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  1. Yes, you've a pretty good example, too. If you wanna know more about this, I'm sure there is a relationship guide somewhere on the forums.
  2. If I got a penny for every time I've seen this happen, I'd have two pennies. Which isn't much but it's weird that it happened twice.
  3. What level is your ralts? You see, I would have traded you something, but I got a new PC and lost all my progress on everything.
  4. Hey! That's rude, stop sitting on the table.
  5. Also, you can get a shiny stone for Roselia by mining rocks. The mining kit is in the Grand Stairway, along with a crap ton of rocks. Roserade should be a big help in a battle against the Fighting leader. Although, remember Machamp, Lucario and Medicham (Of course) know a Psychic move.
  6. This team seems pretty good for Kiki. Just level your mons and try the fight a couple more times.
  7. Yes SWM - SharedPC.rb I couldn't find the original thread but it was definitely made by either Waynolt or DreamBlitzX.
  8. Go into Fiore manor, talk to Titania then read her diary.
  9. Did you read the book on the table?
  10. Try going into Tanzan Mountain and see if the the door to the right close to the entrance is open. If so, go in, the story will continue normally. If not, you can find help here.
  11. It's because I currently like that pokemon.

    1. Aariq
    2. Aariq


      I really did not mean that as a serious question.


    3. RoyChaos


      It's alright. It doesn't matter at all.

  12. Here are some more: Pokemon Xenoverse Pokemon Ashen Frost Pokemon Desolation Pokemon Sardonyx Pokemon Phoenix Rising Pokemon Infinity These are just some of the best ones excluding Reborn and Rejuv. Dude, why is your profile pic literally just Trishout?
  13. Also, the debug mod is very wonky with cutscenes and other technical stuff like that. So you can have installed but don't warp to like Agate City because you can get stuck there forever because there is almost always a cutscene there.
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