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  1. thanks for the tip Aboodie, that's a pretty good indication to have ! so the good news is, I can write off the terrial region, got everything there - considering that's the biggest number of cells, that's probably almost the best I could have gotten from it. missing one from terajuma and two from flora. where are the two cells not listed in the guide, by the way ? Is there a short enough list to know which cells are susceptible to just outright disappear because I've gathered enough of them, or is it too widespread for that ? Also, are there other cells that can just be entirely missable such as the one in the sewers ? I know about that one and made extra sure of getting it in time, don't remember about the others. edit : Aight, went over the various locations listed in the guide, it's getting down to the same i already checked on my behalf before that. But reading the last page of this thread, as I probably should have sooner, I see you can tell where are the missing cells from just posting my save ? 'Cause if so, here's mine. Especially if it's because of a bug preventing them from showing up. Game.rxdata
  2. Hi there. I have a question about Zygarde Cells and figured asking in this thread wasn't the worst possible place to do so. Is there any possible way to know where I did missed a cell that doesn't involve checking every spot again ? I reached 102 at the end of v12 and according to the post last page, there's actually 105 of those. I've looked around a bit on this forum and found the debug tools from v11, but I haven't seen anything that would allow me to nail down the three remaining cells, just the possibility to cheat how many cells I have, which isn't quite what I'm looking for. Ideally, I'd like to manage to nail down where I missed those three and go pick them up myself. Narrowing down where to search already be great.
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