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  1. Does anyone know C# coding? :o

  2. when its guild raid time on Brave Frontier but you arent apart of a guild. feelsbadman. I want the OP units

  3. Ai laik Okteivia kom Skaikru

    1. Maelstrom


      Clearly, hooked on phonics didn't work for you. =P

  4. Charmed marathon with Corin cause why not :3

  5. So with Smite we have such cold Skadi coming out and then ext Japanese god is King Kappa

  6. Mom is tempting Colin and I to go to her version of hell with cute demon boys. I mean I'm down.... But the real question is: Can I have ice cream there?

    1. Yours Truly
    2. Mashew


      @Amethyst tempting her children

    3. Amethyst


      i'm innocent... but the cute demon boys might not be. 

  7. Colin fell asleep while we were watching  LPs depresso latte. Time to finish the episode over him snoring then slep myself. @.@ 

  8. Series of unfortunate events on Netflix is amazing <3

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    2. Mashew


      @Maelstrom yeee p good Colin and I finished it today. Just made me wanna read all the books again though

      @Godot I GET IT haaaaaa. I understand 

    3. Godot


      The Father is Gob Bluthe and the mom was also a major character from How I met Your mother.... It makes me laugh.  Especially since the father is going to be lego batman.

    4. Maelstrom


      I just realized that Trump is basically a real life Count Olaf.

  9. gay

    fuck (2).jpg

    1. Mashew


      yes hello it is I thank you daughter

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