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  1. I love this designs! My favorites are Tesla, Amber, Nim, Melia, Nastasia, Valerie, Adam and the Mcs! I love Ariana's hair here
  2. There were one that is about Ren Reina and Huey thats have to do with the wedding of an aunt I needed to see the comic because I was trying to draw Huey but I didn't know how tall he is compared to Lavander Well I just know the team Xen height but not the other characters Thank you ^^'
  3. This is kind of out of context but I just wanted to draw the characters in Kimonos So I'm starting with Venam I was hoping that I could do like an homage to Venam's first appearance by giving her lotus flowers in her hair and something that kinda looks like Seviper fangs (ribbons maybe(?) But when this get to a more clean ver Venam's kimono is going to get the colors of Seviper Extra note: Originally I was going to draw Venam getting help from Melia to try to walk because I thought that everyone had to walk with rectangular Geta (male ver of footwear) but they are different Who's going to be the next one in kimono? Or do you want the colored ver of Venam?
  4. Ok I'll try with an Aerodactyl, Milotic and Swanna If I know where to get Aerodactyl I have Milotic and I think I know where to get Swanna But what moveset would they have?
  5. I'll try to do that either the grass team (I don't think I have alot of grass types) or looking for a Lycanroc (Day,night or Dawn form?)
  6. Delphfox Pangoro Altaria (but I switced it with Mawile) (yeah not my brightest idea) Floatzel Venasaur Luxray (switched with Milotic)
  7. Ok I'm back with a new problem... Ryland battle Oh gosh I only did this twice but it just keeps swepting with my team Even tho I have covered their weakness (fighting water steel and grass) THE RYPHERIOR OHKO all of my team What should I do??
  8. Is about Ariana's hair I mean she looks beautiful when I first choose her but her second clothes made me think HOW LONG IS HER HAIR?? She haves 6 hairbuns and a tress and the tress is at the back of a bun, so how long is her hair to be able to do that and how she manages to tie it? So am I the only one that thought about this? (I'm just trying to explain my point but I'm going to do an sketch later of how I think her hair works)
  9. Well I'm working on the comic and I'll start slowly with the Prologue of Pokemon Rejuv I hope this is okay because I want to do this comic (Taking photos is not my strong suit)
  10. Alot of my save files got deleted somehow and the ones I had just got mixed up with other savefiles and then it kind of bug itself out
  11. I have to play the game again from the beggining Wish me luck P.S: I have the game recorded so I'm going to do everything until I can get to the point of Flora's battle
  12. Update: I tried everything to make possible even using Hail (I don't have Sunny day) BUT I'M ALWAYS LOSING BECAUSE OF GRASS WHISTLE + always healing rain absorb +weather ball I don't have any Chesto Berries And I'm cossidering returning to a previous save to buy Chesto berries or at least going to get the ones I think I planted
  13. Thank you everyone for your support! I'm going to try the pokemons you recomended in my battle with Flora today I'll record it and upload the battle in here
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