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  1. I think there's another regional form you can obtain in a previous area because it's a static encounter with an overworld sprite. What interesting about this regional form is that it has a zombielike ability. To capture it, you do require a certain item which... ... ...I'm not gonna tell you. Haha. Isn't breathing an involuntary instructed by the brain? Otherwise, humans have to tell the body to breath every second...does this mean the twins are brainless? Should had seen that coming. I told you dude. People are OVEReacting to this stone crisis. Not to mention, turning to stone is such an overdone trope it's hard to feel anything about it. Now, if there's a time limit, that might make things more interesting. Like say, the victims can only stay in solid rock form for a certain duration before they turn into dust because...magic. Which sounds waaay cooler! Horrifying, but cooler! Pfft! Hahahahah! Man, your puns are solid!...or I'm really weak to puns. Although I feel like there's a missed opportunity to comment how Veronica rock those legs. You know, when she used to wear a skirt. Because those thighs man, they made penises everywhere go har-I'm gonna stop now. Melia: I don't need your help! I don't need anybody's help! Ambulance: Is that so? Well then, you can carry that slab of concrete by yourself! I'll be off, in case there are other people that ACTUALLY need my help. Hmmph! *vrooms away, leaving lot of people confused' ...Speaking of vehicles, there hasn't been a talking vehicle/object in Rejuvenation yet, right? I don't count robots, obviously I honestly don't get why people want men to cry. Why would I lwant to lower the Sp. Def of my opponents? I have Pokemon to do that. What do you mean I got it wrong? Besides, guys crying look damn hideous. Like, euw. Gross. At least when girls do that, they still look attractive. Which goes to show, men and women are not equal and never equal... ... ...Yup. There's nothing wrong with what I said just now. This sentence is definitely fine. especially on the Internet. You know, I personally can tolerate character doing idiotic things....if it's in character for them, and the story and other character recognizes it as stupid. Which is not the case with Lavender here. Like, has any other charcters ever call her out for this idiocy? Weird is too light to describe these horrifying twins. Although I'm curious why do you hate them both after the fiasco in Eclysia? Shouldn't Alice be the only one to blame, considering she's the one who put you in that frustrating maze? Allen is innocent. That idiot he's only fooled by his beloved sister. Oh. I just realize why Alice is gonna be the Dark Type Gym Leader. Disregard the fact she(and many other characters) suck at Pokemon battling. It's because Alice is....a bitch. Perfect for Dark Types. Not sure about Allen though. Maybe deep down Allen likes pink? HA, GAAAAY!!!
  2. And the answer for who's my Pokemon with filter is....hmm, is it a spoiler if I described the fanmade Regional form added to this game? I doubt you get this particular regional form, unless Nuzlocke allows you to revisit a previous area that has been revamped due to version changes and catch a Pokemon there. Ah, well. I just put it in spoilers: Thanks for the advice, Derogatory Trainer. I'll be sure to take it to heart. Now I just need to get RNG on my side. Do you know where I can sacrifice some Wooloo? Hmm, I don't recall if v13 ever mentioned Saki used to be a West Gearen gym leader. Or maybe I miss it? Eagle's are awesome...I love them. Which is why Corviknight's and Skarmory's my favourite. Aside from, you know, steel types. Karen might also train Psychic types as well. Because psychic powers? And Garufan LunaRock fusion? Actually, I have a theory. What if each elite 8 member specializes in two types? Tesla has a Talonflame and a Charizard. Karen maybe uses a LunaRock fusion. "Wouldn't that make Tesla weak to stealth rock?" Someone might say. Ehem, field effects? As for the other Elite 8,...I'm still don't know what type they use. v13 revealed 2 more Elite 8, but their battlestyles are unknown. Hmm, I require more information... You aren't really fond of remakes, are you?...That's fair. It's hard for remakes to recapture the magic of the classics. Just like the new Advance Wars remake coming up. I'm MEGA excited when I heard Advance Wars is returning this year. Because the last Advance War game...is TEN years ago! For a while, I thought the fandom would be dead! But I'm not really fond of the 3d battle animations. Looks waaay too toyish. The animation when they use their powers is awesome though. Can't wait to see what the villains' power animations look like. Sean: Get a man who'll look at you like Huey looks at Lavender, ladies. Me: *Chanting HueyxLavender repeatedly in the background, as a shipper would do* I find it impressive, Derogatory that you managed to give Venam the medicine while wrestling Zira. You truly care for Melia, huh? Burn him hotter, Zira. Wipe away any trace of sympathy for Melia. Don't, uh, eat Melia though. I'm not like the other readers, who are clearly shoulders on Sean's devils, chanting how Zira should eat Melia. When Derogatory says 'no', he means 'no' guys! Did getting beaten repeatedly by Sean made Venam smarter? She keeps making sense in this episode! Wish that would happen to other characters though... But if Venam becomes more sensible, does this mean this is the start of her redemption? But, but, but how am I supposed to make fun of her after this? Venam: It seems pretty odd for someone like you to just wander the streets past midnight. You know, if I never played this game, and someone showed me this scene ouf of context, I'd probably thought Lavender is up to some....naughty stuff. What? Nightime on the street is when lots of naughty stuff happen!
