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  1. They are both bad, that said the stats Mr Rime loses compared to Mr Mime are negligible, 20 loss SpA SpD and Spe for doubling HP and 10 increased Def is worth it. Again though, both are bad, the only thing that makes Rime worth using is that a lot of opponents will try to set up screens so Rimes Screen Cleaner ability can be useful for quickly getting rid of those.
  2. It wasnt about strength, it gets a lot of strong moves, it even also gets overheat and lava plume, both also excellent fire moves, my problem is with the theming, its a sound based pokemon that gets 1 sound based move. Also it cant learn sludge bomb or magma drift, but according to Mimikyu: And that makes a lot more sense as to why its not able to learn hyper voice from the tutor. That said I would still love to have seen a fire type replacement for Overdrive.
  3. I had a long rant typed about complaining about A-Toxtricities theming but I decided to make it short and just say. Why does a sound based pokemon only learn 1 sound based move (boomburst) and doesnt have access to snarl, and cant learn hyper voice. Can we please get a custom sound based fire type signature move to replace Overdrive, like A-mismagius got Hexing Slash?
  4. Yes A-Chandelure is bugged, its learnset via TM and move relearner seem to be based on regular chandelure instead of A-Chandelure, so it can learn fire moves from the relearner
  5. Ya im gonna take back what I said about Lapras, I was worried it was just going to be another Fused Solrock, but its bulk is just so significantly higher that even super effective moves, even without solid rock, dont do that much damage. Also A-Lapras can learn the Zap Cannon RM you can get from the kristiline TM shop, so ive been doing no guard sing and zap cannon to great effect. EDIT: also solid rock will probably be amazing on a sandstorm team once you also get arenite wall to further reduce super effective damage by another 50%
  6. I think really the only thing thats needed to make them good is a recovery move of some kind. Morning Sun on Solrock would make a lot of sense and Shore Up or just Recover on A-Lapras
  7. Thats such a bummer, I really like their design, I even made my own custom shiny sprite for fused solrock based on Reborns solrock shiny. And the A-Lapras has some cool potential with no-guard sing Ghost/normal wouldnt be that bad, Steel/fairy is still a better defensive typing, as well as steel/flying and steel/ghost. It's just hard to create 'normal' ghost, I still dont know how Drampa is a 'normal' dragon, there is nothing normal about a dragon.
  8. A-Lapras (and Fused Solrock) frustrate me so much because they look so cool but are so incredibly bad. Out of 324 possible typing combinations the psychic/rock combination is the 13th worst defensive typing, there are 311 better typing combinations, defensively speaking, so for a pokemon with that many weaknesses they cannot afford to be as incredibly slow as fused solrock and lapras are, not with every trainer having great coverage on every one of their pokemon in this game. Maybe im just dumb though, has anyone found a way to get some good use out of these two, because I really want to fi
  9. It seems a lot of the Aevium pokemon are not able to learn moves from TMs or the move relearner like they should, for example the electric/ghost chandelure learns charge beam by leveling up, but it cant learn it from the TM, and all the moves it can learn from the relearner appear to be the regular fire/ghost chandelure moves,
  10. I believe the goal is to have all pokemon available eventually, but OP pokemon like dragapult will likely not be available until very late into the games story, maybe even post game
  11. If by back to back fight in whispy tower as having to fight Eli and Sharon and then fight Geara right after, that isnt exactly a back to back fight as you have a chance to go and heal after Eli and Sharon before fighting Geara. If you mean fighting Geara then fighting Giratina right after, yes it was done that way originally. I do agree about the fight vs Nim, I was even actively complaining about it to my friends that I was streaming for at the time saying things like 'this game has a custom checkpoint system with their little yellow whatevers that is supposed to heal you, and the red thi
  12. This sounds a whole lot of walking you are doing here for an incredibly minor grievance
  13. Are you currently in control of Emma at this point? If so you arent actually supposed to fight Neved yet, instead go to the room that is to the right of the throne room to find him. If you link your save that you have that isn't in the stuck spot yet I can take a look and see what step you are on and exactly what you need to do next,
  14. So now that ive made it through blacksteeple myself, that place is kind of a mess, if you do anything at all that isn't on the beaten path you will encounter a bug, most of them seem to be minor and wont hinder your progress, and almost all of them are during the portions of the game in which you are supposed to be controlling Emma. These include: -loosing a fight as Emma will cause you to revive as your own character with your own party -going to any part of the castle that is not the direction of the story will result in that section of the castle appearing as the non-emma portion (IE
  15. I fixed this one and posted a bug report for it in the tracker and forum so you can ignore this one
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