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  1. Just beat her. Some tips. First pokemon out needs to set screens. Something like Amoongus can use Spore + Poison STAB to get through two shields. After any Sleep tactics get someone to use Thunder Wave so the rest of your pokemon can outspeed her. You can bait her into wasting a turn on top of that by having a berry to wake up from sleep, letting your best pokemon hit her twice. Last pokemon out needs to be your hardest hitter. You can also try Sandstorm/Hail + Revive spam if you're really desperate.
  2. Get a Meowstic-M with Light Clay. Turn 1: Fake Out one of her pokemon. OHKO the other with a counter. You now start the battle 6v5. Turn 2: Reflect / Light Screen Turn 3: Reflect / Light Screen That essentially negates her damage advantage.
  3. These pokemon can be found early/mid and will be useful in 95% of difficult fights. Amoongus. Is very tanky, learns Spore, has Regenerator / Giga Drain and can use Black Sludge, In other words, you can repeatedly swap him in and put pokemon to sleep with 100% accuracy while staying healthy. Meowstic-M. Prankster Fake Out / Reflect / Light Screen can make an enormous difference in difficult battles. Fake Out is incredible in 2v2s. Reflect / Light Screen feels essential to counter field buffs and Rift pokemon. Clerfable. Defensive EVs and Cosmic Power basically lets you cheese
  4. Update: I managed to win. Will probably still grab an Ampharos. Team: Slaking, Talonflame, Mawile, Meowstic, Tyranitar, Ditto Turn 1: Slaking w/ Elemental Seed -> OHKO Final Gambit on Skarmory Turn 2-6: Sacrifice Talonflame and Mawile to KO Unfezant Turn 7-9: Sacrifice Meowstic w/ Elemental Seed to set up Screens and Tailwind Turns 7+: Use Tyranitar and many ultra potions (15?) to KO Swanna (!), Oricorio (!!), and Dragonite (!!!) Last turn: Send in Ditto w/ Elemental Seed to revenge kill Mega Pidgeot Extremely hard fight.
  5. His typing, field and special move shuts down any strategy I've used in previous battles. I'm wondering if it's realistic to beat him with any combination of these pokemon? If not, does anyone have recommendations for what I need to train up to beat him reliably? I've tried using Smack Down. Seems pointless since it takes two uses to remove the field and then comes back immediately with one attack. The best I've done so far is using Ditto to copy Skarmory and take down Dragonite with Tyranitar. But then Mega Pidgeot sweeps and I'm already do
  6. EV-training cards are available after you beat Valerie. You have to take a ship in Route 5 to get back. Most of the mods in the pack work but the scripts file does not.
  7. I was completely walled by her Dewgong. A fully EV-trained Clefable with Cosmic Power let me stall the Dewgong and eventually crit a Stored Power to sweep. If you have a decent Psychic sweeper you can OHKO her Quillfish immediately, but she'll probably bring in her Floatzel to outspeed it or Dewgong to set up. She really is crazy strong this time around and you're basically stuck with whatever pokemon you have. It wouldn't surprise me if people get soft-locked here. I had to use EV trained pokemon from V12 to beat her.
  8. In the time it took you to write that essay you can probably do every single quest in the Gearen Help Center.
  9. I was pretty close to doing that as well. I went with porting some pokemon from my older save using the SharedPC mod (had to revert to V12 temporarily).
  10. Yeah, I'm getting a bit demoralized as I go through the game again. I love the story changes but assuming the gym/boss battles are the same it's just going to be hell. I played through most of V12 in preparation for V13 and that was basically the perfect balance of grinding and challenge. Now I feel like I have to either EV grind manually for hours or accept that I'll lose tons of fights that I won last time around. For some perspective I just reset the Togepi vs Houndoom 1v1 a few hundred times (finally won!) and it was a blast, but there's no way I'm going t
  11. That's a weird one, what are you using to extract the zip?
  12. Seems like it doesn't, I just caught a Trubbish and it's still using gen 7 moveset (toxic spikes at lv7).
  13. Arthesia


    Wondering if there's any recent confirmation of this? I saw this mentioned as a maybe in a post from 2019/2020 but couldn't find anything since. It would really suck to get that far in and find out that it doesn't actually change the terrain.
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