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  1. My electric memory has vanished and I ended up with two flying memories at some point. Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. I lead with magcargo and pyukumuku. I gave magcargo a sitrus berry and used flame burst and purify from magcargo and pyukumuku respectively. This completely nullifies her field and she cant bring it back
  3. I found tropius, solosis, and various others but no rockruff unfortunately
  4. Anyone know where I can find a toxel or toxtricity?
  5. I sent out luxray first which caused her to switch to seaking. I predict the switch and send out noctowl to use hypnosis. I switch to cacturne to take out the seaking. I use cinderace with poison sweep to kill the primarina, but had to revive him once because he was the only mon that outsped. I used cacturne on the dewgong and HAD to hope for a crit. Luckily a crit one shot and it never attacked me after numerous turns. Luxray did the rest.
  6. I got stuck in blacksteeple castle as Emma and I have forgot I had backups turned off. Game - 85 - Emma - 48h 23m - 4 badges.rxdata
  7. My backups were off for some stupid reason and I already saved inside. Do you have a save file with 4 badges?
  8. I don't know if there is something I'm missing or if the game is bugged. I'm playing as Emma and am locked in this room.
  9. I found this child on route 4 but am unable to get to it currently
  10. I found mine in the grass in Goldenleaf town at night but I dont know if that matters
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