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Found 8 results

  1. This is probably just me being dumb or not looking in the right place to fix well known issues, but for some reason my game freezes when I go down to the bottom floor in calm Valor mountain. When its being hot or cold, it works, I can move through it just fine. However, Kyogre isn't appearing? I need to save Amber still so it should, right? I thought it could be mods, but it still didn't work after I shut them off. Nope. Anyway, Anyone got any ideas?
  2. So, after downloading 5.0.4 I tried the Braille puzzle in Helix cave, but it doesn't seem to react. I read and deciphered all of the messages, but even after interacting with them in the supposedly right order nothing happens. I interact with the middle one first, then top right, bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right. But the supposed crack in the wall doesn't appear. Am I missing something? Edit: It works now for some reason. I could swear I tried interacting with the rocks for longer, yet nothing changed before, now it suddenly works.
  3. Hi sorry if l bother you with this but i can't continue the game, because i et something the prevents me from followings it and surely i will leave a screen shot, please if someone knows how i fix it l would appreciate it if you tell me that l want to finish with the beta the game and at the same time enjoy what l have left of history
  4. Here you can see my Pichu is already level 53 with full happiness already, but it cant evolve. Currently on Version18.2, and just finished devon line. Is there a bug here?
  5. As the title and image suggest, I can't access the left lift shown here and hence the GDC help center. I have completed the main story as of V12. Any suggestions??
  6. Hello, I'm new here so I don't really know where to post this.. but I think this is the right place? So, I almost finished chapter 14 and decided to mess around a bit before that and went to catch Ditto when I found something strange and wanted to know if anyone knew about that? Because I searched a bit and found nothing (but maybe I just didn't search enough, in that case I'm sorry!) So basically here's what happens: I send out my Silvally, everything is fine until Ditto use transform on him and uses one of his attacks, then this message appears everytime it attacks: Like the title says, it's just minor: I can just close the message and the battle continues as normal though Ditto did not really attacked, it's just like we both missed and once the battle is over, everything is normal I tried some stuff as well, attacking him also make that message appear, tried changing memories, even attack it without any. Everytime I use my Silvally or any of my pokemon when it transformed into my Silvally, that message appears Though if Ditto is not transform into Silvally, I can attack him and the messge do not appear (I'm sorry if it's a bit messy, I'm actually trying stuff as I'm writing this!) So I think that's all, it's very minor but I was pretty curious to know if anyone knew about that? Or if anyone know if it's going to be fixed cause' if there is a trainer that has a Ditto and I send out my Silvally by accident.. well I'll be kind of stuck since we won't be able to attack each other unless I reset Or maybe all of the other Ditto are just fine and only this one has a problem, I don't know All right that's all, thanks for reading and have a nice day/night!
  7. Does anyone know how to unbug a game or know why Spiritomb won't appear in Rejuvenation? It's really kinda upsetting cuz he's my penultimate perfect team member.
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