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  1. Oh hey that one was my idea! I learned programming in ruby from scratch for it and it eventually got me into the team. Always cool to see people like it as much as I do. Now what was I thinking when I came up with the idea, that's a good question. I was unemployed during that period of time and my sleep schedule was drifting around the clock, and I always come up with strange ideas around 4-5 AM. But doing some digging in my post history around that time, I think I had replayed Undertale shortly before that, so that game was probably in a corner of my mind. I've always loved how that game reacts to things you do inside the game, it's got a comment for everything, it's great. I really love when games acknowledge not just your choices in the narrative, but how you play them, how you solve the problems they present to you, and I think games like Pokémon are perfect for this because you have so much room to express yourself with how you build your team, how you choose to play the battles, So I pitched the idea out loud and Caz was like "ayo this would be great but i have no idea how to implement that" (Caz isn't a programer), and. I had spent three years doing programming in school, so I was like, no, no, I'm 85% sure I could make it work if I really tried. So the next day i bought RMXP and started learning essentials and ruby from scratch to figure out how to make it work. And. Yeah it turns out that it pretty doable. I hope we find some time to expand it this episode, I think there's more to do with the feature than we did in e6, but it can be kinda hard to find the time and space for it.
  2. I'm trying to pretend mods don't exist long enough that rejuv 13.5 comes out and the modding scene from rejuvjust does it Okay serious talk, the script overhaul from e5 to e6 is so big basically all of them have to be redone and i'm pretty sure the jump from reborn e19 release to e6 release also makes them unusable too. But also... a lot of them have just been integrated in the game already as QoL or passwords and I'm not even sure if there's a list of mods that should be remade to begin with ? Anyway, it's a time commitment i'm not sure I can make and don't feel like making right now. There's stuff I really need to get around to do on the dev side of Deso, so mods just aren't in my list of priorities right now. I have no idea how close we are to Rejuv v13.5 but i wouldn't be surprised if when that releases mods get done for that and you should more or less be able to just port those onto deso e6.
  3. I think you're looking at the ability a bit too much in how good it would be for a showdown match as opposed to how it is in single player rpg with set obstacles and challenges. The matter of the fact is that even with the reduced duration, even with the tag-out punishment, and even despite being on a pretty underwhelming mon, Dark Surge makes mega mightyena so absurdly good against Reeve and other big story battles from e6, which is currently the main thing you could use it on anyway, that we already considered not doing it at all to begin with/pushing mightyenite further back sorely so we wouldn't have a Flygon 2 situation. It's ultimately Posty's call to make more than mine, but I don't see it getting buffed, imma be real.
  4. Hi I tried investigating that bug but when I tried the savefile you provided I was able to enter weeping hill with no issue. Anything you changed in the settings I should know about ? If not, then I guess i'd just recommend re-downloading the game fresh and trying to load it from there.
  5. Hi! We fixed the substitute bug, but we're having trouble reproducing the magic bounce one. Anything you recall about that fight that could have interacted with that ?
  6. On the matter of missable quests, I'll add that I plan on reworking the quest system for next episode to account for a few things I missed with the initial implementation, and I may very well make it so a quest has a little icon to tell you it's missable in the log or something, a la xenoblade chronicles 1. Dont expect it in a patch for this episode cause it's gonna be a long term project, but that is in the plans for e7.
  7. Oh hey that one's for me Well posty is the main field designer but Im responsible for crowd and darkness turning out that way soooooo The short answer is that no, it is largely coincidental those fields were written more defensively. I don't think this will be a trend moving forward. The long answer is : -as a general rule of thumb I don't really think much about balance when coming up with ideas for a field - I don't think I have a good grasp on it as I dont play much pokemon outside of fangames, so I treat every thing I suggest as "throw it at the wall and see if posty can make something balanced out of it". My main angle of thought is as a scripter - what's possible and what isn't - , and flavor : how can I integrate the aesthetic and lore of a field into the battle? Darkness field is more or less my baby, since e5 darkness was just reborn dark crystal cave without the crystal cave transition, which. Wasn't the most creative thing. It actually crystallized kinda late in development because none of us were sure what we wanted to do with the field. So I asked Caz a bunch of questions about what darkness was supposed to be in Deso - what place did it occupy in the lore, what tropes were we pulling from, what theme were we going for, and how did it relate to other things in the game like the dreamscape, the grid, the real world. A lot of the answers I got that day, that haven't been given yet by the story, influenced what I came up with for darkness field - including the stage gimmick and the focus on being defensive. I'll let Caz decide how much he wanna elaborates on, but I'll say that I was at first split between making a really oppressive field that would be very unpleasant to stay on and maybe put everything on a timer, a la corrosive mist, or the complete opposite - and I went with the latter after I got my answers. It was also a convenient proposition for Posty, who has long been saddened that scolipede could just one-shot umbreon on that field with massive ease because of the quad weakness to bug, so making the field so defense oriented solved that. Crowd field was a lot more of a spur in the moment thing. Posty had come up with the cheer mechanic and wanted to come up with something else but couldn't decide what, and halfway through coding the field I went "hey wouldn't it be cool for the crowd to root for the underdog and boost them nobody likes a boring curbstomp right" and I already had the code to build upon with the npc commentary thing. The idea proved pretty popular among the team so we went with it. It also conveniently helped a lot for the battle because garret would normally be quite open to sweeping and we kinda regretted that, but again - that's mostly a happy accident on my part.
  8. This one is probably more of a Caz question because it's up to him to decide how much he wanna say, but there's at least some info already in the game i can already restate So there's four gym leaders left to fight. Among the four, there's gotta be Ava in there, given she's one, and, well. You can probably take a good guess at her type specialty. There's also Vera, the Dragon Gym Leader, who got mentionned by Aderyn early on during her part of the story, so that's another one covered. I don't think much has been revealed on the last two tho so that gets into caz territory.
  9. ... Why would you want the common headbutt and wildencounter ones ? Deso has no headbutt trees and the magnetic lure, which does everything the wild enconter rates mod does, is given right at the start of the game for free. Why would you want the same thing on a smoke ball that's available much later ? Debug is no, not because debug is inherentely bad or whatever, but because we don't want to deal with even more bug reports of people who used debug to reach impossible states. People have historically been bad at mentionning they had debug when posting saves that got stuck because of it, and making debug even more accessible than it already is would be more of that. There's like, a million simple ways to enable debug in those games without us making it an official thing.
  10. Hi ! an E6 version of this is eventually the plan, yes, but it's not gonna happen too soon - I need to go back over the e5 part and adjust everything that changed with e6 on top of the e6 part, and I don't have the free time I had when I made this guide, so it might take a while to get there. I know fellow user Dred has mentionned a couple times on Discord they plan on doing a guide for E6 so they might just end up beating me to it.
  11. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  12. Its the small transition tunnel between silver forest and addfall woods, if memory serves.
  13. Aight, so I checked with Caz and I stand corrected : leafeon is bugged and can't be obtained, but glaceon is specifically the frozen tunnel rather than silver forest.
  14. level them up Addenfall grove and silver forest respectively, if I remember correctly.
  15. cubone's a 2% encounter chance IIRC so it's alas not unrealistic to see shinies before it if RNGesus feels like giving you a bad day. There doesn't seem to be any better access to cubone later on, so you're out of luck. Depending of how you feel about it, your best bet might be to simply use the mod from Reborn that forces available pokemons you haven't caught yet to spawn in wild battles, and omit the line where it requires your lead mon to hold a smoke ball to work.
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