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  1. The repel buff is great! Will we be able to register repels like key items?
  2. Not a super necessary change, but while we're on the qol train, it would be nice to get no EVs other than the ones being provided by a particular EV boosting item when they're equipped so going to a particular training area or spending berries or using the reset discs isn't necessary. and also getting access to things like the move relearner, pokemon psychologist, hidden power checker, etc. through a key item or pokegear would probably save us a good amount of walking and getting a better way to farm heart scales than fishing, like as rewards for shiny hunting, ev training, friendship maxing, etc.
  3. Reposting Discord logs here so they won't be completely forgotten when you come back to making the game (9/16/21) Ame: For instance, some of the most annoying things in FE are siege weapons (ballista, bolting), berserk, and moving same-turn reinforcements And the reason those are so bad is because you have no ability as a player to do anything about those but sit there and take whatever the RNG decides to do to you I'm not saying that I'm gonna start throwing same-turn reinforcements all you at the time, but I think it's certainly less problematic if I do because you're at least in control of if you dodge them or not, and that fact allows me to be uglier with strategic hiccoughs But I'm looking forward to seeing how creative we can get with diversifying the combat side of things too. Me: I don't think this is a great way to look at things. There are 3 possibilities for players to find themselves in: "can dodge easily every time", "can barely dodge at all", and "can sometimes dodge" Basically all combat in the "easily dodge always" category is effectively just a waste of time since you're slowly slogging through battle scenes that have no impact on your character's health bar or resources and solely exist to body block you. "can barely dodge at all" reduces the game to a normal tactics rpg with really long battle animations that can't be turned off. So it should be a no-brainer that you should always want to stay in the middle of these two, right? Weeeelll... Once you're in this middleground, we can model each player's performance in these QTEs as a % chance of success, pretty much identical to how things are in fire emblem, bringing us back to the problem we were trying to avoid in the first place. This isn't even mentioning how incredibly difficult to tune a binary success/failure n-frame timing window challenge into something you an reliably make into something you can reliably predict a player's chance of success with (and the number of frames in these windows will also be so small that making single frame adjustments to these windows will completely change these %s and make it more likely that players fall into one of these extremes) Of course, you could cheat and quietly make things easier behind the scenes to make things easier/harder to players that deviate from your expected % dodge chance, but that would be really dumb and could probably be exploited no matter how you implement it if players find out about it. Suggestion: Turn skill-based dodge/crit/damage mitigation into a burnable resource replenished each map rather than the only system of combat. This solution: - Pushes players to engage with the tactics RPG side of the game rather than just lowering the combat difficulty and outskilling their way through all encounters without resistance if they reach a roadblock or their dodge rate is below what the game is designed around. - Makes it easier to tune difficulties since you don't have to do as much to make sure that players aren't on one of the two extremes. - Provides less incentive to reset turns to get the benefits of doing the gameplay portion better - Wastes less of the player's time with QTEs that the player will get bored of really quickly and allows for more continuous focus on the tactics RPG side (of course this means you need to make an actual balanced fire emblem game which is pretty difficult to do on your first try without experienced and inexperenced playtesters) oops forgot to mention implementation. before the start of each battle animation (both player and enemy phase), there's a prompt to either burn some "skill juice" or not, each mapped to a single button (maybe make an extra "confirm" prompt or selection between different kinds of benefits when they choose to burn it). Also enable the player to just press start during enemy phase if they've done the math and no one's gonna die.
