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  1. So why are special Team Xen people needed to hunt down deserters in the desert sidequest, when other Team Xen deserters could have presumably their souls sucked out remotely once they're deemed useless enough? It happened to the Xen guy in the Garufa ruins under Caratos, and also the guy in Amethyst cave where we found the Madame X 3D printer. So why is an 'X-grunt' needed to hunt down the deserters in the ruined badlands city, other than being what I think is a Nier Automata reference? And for that matter, why are an elite secret group of assassins called 'grunts' at all?
  2. It should be extremely obvious to everyone already, but all the evidence says that Madame X is Melia. I almost bought the Saki theory, but Madame X's old full team in previous versions didn't have a single steel type and was just a really boring mash of powerful mons (Hydreigon, Volcarona, Goodra, Garchomp, Salamence) along with her Yveltal. aki also doesn't mention Freya, even though in that version Kieran already existed to give emotion powder. First of all, in the doomed future, she talks about how Amber is a 'brat is this timeline as well', like she knows Amber personally enough to find he
  3. At the start of Chapter 14, if you leave the Grand Dream Stadium, there is no way back from the Route 9 train to continue with Ch14 content. Also, in the first split control section of the space aliens pyramid, if the protagonist reaches the 'end line' first, you can't switch control to the other characters anymore. Didn't bother testing if the same bug was in the second section.
  4. I can't take Fern seriously at all, he's so ridiculously over the top as an asshole that it loops back around and I can't hate him. Besides, people in-game hate him. What really pushes me off the edge with Kiki and Victoria is that nobody calls them out for the heinous stuff they pull. Cal might as well be the Hero of Reborn City for removing her. I also have no idea what Sigmund's deal is. Is he legit insane and thinks he still has legal authority despite joining up with Team Meteor? Or are the laws of Reborn City just that godawful? Saphira stopped Charlotte and Noel from beating
  5. Taka is easily best boy, he tries his best. Cain is also alright, I love how he thoroughly kills the ridiculous melodrama in every scene he's in. Radomus also lives the absolute dream. How about the opposite? Kiki deserved everything she got, why she refused to help us save the children about to be zapped by an electric madman is beyond comprehension. Because it would 'dishonour' her school to hand over the strength HM to save lives? And Victoria too, for similar reasons. Before the city gets restored she continuously gets in our way to 'test' if we're good enough or some other dum
  6. https://www.youtube.com/embed/9lyKxKn_WsE This went through my mind at the ending sequence. Caz, are you a TES lore fan?
  7. Oh-oh my. Well, I can guarantee to anyone interested that this is going to be nice. Which one? The Hands or Treasure Isles?
  8. One of the ranger quests gives an item that'll help you manage your excess experience, just a tip.
  9. Depending on whether these megas will be given to players or not, Mega Delphox should mean that there should be at least another fake water and grass mega too. Might not be the best option if it's for players. I really want mega fox though
  10. Actually, if you're looking for this sort of feedback, will you be changing anything pre-episode 3? I might give a writeup on what I thought, too.
  11. Yeah, I did all of them. Hope that book does something nice. Exploring treasure isles sounds really nice. Personally, I love the remote islands adventure feel Desolation has, at least so far. Sevii islands was my favourite part of FRLG.
  12. It is, but no much more than say, a starter. It's hard for it to OHKO anything and easily gets OHKO'd in return.
  13. Oh hey, I didn't realise Gastly was available. It's not even that strong, I don't understand why the others seem allergic to having it in their games. Thanks, I love Gastly. I have a few new thoughts. You really should reconsider the credit system, the quests themselves, even in the episode that introduced them, get pretty repetitive and boring. I suggest making fewer, but longer and more detailed sidequests that give up more rewards instead of a few copypasted search for X quests, for example. Looking forward to whatever's coming next. I mean it when I say this is looking really good so fa
  14. Now I'm just hoping Shiv gets a new sprite too. He will, right?
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