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  1. Shuckle is in rocks in the ice cave on evergreen island.
  2. It seems I stand corrected. Thx to Vivi_Hallow and robloxspieler123. That actually works :) And I found Shuckle in a rock in the cave on evergreen island.
  3. That's really nice of you, but the mod itself isn't the problem. For the mod to work in the first place you have to replace "Scripts.rxdata" that comes with the mods in the data folder as well. And if I do that I get this error. I did some research, as this is topic in a few other threads^^, and for some people it just works and for others not. sadly =( but I really apreciate your help.
  4. Technically a good idea! But sadly I get a error message when I start the game with the changed script. But thank you anyway! Guess I'll revisit Route 2.
  5. Route 2 Rocksmash was def. changed. diglett is now a rare encounter in them. Dwebble is now in the safari zone in kakori. Tell me if you find shuckle pls ;) didnt get it even after hours of smashing on Route 2. Good luck!
  6. When you can access Route 5 / Valor Shore. There is a boat that brings you back for a fee.
  7. Hello all, like many others I started a new game with V13 release. To make it more interesting I'm doing a Mono-Run of my favourite type: Rock. I have just beaten Valerie and am still missing some of my boys. Anyone know where I can get: - Our boy: Rockruff / Lycanrock (I know you can catch Lycanrock in the restored Goldenwood Park, but surely you can get it earlier than that?) - The fortress: Shuckle (Pokedex still gives out Route 2 but I have rocksmashed for hours and only got geodudes and a single diglett for my efforts so~.....) - Sand(storm)y dude: Missing! Have
  8. It's a rare encounter and should be in the lower middle part zone. in the grass thats labyrinth like where you can also find duskull. Good luck!
  9. Just beat Val in a Rock-Mono. No items (except given ones), on Set-mode. On normal mode though^^. I knew Val would be a roadblock. Took a few tries to optimize, but worth it. Damn that Lanturn though.^^ Team: Lunatone Drednaw Barbaracle Bonsly A-Graveler Coalossal
  10. Abomasnow is massively underrated. saved my bacon more than once. Hail + Blizzard is a real neat combo, add Giga Drain from move tutor and it can put in some work! Cradily is also pretty neat. Might be my preference for rock-types though....^^
  11. Use a backup file in the save folder. But, yeah, agreed, something is probably messed up^^ you should report that bug if you haven't already.
  12. Do we know yet where shuckle and my boy rockruff/lycanrock have ended up? I only know that Lycanrock can be found in the fully restored goldenleaf park, but surely thats not the earliest we can get it now? Dex says, shuckle is still on Route 2, among other places, but I have rocksmashed for hours and only got geodudes and 1 diglett.
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