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  1. The girl that lives in Sheridan village is basically a normal move relearner, not being able to teach my pokemons egg moves
  2. Where do I go now, cause when I go to the hospital I can't talk to Jenny and I already talked to the officer I think and I can't find ANA anywhere
  3. I don't think they can be found in honey trees anymore, I checked the v12 Pokemon Locations post
  4. I didn't even beat Erick lol so I guess I will have to wait. Thanks for your answer!
  5. Probably it is just later in the game since egg moves are often powerful
  6. I know but she doesn't teach my pokemons egg moves, basically she's just a move relearner while in v12 she was both a move relearner and an egg move tutor
  7. Is there still an egg move tutor in v13? If so, does anyone know where can I find him?
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