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  1. Whatever Rejuvenations flaws are in writing, all of them are compounded to absurd degrees by sheer character bloat. The game even lampshades it with Huey by calling him Whoey, why does he even exist at all? you could say the same for so many other filler characters who only exist to serve filler plot points, and yet the game seems to think you care about them or even remember them. I thought Gloia the hippo was cool, but did we really need cutscene time dedicated to Rhodea? It went from cool detail/easter egg to yet another waste of screentime.
  2. It is now even more obvious that Madame X is Melia, or an alternate Melia, given that Melia is able to recall Madame X's memories like how Mosely remembered her alternate self. A complication comes about, though, in why Melia and 'Maria' are different. What we know: The universe has been reset at least once before Clear, Kieran and whoever they're working for (which has already been shown to be Madame X) are from an 'alternate universe'. I feel like the wording is important, in that it says not an alternate timeline. The Melia family in this timeline is Erin, Alice, Allen and 'Maria'. Maria says she 'remembers everything' when she activates her own super archetype powers shortly after winning the third badge from her. Going off this my speculation goes something along the lines of Timeline 1: Maria and friends go about their merry business until some disaster happens, super storm 9. Interceptor intervenes, reset happens. Then any number of resets occur that eventually leads to Maria getting increasingly desperate as she remembers things from alternate timelines and tries to avert super storm 9. Eventually, she reaches out to the alternate universe, and pulls out her alt self, Melia, to be raised here to one day harvest her superpowers. The current timeline is the result of that. Madame X is Maria, who has pulled Melia from elsewhere. She probably needs Melia specifically because her superpowers have something to do with her objective of safely detonating Yveltal, which has Indriad hooked up to it as a flawless phylactery.
  3. I think for me it was by the end of episode 12, involving time travel for Melia to fight Melia (Melanie) while 99.99999% Melia (Madame X) watches while there's this sudden shift in focus to Venam and Melia loving each other that it finally hit me this isn't a Pokemon game. There were also plenty of opportunities for Pokemon to fill in the roles in the plot that just.. weren't. Spacea and Tiempa being superpowered people instead of Dialga and Palkia, the whole dreamworld not involving Cresselia or Darkrai, multiple wizard duels (Karen/Karrina), multiple robot fights (Ren suddenly turning into combat mode against super Gardevoir instead of, you know, sending out his Pokemon as well). Hell, its even pointed out during the part Madelis and Melia are captured by the Amandabot that they've completely forgotten that they have superpowered loyal pets to fight the robot in front of them, and they wasted their time watching a robot fight just before that. So many things could have been avoided just by people remembering they have Pokemon. Remember Melia getting kidnapped at the volcano after you WIN the fight against the Xen admins? We know Pokemon can come out of their balls on their own, do Melia's Pokemon hate her that much?
  4. I'm mainly here to say that Team Anti-assist feels like blatant padding, it feels like there was some perceived obligation to meet some quota of help center quests, but there was only so many good ideas for quests. So anti-assist was cooked up.
  5. I appreciate your response, and for that I decided to play some more. I've just finished up to finding the lady in the abandoned University. Unfortunately, for slightly different reasons than cited before, this game has become even worse. I hope the following might also be useful, but it's going to follow the same tone as before. You keep going on about themes, how themes shape the game. Right now I don't think you have the competence to carry them at all, let me be very clear. The message of 'inequality bad' hit me with all the subtlety of a screeching truck. There's not a lot of immersion to carry it either, as mentioned before, the situation the NPCs find themselves in lean on slapstick absurdity. The city is a a bad state, people are corrupt, yes, we get it, you don't have to hammer it in via clunky walls of text every time I accidentally brush against the talk button while facing an NPC. Themes, themes, themes, it comes off as deflection for absolutely terrible design. I had some confidence that on some level you knew what you were doing before, and none now. Your lampshade hanging completely falls flat on its face as well. I'm referring to your instances of treating game mechanics as diagetic, like rocks blocking your way and trainers 'forcibly' making you battle, Your Strange that you have an age group demographic in mind in the text file, when this same age group would have seen the 'subversions' you put into the game thousands of times already in jokes just about everywhere, from webcomings to youtube poops. At this point, absolutely nothing I've seen of the subversions were original, clever, or funny. I do apologise if you've genuinely been living in a bubble and came up with all these yourself, but seeing as you're well-read enough that you could quote TIME, I doubt you have that excuse. I don't know what your intentions are with how much you break immersion with reference to these things. An egregious example is the 'competitive player' girl. Maybe you wanted to her to be an indicator of how some people in the setting don't value Pokemon, but when you reference out of universe things like tiers, it looks more like you're betraying your own poor understanding of usage tiers and otherwise standing on a soapbox with zero credibility. The one thing I can say I liked is the music, it's genuinely quite good.
