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  1. Just out of curiosity how does one get an alternate form
  2. No I mean is it old or new engine and pokemon xenoverse just got updated
  3. What engine is the mod using for pokemon xenoverse (click the gear in the launcher) because it might be the source of the error
  4. Edit yeah just ignore all that and I get the error
  5. Can you provide me with the Pokemon xenoverse original files please I can't play the game
  6. Take your time and I know how long a game can take but sometimes people can impatient and I would just have the release date for when it's ready
  7. Dunsparce Crest: changes dunsparce type to pure Dragon type Side note: I honestly don't care if you make this
  8. Try seeing if you have a game.rxdata file that is what the error is
  9. For insurgence and the person who said that I had some simlar problem but when I checked the file the data was not there so don't download pokémon insurgence from the website
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