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  1. I think the mod is in the mod market or guides and resources.
  2. Oh, no. I just have a mod installed that makes that happen.
  3. If you want Scraggy, You have to enter from the other entrance next to wispy tower Then, climb down those vines And follow this path to find rooms 6 and 7
  4. Hey please could you help me with starter suggestions


    1. Aariq



      I can trade you some mons too


    2. Aariq
    3. Ziggz


      Sorry, please how do i connect my game online so i can link with you. Thank you 

  5. Thanks for making this. Making a pseudo living dex will be so much easier now.
  6. Just overwrite the game file you already have. If you have any mods on, be sure to delete them first.
  7. If a black haired Xen member did it, it was probably Cassandra. Others would be: Nym (Why??) Alexandra (Even more questions) Saki (Raises even stupider questions) Ariana (Is the name of the Female Dark Skinned PC) Reina (Huhhh?) And those are your options.
  8. No, because 1.Madame X is Blonde 2.Yahveltal represents death, that's why the cry was there. 3.Wispy Tower may have been a joint operation between Gregory, Sirius and Team Xen to summon Giratina
  9. You forgot to consider that humanity probably won't survive a certain plague. . . or the fact that global warming is getting worse as we speak. If we take care of the former, the latter will possibly take the next hundred years to solve (or undo somewhat). We also have WW3 to think about. The most important thing we'll need to do in the next few decades is to stop using fossil fuels and switch to more nature friendly power production (i.e. Nuclear, Solar etc.). AI's cant really do much rn except cause some commotion, since, unlike some other instances, humans have done a good job to not let them get out of hand but, if they do . . . I mean, am I supposed to know what happens? FDVR Would be pretty expensive, but I can see it happening. Mind uploading is a tricky one. Information is not really stored inside our brains, It's more of constant electrical signals inside flesh spaghetti. We'll need to mimic these signals a whole lot to copy and upload an entire 2.5 or so petabyte (2.5 million gigabytes) supercomputer to the web. Cyborgs most probably be much of a thing that early, but prosthetics will develop enough to be just like real limbs and organs. Travel will be a thing as long as places like Niagara falls, Mt. Rushmore, Mt. Everest, The Bahamas etc. still exist and are not ravaged by war. And, people will get to these places with upgraded versions of cars, busses, trains and planes cuz there's nothing really wrong with these travel options and they've each been around atleast one hundred years, so more advanced versions seem more plausible. I'm exhausted about thinking about the future so I'll stop now.
  10. hmmm, seems interesting. If nothing else, this'll be an extremely awkward first comment.
  11. It's supposed to be in the sewer in gearen but IDK it's still there.
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