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  1. Oh, I thouht in V13 that the EV cards were handed out later in the game. But thats good, we can just grind (or cheat) the AP points at the start and then its all good :). Still I think it would be better if the rooms were free. When do we get the "IV ups"?
  2. Hi! I want to make a suggestion on the way to train or up IV/EV in reju V13. I think one of the main features of pokemon Rejuvenation is that we use weaker and lower tier pokemons in the start, and unlock higher tier pokemons as we progress in the game. This allows for the experience of putting together teams to beat the game and make the best of what we have. However, some pokemons are useless without propper EV/IV spreads. For example, a Weezing can be a decend wall in early game, but not when the EV is put onto attack/speed. To use Weezing (and pokemons alike), EV training methods are required. Currently the EV cards are obtainable only later in the game, and the gained EV's have to be reset first, in order to re-train, which requires unlock of certain berries (also later in game). It would be (in my opinion) more fun to be able to train EV from the get-go, allowing a lager variaty of team options. Also, the EV training method should be in more pokemon-centers, because east-gearen city is not always reachable during certain phases. Catching new mons while "away" makes it that they arn't able to be trained properly. For IV's, I think it would be awesome to be able to up these somehow (maybe with a key-item). This could be sold at the AP store or something alike. To be able to max out the IV's add's for a nice gameplay-goal. What do you think?
  3. He how are you doing? Would it be possible to share that ditto in a shared pc file?
  4. Thanks! Im using that mod as well. I started a new game. The team is doing great. Have to make a few adjustments later, when v13 releases. Thanks for all your help.
  5. Can somebody share a perfect iv ditto and evee(umbreon, specialdef) in a sharedbox file? Thanks :)
  6. Did you use a mod to breed the mons with perfect IV'S? I saw EV-overload, which, if I understand correctly, ups the IV after EV has been maxed and could be used instad of breeding.
  7. Did not think about ground moves yet. I see now that it is a good cover. He is able to learn earthquake. Ttar might b a better option, but I play battlestyle on: set, instead of shift, so I feel like I could use the spdef wall, clafairy being the defwall.
  8. SharedPC.rxdata There is a shiny Talonflame in here, for the trouble, if you'd like. :)
  9. Well, sir, you are the real MVP! it worked. Thanks for breeding the mons and taking the time to help out. Currently I'm at 8 badges. I'l transfer and use this team when V13 releases aswell, should be fun! For others that want to do this, I used the shared pc mod for rejuv: SWM modular modpack [E18.4.0] - Page 30 - The Mod Market - Reborn Evolved And I placed dominion's shared pc.rxdata in the rejuvenation save game folder.
  10. What I meant was that I'd like to trade a dratini, somehow, to my gamefile
  11. He! Im alright, thank you. Thank you (all) for replying. Personally, I dont care much for the hunting of mons. Prefer to have 6 mons from the start, to see how they hold up against the game. I'd love if you could trade them with me. I would, then, need to download and play reborn, go online, trade you, and use the mod to share them with my rejuvination file?
  12. Ah, ok. Do you happen to know what online play is? Is it possible to trade mons?/
  13. Playing rejuvination and liking it a lot. I'd like to transfer a dratini from this forum to my save file. But im not sure how to proceed. Any1 that is able to help me out here?
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