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  1. Then just switch it manually with the .txt file. There is a number in there corresponding to your current savefile. Like, 3 for savefile 3 or set it to 0 for the new game screen.
  2. Or just edit click on this file to manually change your save.
  3. It seems your save is corrupted. No matter, rename a previous version of your file to 'Game_(your savefile number here).rxdata' and it should work again. note that you do not have to name the file .rxdata Game_3.rxdata , for example.
  4. @Tiger Eye You can have this one with 11 badges Game_3.rxdata I've left you with a perfect IV and EV trained Aegislash and I've cleared every pokemon from the PC. So you're gonna have to work for a full team.
  5. Hmm, if what you say is true this picture below should not show up. it's 82 kb
  6. Nope, didn't work. the first thing I tried was the backup.
  7. My save file with 14 badges died. pls help Game.rxdata
  8. Dem - Debug Enabled.rb Alternatively, make a folder called 'Mods' and put the file above into said folder. Then open the game and select the debug option on the pause menu, then go into variables and set the difficulty option to 0.
  9. You are too far into the game to change the difficulty, In other words, It's too late turn back. So start over or go and get a Torkoal. I think you have a 1% chance to encounter those In the Corotos Mountain.
  10. Ignore this last comment, I posted this accidentally.
  11. That sounded less weird in my mind than it actually was.
  12. The patch, well, it's in this spoiler right under Flora:
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