. Hello! So I was doing the whole waterplant quest until the part where Taka and Titania talk about desitions and why Taka is in team meteor. My team was in very bad shape but I moved on, and I was blacked out in the next double battle, I returned to the spot where I was but the water is high, and it seems I cant progress any further, There's no place to go. Any help? Game.rxdata
  15. Hello. I noticed that there's an Oval Charm in my bag, even though I don't recall ever picking it up. I checked the Item Locations guide and it says that I shouldn't have access to it yet since I require Dive to reach its location and I'm still at Agate Circus. Can someone remove it from the bag for me? Thanks in advance. Game.rxdata
  16. I'm having an issue with the field terrains since I arrived at Apophyll beach all of them become the Factory Field. This is my second playthrough and I wanted to try some of the mods especially the unreal time alongside the control weather, I don't know if this is could be the cause. I tried restarting my laptop but nothing seems to make the terrains go back to normal.
  17. So i noticed this but Poison spikes doesnt seem to work properly. i was battling the daily trainer with the squirtle/wartortle squad and used poison spikes and it worked on wartortle but didnt on the last squirtal. is this normal? because iirc its supposed to last indefinitely if a poison type doesnt appear.
  18. UPDATE: I got it fixed after looking at my saved games files. Somehow it's because my computer when my computer updated to Windows 10 it made two files of Pokemon Reborn game.rxdata under my saved games. Deleted one and it started working I keep receiving this error and I also tried playing previous versions and it keeps popping up. I have no clue why it does this because I have only played to episode 16 and then I stopped. Then three months ago I played again and it was working fine. I then update to episode 17 just yesterday and this showed up. I then try going to the old version which was up to episode 16 and it shows this as well.
  19. So I'm going through her gym and apparently Starmie learns rapid spin at lvl 1. It knows it regardless of level and Corsola's BST isn't 380... Still trying to figure that one out. Anyone experience these problems?
  20. hello all,kinda new to breeding and i am trying to get a milotic with dragon breath so i looked on serebii and altaria/swablu/feebas/milotic all belong to the dragon breeding group but when i put them in the daycare it says they dont seem to like each other very much not sure if this is a bug ingame or im making a mistake here help appreciated and sorry if this isnt the right place to post this
  21. So, in an attempt to breed a shiny Rilou with an adamant nature, I began to breed a male Lucario holding an everstone and a female Lucario holding an everstone in an attempt to get shiny offspring. Both parents were adamant, and the cycle of hatching was going fairly well, until I came upon something strange. After filling an entire PC box with nonshiny Riolus, I noticed that every single Riolu was male. The percentage of male Riolus to female Riolu should definitely be higher, but I feel like there might be something wrong with the system. No info seems to reveal why this is happening, as everstones should only affect natures. Any info anyone could would be very appreciated.
  22. I started over for E15 and went to the name rater because I name my pokemon after the random name thing and the person in the top left corner is using a sprite of an old man in a brown jacket. Intentional or bug?
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