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  1. Best thing to beat souta with is your own flying types. Sky field is just bonkers and souta doesn't have any answers for your own bird spam. I found that hurricane from just a sky plate noivern was enough to oneshot the gliscor after rocks on intense. Noivern only has like 97 sp att so even if you don't have noivern, I'm sure you can find/already have a bunch of mons that can hurricane spam him down.
  2. Changing the weather lets you do massive damage to her mons with fire moves. Both ninetails and alolan ninetails are obtainable at this point. Regular ninetails learns heatwave and alolan ninetails gets blizzard and both are very powerful vs her.
  3. Also a major problem with V13 is just all the sleep spam in the early game. The AI absolutely loves to spam sleep moves on your entire team and there's no sleep clause to protect you. Some examples I can name of the top of my head is venam's ivysaur with sleep powder, marie's stantler with hypnosis, narcissa's drifblim with hypnosis, etc. Their all 100% accurate on intense too. There's no more ev training in the early game anymore so all of those mons I just mentioned will outspeed most members of your team and just sleep them before you get a chance to fight back. There's one chesto berry I believe that you can find in a hidden spot on the ground early on and that's the only one you'll get until like the 5th or 6th gym. Usually it just comes down to resetting a bunch of times until you can get a first turn wake. It's not unbeatable, but it is very tedious to have to reset a bunch of the boss fights becuase your mons just arent waking up. Very anti-fun imo.
  4. Early game my mvp was definitly chimeco. I honestly don't know how your supposed to beat venam now without one. You can evolve it at lvl 15 easily by just spamming the hair salon. It also dumpsters keta. It's also one of the best mons available for facing marie since it learns extrasensory at lvl 20ish and marie's field boosts extrasensory bp. Having a stab 80bp field boosted move is just so strong compared to the rest of your mons who are still probably using sub-60 bp moves. Although after marie chimeco becomes fairly useless. Midgame definitely the best mon in the game has to be talonflame. Unless you built a trick room team, tailwind is SO important for so many different boss fights. And being able to get priority tailwind as well as powerful stab moves in brave bird + flare blitz while being one of the fastest mons you can get period just makes talonflame so useful in almost every fight. Lategame for me was volcarona. I got lucky from the mystery egg and got a larvesta. Getting screens up + setting up with volc is such an easy way to sweep so many fights. With quiver and roost it was just about finding a special attacker to set up on (and not get crit) and it was usually just a wrap.
  5. Definitely 90% of fields in major fights being unchangeable is prob the worst change of V13. Especially in the fights where your paired in a double battle with an ai (Z+G, puppetmaster) who pretty has 0 mons that take advantage of the field and you have to fight against 11-12 mons that do benefit from the field. There's just way too much of an emphasis on field effects now. The game feels more like field effect simulator than pokemon. Also just in general field effects really restrict the mons that are actually viable. I've found bulky mons like tangrowth and slowbro (which are competitively fantastic mons with great abilities, stats, movepools) to be near useless because with how ridiculously hard mons hit under the field effects. One example I can name of the top of my head was that I had a tangrowth going against valarie and it was basically useless against the primarina. With perma torrent + water moves being boosted 1.5 + surf's bp being boosted 1.5 the primarina was actually one-shotting my tangrowth with surf. Everyone just hits stupidly hard so the only real choice you get as the player is to use faster mons that also hit stupidly hard.
  6. If there's nothing about it in the field manual you probably cant change it. TBH I think one of the worst changes in V13 is so many fights having unchangeable terrain. Most bosses already got buffed with better mons and having op fields constantly be stacked as well against you is really pushing the boundary of challenging vs straight up unfair.
  7. Ironically, the thing Souta is weakest to is your own flying types. Thundurus-T is his only flying resist. Most of his flying types are not that fast, so getting up your own tailwind and spamming your own flying types is a pretty easy way to win vs him. The best flying types for the job are noivern and talonflame (although note that gale wings is bugged and is never active while on flying terrain). Getting up your own tailwind is pretty easy with just an elemental seed, also both noivern and talonflame learn tailwind via level up. Getting a graveler from darchlight and evolving it into golem is a pretty easy way to take on the thundurus. You can take a hit with sturdy and explode on it and do about 70-80%. At that point you can finish it with anything faster.
