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  1. pretty sure it has infinite pp. I've also never seen the ai miss a move either.
  2. Story-wise I think this game has improved tremendously, especially early on. The old chapters 1-6 felt like a pretty bad pokemon fan-fic but the story has really been cleaned up a lot. The way characters are written like venam, ren, and melia are way more consistent with how they become later on in the game. Several of the team xen admins like geara, madelis, and natasia have way more personality now. Gameplay-wise: I've currently replayed the game up the end of chapter 12 on intense. I can say for certain that the game is MUCH harder than it used to be. Personally, I think it's a g
  3. Double kick is a 60bp move and poison sweep is a 50bp move. Super effective STAB double kick is only equal in bp to pyro ball and STAB super effective poison sweep is considerably weaker than just stab pyro ball. And yes being able to switch typing can be useful but double kick and poison sweep are just such weak moves that pretty quickly you won't be killing anything with them. And those are the only coverage moves you'll really get for the majority of the game, that's pretty bad imo. I'm currently replaying the game on V13 intense and I chose cinderace as my starter. And honestly when compar
  4. So much has changed that honestly it'd be a shorter list as to what DIDN'T change. I'd recommend just playing through the game yourself to see it.
  5. The easiest way to deal with it is to lower it's defensive stats. Using something like screech you can easily get it to -4 or -6 def at which point it becomes very easy to take down. You can do the same thing to it's spdef with fake tears. I'm not sure which mons will have fake tears, but there is an absolute mountain of different mons that learn screech/leer/something similar.
  6. That isn't until almost the end of the game. You have to consider more than just the endgame potential that your starter will have. In fact that early and midgame will be the most important part of the game for your starter as you won't have as many other good pokemon to use.
  7. Also picking a grass starter means your in for a world of pain. Venam's a lot harder than she used to be and your pool of mons that you can obtain before fighting her is a lot smaller than it was in V12.
  8. Torchic is without a doubt the best starter available. Even greninja and cinderace are nowhere near as powerful as blaziken is. Greninja struggles to oneshot anything even when hitting it with protean and supereffective dmg due to it's not great sp att stat (and lack of life orb ingame). Greninja also has the worst level up moves i've ever seen. Your stuck with waterpulse as your strongest attack until like the 5th or 6th gym where you get surf. You also won't learn any coverage moves ever, and your entirely reliant on tms for all your moves. And most of the good tms don't come until later in
  9. Basically the title. I've had to replay this entire chapter since there are multiple points that can softlock you without the player even realizing it, especially on intense mode. The first softlock I encountered was at the very start since when you walk to axis high your supposed to see a cutscene with madelis, but sometimes the scene doesn't play and you get softlocked. The next softlock is right before the vivian fight. There's a bug where if you leave the spring of purification it won't let you re-enter it. Thus you become softlocked. The next softlock I got was against pirate valarie. F
  10. Anyone know where the egg move relearner is in V13? I read it was in GDC now but I have 11 badges atm and I still haven't found it. The move relearner in GDC still doesn't give any egg moves.
  11. I think cubones have a 5% chance of holding one. Also you can get one guaranteed around chapter 10-11 I think.
  12. That being said, if for whatever reason gothitelle is your favourite mon and you really want use it, I'd recommend you just go ahead and use it. In rejuvenation with the exp all you can have a large rotation of team members and there will be a couple fights where goth might be good. It might also just be a good psychic type for trick room teams.
  13. Very bad. Gothitelle has pretty average bulk as well as pretty average sp att, and its speed is low. It also doesnt even reach its final evolution until the late 40's. In all the major boss battles in rejuvenation (gym leaders, enemy team admins, etc) the opposing mons are so strong and fast that gothitelle will probably be lucky to even get a hit off. There is also nothing special about its typing, coverage moves, nor its abilities.
  14. You need some fighting types vs her or she's just going to roll you. The best one available at that point is probably hariyama. You can get makuhita in sheridan. From the looks of it your team just doesnt have anything that can really hit her mons hard. I can't remember if your allowed to leave the mansion or not at the point your in. There's no helpful pokemon in the grass around the mansion either. If you can't leave you might be softlocked and need to reset to a save before you go into the mansion.
  15. As the post above mine said, I would just reset to an earlier save. As you go through valor mountain i would save very often. I found that the v13 valor mountain is EXTREMELY buggy. There are countless ways to get stuck and some really funky stuff happens (like venam being in front of the kyogre monument saying "we need to change the mood" even AFTER i beat zetta and geara).
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