  4. With the previous blogpost on reducing Reborn’s late-game grind (THANK YOU), it seems like we’re approaching a game where a competitive-grade team is available without the time wasting hurdles of the past. I’ve got some suggestions that can bring the game closer to the goal of reducing tedium: After meeting with the move relearner, move deleter, pokemon psychologist, egg move nursery, day care, and name rater for the first time, they give you their contact information so you can use their services at any time from the pokegear, saving us from potential tedious walks across the city (or from Charlotte’s gym all the way back to the circus >:[ ). Get the contact information of the salon’s friendship checker, an EV checker, and shiny researcher that you can call to get a heart scale from when you show them the appropriate maxed out/shiny pokemon. This lets you get heart scales naturally from playing the game as intended, switching out team members rather than having to stop what you’re doing and going to the lake house to fish up luvdisc. The player gets rewarded for using the new quality of life features to build up more team members instead of forcing them to choose which of their 10+ pokemon to use their last heart scale on (or more likely just not using them for fear of encountering a better opportunity later on). Make the pokemon psychologist and move relearner free if they’re used enough. You guys have shown your willingness to eliminate the late-game money treadmill by making the EV reset discs more expensive but permanent in one of the comments on the dev blog post for reducing grind, so this seems like a natural next step. To prevent abusing EXP candies to immediately boost entire teams to the level cap the moment it gets raised, consider making EXP candies flatly increase to a level (EXP candy 50, EXP candy 55, etc.) and new upgrade them (to a “recommended level” for the upcoming gym leader) after plot progresses. With the much easier EV training and my proposed ease of access to the move relearner, egg moves, and pokemon psychologist, boss fights will probably be comparatively much easier, but I don’t think this is a huge problem. The edge in stats gives extra leeway for bad RNG or blind play before the player screws themselves to the point of being forced to reset. (With a poorly statted team and/or imperfect knowledge of the opponent, I think reborn is a bit too trial and error-y for my liking, even after my third playthrough) Rebattlable trainers aren't always easily accessible after the point where a gym leader/boss becomes fightable. Charlotte is the biggest offender with Routes 2-4 + caves, but battles like Bennet + Luna, Aya, steelix, Devon, and Titania+dragon have their mini-dungeons (I'm not sure if you can even escape Titania's, Steelix's, or Devon). This makes stocking up on EXP candies before their fights a chore unless you stocked up beforehand. Warps like the Route 1 angry Tauros would be much appreciated. There are also a few quality of life items that would be nice to have, many of which are from existing mods, but would be nice to have an official implementation for the majority of players that don’t use them: Pickup bell: To be held by a pokemon with pickup to be notified that their pickup item has been auto-added to the bag like in the SWM modular modpack (early game) Infinite use repel (would be most useful before the long mountain section after Route 2) Infinite use encounter bait (preferably gives priority to available pokemon that having been caught, would be nice to get when/before the pokedex completion quest is available) Analysis lens (key item, lets you see stat boosts during battle) Infinite use pokedoll Substitute doll (for activating HMs from the bag) Passive flame body item (similar to the shiny charm) or insta-hatcher Upgraded EV training items or EV Max discs (nightclub rewards) New bag sections (the current layout gets real crowded, even with the sort function): 'Training items' (EV reset discs, EXP candies, rare/common candies, vitamins, ability capsules, nature mints, bottlecaps) '(consumable) Quest items' (job applications, ill-fated doll, floral charm, etc.) 'Evolution items' 'Held items' (EV boosters, plates, choice items, gems, weakness policy, etc.) 'Field items' (repels, fishing rods, wailimer pail, itemfinder, escape rope, activate HMs from bag) 'Sellable items' Multiple registered items on different hotkeys (also was the crit rate changed to gen 7+'s 1/24 (from 1/16)? I know Pokemon Showdown had this wrong for a while.) Edit: Make all the game corner items accessible through other means if this hasn't already been done
  5. Has the idea of doing a flat increase to each level cap (of +5 or something) with a universal exp boost been considered as another difficulty option? Probably won't use it myself but it will probably make the game way more accessible to casual pokemon players that have no idea what EVs, natures, and X items are.
  6. Can you make the EV reset discs cheaper? 10k each is a bit pricy since you'll be using between 2 and 4 + berries on anything you already have trained up. I know cash isn't particularly hard to come by at the point in the game when you'll be buying them (clown gives 4.4k per battle), but money farming can still be pretty tedious. Also, this is more of a nitpick but could the potency of EV reducing berries get upped? Mass feeding berries that only drop EVs by 10 each gets boring real fast. Going by what you said in the post, it might even be less tedious to breed a completely new team and candy + power item them up than re-training a team that's on level which doesn't really sound right. Also even more of a nitpick, but could the potency of flame body and similar abilities on eggs be upped?