  3. Jan: (Sitting on a throne of dead skeletons, with black devil horns and hellfire burning in the ground) Jan: Nyeheheh! You think you're safe? Just you'll wait. In version 30, you won't be facing an ordinary Yveltal oh no, no, no. You'll be facing Yveltal...as a rift boss. With 10 shields! And buff stats! And items aren't usable, so you're focus sashes are USELESS!!! Nobody would be safe from my BS, the BS that will outBS all the other BSs. Nyeheheh. NYEHEHEH. NYEHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! ... ... ...What do you mean that's not what Jan sounds like? In-game Jan already(or will be) commit physhology torture. Then again, that's against a Team Xen scum so....
  4. That Justice whore! She gets all the fame while Revenge gets the short stick. "Justice in the streets and Revenge in the sheets is what I say." Are you saying I should date Justice and then cuck netorare her by sleeping with her sister? Interesting... The girly looking male Pokemon I'm refering...is the Wigglytuff in the previous chapter. Obviously. Haha. Speaking of Double battles. Remember that Ruined City Help Request? Maybe I just plain suck, because that battle mauled me in the arse. And it's against a bunch of grunts! It's so embarassing...I literally have to reset several times to rearrange my team to get a better chance. And even that, it still ends in a 2 v my last Pokemon. I'm not sure why exactly I have such a hard time. Maybe because they set up a tailwind and have a God damn Cinderace? Or maybe I just suck? Because that battle...was on casual mode! The reason I even managed to won was thanks to the help of my Pokemon nicknamed Benteng(Fortress in Malay). His filter ability and giga/mega drain help a lot. Three guesses who that Pokemon is. So uh, I know I give you crap for being careless...but since you managed to survive this long in the game, any tips for me to suck less...? That's a nice font colour you used for future Sean. And I'm definitely not saying that because I'm biased towards the colour blue. Please use it more. Speaking of Volta, I think v13 retconned her to no longer be an gym leader. Like, I played a new v13 game and I don't recall any mention of Volta as a gym leader. Erick became the defacto gym leader of West Gearen. Speaking of Erick, would you believe me if I say that v13 made Erick...worse? He literally talks in emoji, is a freaking weaboo, and sends letters to the league in very bad handwriting despite doing livestream of his games or some crap. Urgh... Yeah, that artist stuff still confuses me. Mainly because it unfolds in the exact same way in v13. Who's the real thief here? The one who asked you to check out the painting, or the other guy? Obviously that movie is made by a Kantonese. Those weirdos have this obsesision to make waifus out of everything. Do you know there's at least two games where the main premise is waifu ships? The huge boat ships? And not just any ordinary boats, but literal WWII boats! God damn Kantonese... ... ... ...I can't believe I'm saying this, but I wish this is an anime. So I could see some hot yuri action hehhcebgeuygeyugeuggeu Sorry, my nose suddenly bleed and messed up the keyboard. I wonder what caused it...
  5. God damn weebs. A god damn katana is not enough for you, Bitch X? I can't believe I suggested watching anime several chapters ago. I feel so ashamed. Modern kid cartoons are still piss though. Most if not all. I think a part of my childhood died when the Thomas reboot came up. How the heck does anyone think this is okay: It looks generic as hell! Say what you want about the original Thomas series, but at least it's memorable. Sorry, rant over. Just had to get that off my chest. Ahah! I knew you would slaughter those two grunts! Trying to harass Aelita, huh? Please slaughter more of them, Derogatory Trainer. If you can't kill the admins(yet) unleash your anger on the grunts. Screw Adam's "no revenge" crap! Damien's path of blood and fire is the only true path! Because there's absolutely nothing wrong with revenge. So long as you don't involve innocents, revenge is 100% okay! ...Actually, yeah. If revenge doesn't hurt innocents, what wrong with revenge anyway? Like, this is a legitimate question. "You'll just be the same as them" ? What a load of nonsense. A girly Pokemon...yet has the male gender. Huh. Reminds of Wigglytuff from Mystery Dungeon Time/Darkness/Sky. I was absolutely baffled when I saw that Guildmaster Wigglytuff is a dude. You know, a secret underground police force sounds cool...if they didn't sound so sinister and is used to suppress and control the population. And have a corrupt city official. That...third stone theory sounds pretty damn plausible. And awesome. Very sinister, but awesome. Such evilness, how amazing! Too bad it's pretty obvious that's not what happened, following later revelations. I agree wtih you on the redemption part. If instead, the villain were on the height of power and standing, yet decide to switch to the good guys because he realised how terrible he is, now that is a worthy redemption. Man, I'm glad the characters decide to spend their precious time buying a birthday present instead of further investigating the crisis. Great work, Venam. Honestly, when are Melia and the gang gonna contribute something to the investigation? It seems like only the MC is producing results. Like always. Or are Melia and the gang just gonna wait for the clues to drop at their doorst- ... ... ...Of course it is. Oof. Yeah, Tusk death is definitely your fault. You should be taking things more seriously. Boy, that battle has lot of clutch calls. Your Pokemon are pretty tenacious, I give them that. That Shadow ball special defense drop Contrary Sludge Wave moment deserves a special mention. And damn, you're pretty strong Abomination. Maybe I should get one of my own?