  8. That set up seems extremely optimistic. Maybe it might work for lower difficulties, definitely not for intense. Amoongus with screens takes one hit at best, since hyperspace hole hits for se and gets a big bonus from the field. You click spore and then she wakes up instantly with her lum berry. Now you've lost one mon to set up screens, and your amoongus is prob at like 30%-40% and all you did was burn her lum. Maybe you can sac another mon to get regenerator on amoongus to just barely survive one more hit and if she gets full sleep turns then you can get a couple of shields. Then your amoongus is dead as soon as she wakes up. You can twave her at that point, but that's another mon dead for that. By that point you've lost 4 mons and she still has 3 shields + her entire hp bar. You also do not get to use any items on intense. Although I've already made a strategy for tackling her on intense. I had to reset to get an oranguru to get trick room, and the focus sash you get right before the fight should let oranguru get off the tr guaranteed. The rest of my team is gonna be 5 alolan muks with gunk shot. I've done some theorizing and Alolan Muk with gunk is the only mon along with sturdy+gyro ball forretress that can both take a hit and break one of her shields in a single move. Still, this fight on intense is bonkers and I don't think anyone really play-tested this before they released the game.
  9. No. Oranguru and porygon-z are the only mons that learn trick room by level up. You can't get the dubious disc for porygon-z for a long time still, so oranguru is your only choice
  10. Pretty sure I've answered this exact question from an earlier post you made. She's very beatable even on the hardest setting so idk what to tell you.
  11. I've thought about trick room as an option. But that means I would need to reset my game to chapter 8 to catch an oroguru or get porygon-z (their the only mons that learn trick room by level up, and you dont get a tr tm at this point). I neglected getting those since the team i've used up to now has revolved around tailwind and is very fast, so trickroom would actively cripple my team (altho the gard outspeeds eveyrthing now). I really don't want to reset since there are a bunch of nightmarish battles that ive had to go through since then (especially puppetmaster and melanie). Also even with tr I dont really see this being a win, since you would lose a mon to get the trick room up. Leaving you with 5 mons left against her 5 shield bars + her entire hp bar. That also doesn't seem winnable.
  12. I honestly can't cook up anything to beat her. She's too fast, hits too hard, is too tanky, and is immune to any kind of hax. All my mons are getting one shot even through screens and most of them can't even break through a single shield bar even with their strongest stab moves. The old strat on V12 was to change the field to misty terrain that way her dark moves get nerfed, she can't put you to sleep, and faries move get boosted vs her. But with the way terrain works in V13, you can't change the field at all and her field halves fairy damage. Also I'm pretty sure misty terrain is bugged since it isn't boosting fairy moves (you would think the dimensional terrain nerf and misty field boost would even out, but the misty field boost doesnt seem to apply at all) and also she's still able to put my mons to sleep despite misty terrain. So fairies who used to be her counter are now useless vs her. Also she seems completely immune to hax. I've tried paraing her but with litterally dozens of resets i've never seen her full para once. I've tried using flash/double team to hax her out via accuracy but again, I've never seen her miss a move. Stalling her out with toxic or leech seed doesn't work because I've never come close to being able to status her and also break her shields (statusing her usually costs 2 mons, since she now has a lum). Her chance to hit herself while confused seems lower too, (out of dozens of attempts i've only seen her hit herself a couple of times). While replaying v13 there's been a lot of super tough fights that I've gotten through but I just don't see a way vs her. Your lucky to be able to trade 1 mon for 1 of her shield gauges, and that's just nowhere near enough to be able to kill her.
  13. Alternatively if you don't have blaziken, magcargo gets shell smash when it evolves. Altho you'll probably need to get off 3 shell smashes to actually beat her with a magcargo.
  14. Tbh idk if this ones gonna be doable. I don't think there's any fire types that you can have at this point that'll be able to take any hits from her team. The only way I can see this being done is if you chose blaziken as your starter and you somehow set up a bulkup or two with blaziken. If your playing on V12 that means that the sheridan move tutor is avaiable before hand to give blaziken hjk right when it evolves at 36. That's probably the hardest move you''ll be able to hit her with. There's no way to change the terrain or anything with fire mons so blaziken with some bulk ups and +speed is really your only way to outspeed her swift swim mons. Then you'll need to crit her primerina probably. As far how setting up will be possible, you'll need to find someway to confuse or para one of her mons and then have her hit herself or get full para'd while you set up with blaziken. I don't really see another way to do this.
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