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  1. Ok so i finally beat him. thanks for the advice i was able to put a team together to beat his stupid torterra. i appreciate guys /and or gals
  2. Thank you for the detailed breakdown. I know the game isnt easy by any means and ive gotten through a lot of tough battles (Souta.....) i just didnt know about the torterra. gonna try to build around that. thanks again
  3. ok so ive switched my team a couple of times and yea i didnt know the torterra swaps the weakness. now that i know i should be able to work around that. so far my current team consist of Feraligatr Swampert Decidueye Lucario Venasaur Noivern the reason i have them is because theyve gotten me the closest to beating him so far
  4. first of all if the game mode is casual then ev and iv training shouldnt mean shit since its CASUAL. if i wanted to waste my damn time breeding then i wouldve played hardcore and took my time. dont tell me not to complain when im literally just playing for the story. i am not nor will i fuckin breed competitive pokemon just to progress through a single battle.
  5. at this point idk if i want to continue playing at this point. Im stuck at ryland and moves i think are super effective do 1/2 damage and arent super effective. i dont know who had the dumb idea to make certain trainers have perfect stat pokemon but i hate it as a casual pokemon player.
  6. so unfortunately i dont think i can get an alolan muk at the point since im stuck in the past until i beat her. but sylveon is def. needed on the team. i guess ill just have to trial and error. Appreciate the advice guys
  7. Alright so there have been plenty of really tough battles lately (Souta) and ive managed to make it through but this one has me stuck since even if i switch my team up it one shot all of them (except sylveon it lovely kisses it nonstop) i recently caught a steelix but even that goes down with one shot from dark pulse. im honestly at a loss here. My Current Team (that im changing as we speak) Ghost (Decidueye) Cherry (Mawile) Fena (Lucario) Aurum (Luxray) Sting (Noivern) Usagi (Cinderace)
  8. Yea the difficulty spikes are a pain. I had to start over due to the update not working with my old v12 file and just had problems after problems. i dont mind the advantages they give the gym leaders and POI but it becomes a problem when the advantages make it one sided and have you rely on for the whole fight. it feels great to win in those situations even though you raged and lose 9/10.
  9. Im at Caratos moutain and i just beat giratina but he still there but invisible. do i have to beat him twice now or is it a glitch?
  10. damn i just ended up catching it since i had to work. oh well lol
  11. Kinda wanna know before hand that way i dont waste my time shiny hunting it and just catch it ya know?
  12. i dont have the growlithe but im back in kakori village so ill pick him up now Thanks!
  13. So im getting absolutely fucked in the angie fight (Even though im maxed level i can be before i claim her badge) so i thought id evolve my shiny jigg for wigglytuffs defense but the link hear isnt working. also any tips on angie?? shes shitting on me atm. my recent team i challenged her with is: Dreadnaw Coalassol Cinderace Decidueye Mr. Mime Luxray
  14. ahhhh ok im kinda deep into game as i just got to terajuma. ill have to trek back once im able too
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