  6. Who's to say they won't try to legalise Pokemon testimony? They already recognize the power of cuteness, who knows what depraved things the cops would try next? How am I supposed to loot, pillage and burn after this? All bastards are cops, I'll tell you. No in between. Beheeyem Looks Matter!...I think that's what it meant? "Don't follow a letter leading you somewhere remote in the middle of the night." Or at least bring backup. I thought she did that because she knew it was a trap, but decided to spring it so she can catch the stoning culprit. But come to think of it, why didn't she bring back up? From what she currently know, the culprit have taken down two gym leaders! ...Okay maybe we can disregard Talon. Because he's clearly thinking penis first. But still, the culprit apparently took down a gym leader. Shouldn't that ring an alarm in her head? She could had discussed with her...oh, I don't know, friends?! To formulate a strategy by using their own counter trap! Your "friends' could shadow you, and when the culprit appears, jump out, pounce on the culprit and kick him/her/helicopter in the crotch! You Team Xen list is pretty much perfect. Especially since in v13 rewrite, they are pretty much the same if not worse. So Neved still tortured a teenager for no good reason. Speaking of Neved, if I recall correctly in rewritten v13, it was mentioned that Madame X was gonna him, but he was spared because he had a unique fighting style? I mena, getting bodied by a homeless dude and a teenager is pretty unique. Although, personally I think Madame X just wants a taste of his sweet, sweet Neved-made beverages. Still a stupid reason though. Speaking of Team Xen Admin, I could be wrong, but I think Jan is trying to....gulp...redeem them. I mena, why else would Jan add more scenes of them interacting together like a bunch of buddies, despite the fact they caused confusion and delay chaos and death all over the region. I mean, the game already did something extremely stupid(amongst other stupid things) when in v12:
  7. I tried placing the files in the proper location but it doesn't seem to work? All I get is a Debug Menu when I select the Pokemon Party menu
  8. Just recently gotten access to the hospital, and wondering when can I access the iv nurse? After which badge? Because I just recently beat Rift Aelita and the nurse still say it's unavailable.
  9. If it's possible, I would like to see a crest for Meowstic that works like this: Upon entry: Immediately activate the move in the first move slot(If it's a status move). Seeing as Grimmsnarl has superceeded Meowstic as the Prankster Screen Setter, my poor cat has been robbed of it's niche. So I thought of how to give it's own niche. This crest would work well with Male Meowstic various support moves, some which aren't available for Grimmsnarl. This crest also kinda buff the female variant a bit, by allowing a free Light Screen/Reflect for longevity or Fake Tears/Thunder Wave to cripple the enemies so it'll be easier to take down. If there's any better suggestions, fire away.
  10. I heard you can get Pincurchin at Terajuma Island. But which part exactly?
  11. For the love of God, please do not have Mosely as the Elite 8. I already despise that asspull of Heather being an Elite 4, don't make the same mistake Rejuvenation. I'd rather take The Truck Guy or Piano lady as Elite 8 members rather than Mosely. Wait no, I want them to be Elite 8 members! That would be hilarious. But amazing. And not infuriating. Because unlike Mosely and Heather, they aren't literal brats younger than Red when he start out his journey. Cairo is also a decent option. I don't think reserve gym leaders can become Elite 8. Because how would they juggle 2 occupations at the same time?