  7. Really appreciate how far over the top you guys are going for the post game, but I've gotta ask, do you guys have any plans to tone down the annoyances in the early-mid game before you get fly? Since a lot of the useful NPCs (move relearner, 7th street, heart scale farm, grand hall exp grind etc.) are at dead ends that are really far away from each other and most story events, there's just a lot of tedium you've gotta go through to use these things (Jasper Ward, Underground Railnet, Tanzan Mountain, etc.). Is there any sort of fast travel under consideration like with the wild tauros teleport on Route 1?
  8. I did thoroughly enjoy the demo but as a rhythm game player, I do see some issues: Skill-based damage mitigation of 100% will probably not be healthy for the game since in order to balance around it, you either need to (1) enemy spam and hope that with enough skill checks the player will fail at least a few of them (which a bit of this demo kinda did feel like), (2) make the timing windows unfair (which you seem to be reserving for backstabs), (3) make the rhythm game segments more complex, or (4) crank up the damage numbers like with scissors lady/crank down player health to make each hit actually meaningful instead of the *shrug* the 1hp damage numbers are. These all have their problems. (1): You'd have to balance around a % miss chance of some "average player" that doesn't represent most of your playerbase that's more or less skilled won't be at. While difficulty settings will help with this, you will definitely have players having a sub-optimal experience playing a game too easy (they don't want to miss out on content that you'll probably lock behind turn limits which will without a doubt be good for the game) or too hard (since it's the way the game was """intended""") for their current skill level no matter what. Repeat playthroughs on a better difficulty for a returning player in what will amount to be enemy spam maps that drag on will definitely be frustrating. (2 and 3): And here we have the everpresent massive divide between rhythm game players of varying skill levels. While implementing difficulty levels in the game, I really hope you have different options for both note pattern difficulty and timing window since some people don't want to be stuck playing note patterns that bore them just because they aren't accurate enough at the harder ones yet. As a rhythm game player, having a single button to time presses on is boring to me and I hope that you can make it so that up to 3 or 4 buttons being used is standard for attacks and not just skills. In the current implementation, there's multiple colors on a single line which is far from ideal. The standard four segment scrolling you see in games like DDR/Stepmania allows for things like jumps and hands (2/3 simultaneous notes) to be possible without having to do some color mixing thing (the current implementation might also really suck for colorblind people) (4): Making enemies too dangerous leads to excessively conservative play, i.e. abusing the early window for full damage mitigation instead of going for the riskier critical windows, more frequent resetting from saves instead of rolling with mistakes, and just having your characters stand with their backs to the wall/each other and turtling to avoid crits at all costs. These of course can be combatted by turn limits, but being too heavyhanded with those can lead the players that like playing in a low risk way to be turned off (people hate the XCOM 2 turn limits even though they make the game more fun). If you want my super idealized version of combat: - Get a rhythm game mapper to come up with unique note patterns (and weird polyrhythms at higher difficulties) for each unique attack at each difficulty. - Standard DDR style note scrolling segregated by button with players able to adjust note scroll speed and direction - Increased BPM or irregular BPM for more difficult combat encounters to raise difficulty - An option to change note offset to accommodate for display lag and input lag - The different rhythm game difficulties would have a varying number of notes to miss, but counteract that by massively inflating player health and to a lesser extent damage numbers. Make success/failure a smoother gradient based on the "MISS" "OK" "GREAT" "EXCELLENT" judges (which should be adjustable in a separate difficulty setting. Keep track of the average % damage mitigation the player gets and after each mission, recommend a setting that will put them at the difficulty you see as "optimal" for game balance.) This allows all enemies to chip you down very slowly if you're a bit off, discouraging stalling, and making the game less dependent on enemy spam and/or bullshit enemy damage For reference: Rhythm Game Design 101 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWLKZUrW_F0 Also, what's keeping me from keeping all the fodder units not directly blocking the forward path alive to act as a meat shield from the actual threatening units? This is a problem that stems from the fact that you're effectively invincible to some enemy types and that you can just choose not to damage them. That seems like an oversight. I know you probably never intended to make a rhythm game, but sadly you have. If you want players of all skill levels to enjoy your game, at least some of these changes would be necessary. If things are left the way they are now, I probably won't stick with the game, but I do wish you guys the best in making the game that you want to make.
  9. I can't progress in the Water Treatment Plant after I left to heal. Please help me... Game.rxdata
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