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  1. The difference between games and movies is that games allow give the player agency to make choices at any given moment; I can finish the objective I spent the last few minutes on OR help this guy right in front of me with his problem. Rejuvenation strips this option away from the player. When you're doing a help center quest, you can't do much other than follow the objective marker because you're locked out of all other quests. It's Rejuvenation that's stripping away the game and only leaving a movie, and that's exactly what I've been arguing against.
  2. Games like Sonic '06, Anthem, and the Kingdom Hearts PS3 collections are generally considered to be significantly worse (or at least less enjoyable) games than they otherwise would be because of their loading screens. While all games have loading screens, their length and frequency has a big impact on the player's experience. They harm the pacing of the game by forcing the player to wait through them in between the sections of the game that the player is there for. If complaints about those games' loading screens are considered valid, I think my complaints about Rejuvenation's early-game walki
  3. Note: I’m gonna say “walk” a lot when referring to moving from place to place. I know there’s a run button and a speed up button. You don’t need to tell me. I've tried to get into Rejuvenation multiple times, but I've ended up dropping the game very early each time. I'm currently not very far in the game at the moment, I think the Help Center system in this game is SEVERELY flawed, but before I start trying to tear it apart, there are a few very big benefits of the system over Reborn's "unlisted" sidequests: The Help Center prevents the player from missing out on or forge
  4. With the previous blogpost on reducing Reborn’s late-game grind (THANK YOU), it seems like we’re approaching a game where a competitive-grade team is available without the time wasting hurdles of the past. I’ve got some suggestions that can bring the game closer to the goal of reducing tedium: After meeting with the move relearner, move deleter, pokemon psychologist, egg move nursery, day care, and name rater for the first time, they give you their contact information so you can use their services at any time from the pokegear, saving us from potential tedious walks across the city
  5. Has the idea of doing a flat increase to each level cap (of +5 or something) with a universal exp boost been considered as another difficulty option? Probably won't use it myself but it will probably make the game way more accessible to casual pokemon players that have no idea what EVs, natures, and X items are.
  6. Can you make the EV reset discs cheaper? 10k each is a bit pricy since you'll be using between 2 and 4 + berries on anything you already have trained up. I know cash isn't particularly hard to come by at the point in the game when you'll be buying them (clown gives 4.4k per battle), but money farming can still be pretty tedious. Also, this is more of a nitpick but could the potency of EV reducing berries get upped? Mass feeding berries that only drop EVs by 10 each gets boring real fast. Going by what you said in the post, it might even be less tedious to breed a completely new team and candy
  7. Really appreciate how far over the top you guys are going for the post game, but I've gotta ask, do you guys have any plans to tone down the annoyances in the early-mid game before you get fly? Since a lot of the useful NPCs (move relearner, 7th street, heart scale farm, grand hall exp grind etc.) are at dead ends that are really far away from each other and most story events, there's just a lot of tedium you've gotta go through to use these things (Jasper Ward, Underground Railnet, Tanzan Mountain, etc.). Is there any sort of fast travel under consideration like with the wild tauros teleport
  8. I did thoroughly enjoy the demo but as a rhythm game player, I do see some issues: Skill-based damage mitigation of 100% will probably not be healthy for the game since in order to balance around it, you either need to (1) enemy spam and hope that with enough skill checks the player will fail at least a few of them (which a bit of this demo kinda did feel like), (2) make the timing windows unfair (which you seem to be reserving for backstabs), (3) make the rhythm game segments more complex, or (4) crank up the damage numbers like with scissors lady/crank down player health to make
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