  12. Sean: Wasn't the person behind that Nim and Crescent? Actually that's spoilers nevermind. It's...much more complicated than that. Leet's just say there are other people involved and instigated this whole stone thing. Besides, there's no way I would strangle Nim. I still care for her despite her...edgelord phase? Crescent on the other hand... Oh, a Wailord? Forshadowing? Although I really want to see what's your future reaction to that certain quest. I found it quite fun. Extremely weird, but fun. Wish I could say the same for most of the bizarre stuff in Rejuvenation. Speaking of Flora...I don't think it's ever explained why Flora decide to clam up.. Considering v13 revealations, Flora doesn't have anything to do with Rune's dissapearance. So what's with the tight lips? Speaking of v13, without going into spoilers, my reaction to v13 story can be summed up as: ... ... ...Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Like, we all know for a long time, Rejuvenation story is straight up bonkers, and it should be no surprise. Yet somehow, v13 still manage to astound me. Despite the fact technically a lot of questions are answered, the answers are; so confusing so convoluted and so Bizarre! To the point I wonder if I'm accidentally high while going through the story. On the plus side, Angie somehow manage to look even hotter, depsite being insane and a milf ...You know, I didn't expect you to like cute things. I know you always refer to Rose as cute, but I thought you meant 'cute' as 'super strong'. Not saying it's wrong though. Cuteness is the most dangerous weapon after all. Hmm...I smell love in the air. And it smells like hot lavender... ...I'm not sure what the heck that white thing is. The only thing I could think of is a laptop, but it looks so weird. That, and there's already a separate sprite for a laptop. Sean: Or god forbid, someone who identifies themselves a "gaymer" as in a gay gamer. Like holy shit what went wrong in your life that you needed to make that distinction? Perhaps the same horrible thing that happened to people who grew up and decided to hate straights? No joke, I'd seen people on social media that despises people that make up 99% of the world's population. I'm not being homo-hating by stating that statistic, that's literal common sense! Seriously though, for these kind of people, Keep your family problems to yourself, dude!....girl...helicopter... Although there's a possibilaty there are simply trolls(who are bad at trolling), but then again this is the Internet.... So I'm guessing you'll be third wheeling this lovely duo as they go to the threatre in next chapter? Because I'm very interested in your....reactions when you get to the theatre...
  13. [It's been some time sinced I played Insurgence(really enjoyed it), but in the end, the PC's father is still trapped inside our mind(kinda), right? That's kinda sad.... Wish we got get PC's father out of there, but I don't recall any postgame quest that allows the player to do that.] Sean: Gender roles and that gender identity bs we have to deal with now was made up by a pedophile named John Money in the 50's anyway so it's incredibly stupid people still believe that shit today. ... ... ...What? What the hell? Just when I thought some people couldn't be stupider, they find ways to exceed that. With a bullet train. On rocket fuel. That's like learning Pokemon-human relations with it's syllabus from freaking Ghetsis! Dear God. Relax. I'm just messing around with you. There's no way I will be okay with torturing an innocent child. Not unlike nutcase. Though I will expose the horrid crimes her father have done, to make her hate her father. Because that's what Nyeh deserves. I could imagine the scenario: PC: I regret to inform you, Neved's daughter but your father...he... Neneh's Daughter: Yes? PC: ...Into Pokephillia Nimrod's Daughter: Gasp! No! PC: Yes. And I have proof. Very graphic proof Which I totally didn't photoshop Nipples's Daughter: *cries in anguish* PC: He's also...into bondage. With young teenage girls. Nyaa's Daughter: Impossible! PC: I wish so too. But how else can you explain the number of prison cells under his watch. He even reserved one specifically for my love Aelita. I'm running out of terrible N names for the person's Daughter: cries even harder PC: Not just that, he's also...into Yokai-Watch ...Eh, I'm sure you can make up reveal much more heinous crimes done by that person. Sorry, I just really hate that certain admin. Because V13 reveal more insight on why he thought torturing Aelita is a good idea. And my God, that's the most pettiest reasoning ever! What are you, a child?! Urgh, I wish he receives a very painful canonical comeuppance. Although, speaking of petty, I wish I could strangle the stone statue culprits. Not because they are pretty evil. But because they are evil and petty! Seriously, I'm definitely sure the police are corrupt/idiots/both because if someone look a little deeper into most of the victims info, they'll see a glaringly obvious pattern. Because of why? Because the culprits are freaking petty as hell! Sean: One of which being Gamefreak's disturbing Gen 4 attempt to out-do Gardevoir in the "make Pokemon sexy" category I don't recall gen 8 having any oversexy Pokemon so maybe Gamefreak grew out of that weird phase? That or because Galarians have dysfunctional penises. I guess you could trick Ring Target onto an opposing enemy Pokemon, although that's extremely gimmicky and there's literally a bunch of other items that can do that job better. Sean: Go watch cartoons and play with the Pokemon equivalent of Barbies. Oof. That's not gonna age well. Mainly because more and more kid cartoons are getting stupider and polluted with political crap. So go watch japanese cartoons, kids! Those oversized breats and tsunderes are good for your moral! Chilling out in a cafe, what could go wrong? I wasn't sarcastic by the way, there's really nothing going wrong. ...How do I say that without sounding sarcastic?
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