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  1. Does anyone have the alternate sprite appearance of the protagonists? Cause I only saw a few of them (I mean like Aevis (overworld), Aevia(overworld and Vs Sprite), Ariana (I saw it myself),Axel (thanks to jan update but It was only in the Vs sprite), and Alain (but it was only in the overworld) I just need the alternates cause I'm drawing all the protagonists for some theories I had in my head for the protagonist and maybe some clothing alternatives (I had to do something while I'm in this situation ._.') I-I'm just asking if any of you have them...
  2. For me I really like Ariana's design (sometimes, because her alternative design confuses me in the ponytail tress) and I say that the first sprites are better I'm not saying that the new ones are bad, but they look kinda goofy ^^' And reading that her design might change in the future (my english might not be making me clear what Jan said)
  3. I been drawing some of the Rejuvenation scenes but something like Jaiden Animations did (Drawing herself in the game) and I was like: I want to try that too! and I been doodling up some scenes (or at least what I remember from the first time I played and I can't check my saved files cause I don't have light in my house, it got cut)
    And I drawed myself in Ariana's clothing which I had to do some changes in my personification (and I even drawed Ariana herself)

    When my house get back the light I will try to upload the pics (and I can't right now cause I'm in other place using a pc to write this)
    also I'll like to say that I really love the game so much that making fanart of it putted me in a good mood

    I think I'm kinda mad to the fact that I don't recognize half of the programs in the pc and I really miss drawing in pc (in my own) I just wanted to take everything off my chest 

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