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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I'm a newcomer to Pokemon Rejuvenation & Reborn and haven't even gotten passed Venam yet, let alone have a considerable amount of hours to consider myself a fan. However, I recently beat Pokemon Insurgence, Infinity, and Soulstones, and have been desperately looking for another fan game to play. When I stumbled upon Rejuvenation, however, no offence to the artists for the protagonists as they're all designed really well, but I couldn't find a character that really resonated with me. As a Pokemon fan, I didn't mind at first because the game was so well made, but the roleplayer in me just wouldn't let me continue and I quit before passing Venam. However, as I was looking for another fan game to play, I found artwork for Aevis' legacy sprites and it sparked my interest for the game again. But as I was playing the intro as Aevis' legacy sprite, when Aevis' mom (sorry, I don't know the lore yet) teleported Aevis away, he reverted to his old sprite when he hit the floor. When I looked up why, as it turns out, the legacy sprites aren't updated to the current game version. This almost made me give up entirely, but Rejuvenation was way too good so far to give up. So without any prior knowledge in pixel art and sprite making, I followed a guide from DerxwnaKapsyla, and made my own custom sprites for legacy Aevis. To make a long story short... Am I missing any sprites, or should I be able to play seamlessly with what I have? Just to be absolutely clear, I will list all of the sprite sheets that I've replaced As for the outfit change I've heard of, I just replaced his outfit files with a copy of the replacement as I am lazy. trchar000 trchar000_1 boy_run boy_run_1 boy_fish_offset boy_fish_offset_1 boy_surf_offset boy_surf_offset_1 boy_fishsurf_offset boy_fishsurf_offset_1 boy_dive boy_dive_1 boy_bike boy_bike_1 PlayerKnockedOut PlayerKnockedOut_1 PlayerHeadache_0 PlayerHeadache_0_1 vsTrainer1 vsTrainer1_1 trback001 trback001_1 mapPlayer001 mapPlayer001_1 Thank you in advance!
  2. Edit: Oh my gosh, this is way harder than I thought it would be. After taking in the tips, I decided to re-do the sprites I had, took some inspo from Bianca, Phoebe, Red, and Neo Plasma Grunts lol. This is my third re-do. I'm trying my best but darn, the sprites still don't look good imo. I can't figure out why, but it still just looks... wrong? If anyone here does take commissions for custom Reborn-style sprites: please, let me know. I may be on a tight budget rn but I'm definitely willing to pay for someone to clean my messy sprite attempts up because it's driving me crazy... Hello! I'm new to the forums, but I've been playing Reborn for a while now and I fell in love with it and after seeing people making custom sprites for their OCs to play as, I was like "hey I want that too". I'm kinda broke at the moment, so I can't pay for a commission, and that's why I'm trying to make everything on my own, but it's driving me crazy. That's why I decided to post here. Would any more experienced spriters be willing to help me out at least a bit? Thank you in advance. I attached my crappy attempt at making walking sprites and a sketch of my character. TL;DR How do I make the sprites not suck?
  3. So a few weeks back I made a shiny sprite for ponyta and promised to make one for rapidash as well. Well... I forgot. Until now!
  4. Just made this and I need feedback on how the bones look. Thanks
  5. So I found a shiny relicanth and didn't really like the shiny all that much... So I took a shot at creating my own. This is my first custom shiny and I'm looking for some feedback. Its only the front and the face part is a little iffy for me but I'd still like someone more skilled to take a look. Edit: Just finished and added the back sprite to this
  6. This little "project" is in anticipation of Episode 17 and how Litten and its evolutions will be added to the game. This is aimed at people that like Litten and Torracat but like me, can't stand Incineroar. This is very much a WIP. I've never sprited before. Any help and tips would be appreciated. This was made via Frankenspriting Raikou, Typholsion, and Zoroark. Inspiration Thanks for Looking
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