  6. I don't normally give direct criticism, but I'll do so here since you invited as much in your opening post, and I have some respect for your intentions in making something that contrasts other fangames. Having only played up till getting supplied in Artemesia, I'll tell you that the biggest hindrances to your grandiose vision is A: huge walls of text, padded with responses from the main character that effectively say nothing, are huge wastes of time, made worse in an engine that only displays two lines of text at once. The premise of the story isn't the problem, it is the incredibly clunky way you have tried to tell it through endless cutscenes, exacerbated by the two line problem, B: Very little of the dialogue was entertaining and even less of it was funny. Do so many NPCs need to drag you into a repetitive poor joke that takes up so much screen space and time? This is made even worse by grammatical errors, and poor style, especially with the rampant use of ellipses. C: It's interesting that you've fallen for the exact same pitfalls you said you wanted to avoid in other fangames. It still feels transparent that you're trying to be deep, but end up dorky and edgy instead, leaning on slapstick with how absurd the situation in Artemisia is. This is exacerbated by the above points, the poor writing, and use of such writing. You might want to think over your approach or goals here. What you've done is hold up a mirror to other fangames and say you've got the opposite when really, it looks pretty much the same. I understand I've been scathing here, but I hope you get some use out of this post.
  7. That is really unfortunate, I think it's one of the best pieces in the whole game in both the song itself and its placement.
  8. Bumping, since I'm still looking for Feeling - Beauty. The silver rise part, especially with the reduced encounter rate, was one of the best in the game.
  9. Remember that according to the hospital reports, Anathea (Maria's mother) is stated to have black hair. Madame X is 100% a Melia of some kind, or I'm tattooing Melia's face on my asscheeks.
  10. Yeah, I managed to recreate too. Still looking for Feeling - Beauty. Also, for the curious, Feeling - Evil is Gaunter O'dimm's theme from the Witcher 3.
  11. Desolation has a pretty impressive range of music, so much that I actually want to find out where a lot of BGM tracks come from. Most of them are labeled with titles and artists in the game folder, but there's a few I haven't managed to track down. Does anyone know the sources of these? Feeling - Beauty The track that plays in the Silver Rise cavern. It took me forever to find because, as it turned out, Caz actually used RPGmaker to modulate the pitch to make it fit the atmosphere much more, which is really a commendable commitment. Battle - Hardy This is labeled as Tellur Town Autumn from Pokken Tournament, but the uploads on youtube sound different. I have no idea if this is a specific remix or somehow altered.
  12. Well yeah, poor Indriad was just trying to enjoy a nice day in his mansion and then Venam, of all the awful people, breaks into his house in the sewer to harass him. It's easy to see how Indriad would see the creation of humanity as a mistake just from looking at the main cast. It also feels obvious that Madame X is a Melia without the PoWeR oF FrIeNdsHiP, which is probably part of why she's lost the power of the Archetype. Madame X talks about Amber as a 'brat in this timeline too' like she knew her personally enough to be annoyed by her, so in this timeline Melia probably acted like a normal human would to the antics of her 'friends' and abandoned them to eventually become Madame X.
  13. So why are special Team Xen people needed to hunt down deserters in the desert sidequest, when other Team Xen deserters could have presumably their souls sucked out remotely once they're deemed useless enough? It happened to the Xen guy in the Garufa ruins under Caratos, and also the guy in Amethyst cave where we found the Madame X 3D printer. So why is an 'X-grunt' needed to hunt down the deserters in the ruined badlands city, other than being what I think is a Nier Automata reference? And for that matter, why are an elite secret group of assassins called 'grunts' at all?
  14. It should be extremely obvious to everyone already, but all the evidence says that Madame X is Melia. I almost bought the Saki theory, but Madame X's old full team in previous versions didn't have a single steel type and was just a really boring mash of powerful mons (Hydreigon, Volcarona, Goodra, Garchomp, Salamence) along with her Yveltal. aki also doesn't mention Freya, even though in that version Kieran already existed to give emotion powder. First of all, in the doomed future, she talks about how Amber is a 'brat is this timeline as well', like she knows Amber personally enough to find her annoying across different timelines. In the same episode there's also the timing of Madame X and Melia talking about how they both never knew their respective mothers. Her line when you beat her up in Blacksteeple, "Father, I have lost', is word for word one of the things Melanie says, and we know Melanie is a Melia. Finally, there's her appearance under the mask. She has black hair. You know who else has black hair? Maria's (who is 99.9999999% Melia) mother, Anathea, according to the hospital records. Why do they have different hair colours? Remember the notes on the Archetype in the Archive, and how exposure to it can change subjects golden, and if removed can either leave people permanently golden or reverted to their old looks. So Madame X is a Melia who's lost the power of the Archetype and wants to take it from this Melia. Or maybe she's Erin. Also don't ask why Madame X hasn't been deleted by the universe I guess it's her suit or she spends most of her time going time traveling to stay safe, I'm sure Jan will make something up again. The one thing that doesn't add up is her goals. Indriad wants to destroy the world, which is understandable if he's had to interact with most of the characters of the game, but Madame X seems to be trying to stop him. She's even trying to safely destroy his(?) Yveltal to put an end to things. Why would she lament failing her father Indriad when she's trying to oppose him? Unless in her timeline Indriad was a good guy. Or if she was also adopted by Jenner or a similar figure who was a good guy.
  15. At the start of Chapter 14, if you leave the Grand Dream Stadium, there is no way back from the Route 9 train to continue with Ch14 content. Also, in the first split control section of the space aliens pyramid, if the protagonist reaches the 'end line' first, you can't switch control to the other characters anymore. Didn't bother testing if the same bug was in the second section.
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