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  1. Another reason why I'm not so fond of this arc when I first played it. It feels sooo sluggish. I want to see new interesting locations and catch new Pokemons, not wasting away in this alternate place that I'll never be able nor want to return anyway. Oh, right. Silly me. Of course a locomotive as vain and fabulous as James would be picky about his specific shade of red. So vain that I used to think he's a girl. The eyelashes doesn't help... I'm...err...not the brightest. Eheheh. In fact, remember the whole NatDex fiasco years ago? When I heard GameFreak claim they did that to improve their animations, I legitimitely believed what GameFreak said. Thankfully, after I found out that was a load of Rapidash crap, I wisen up and learn to not be such an idiot. Hopefully. But I'm definitely more to be heavily critical of giga corporations/franchise nowadays. In fact, you should be critical. Very critical. Super critical. Too harsh? Who cares! Giga corpos lose a few dollars? Oh, boohoo! How sad. Like I give a damn. Which is baffling that some modern Marvel fans would sack their child to protect their poor, precious, pretty MCU from any (valid) criticisms. Sorry that people expected high quality from a multi-billion dollar franchise. Then again, when has comic books movies became good? ... ... ...Hmm. For some reason, I feel like I just pissed off a bunch of people. Okay fine. I enjoyed the Spider-Man movies. but that's because Spider-Man is awesome! I dare you to disagree with me! ...must...resist...urge...to....google... I know, right! American weirdos. I mean, I already mentioned how much I love black characters, but if a show, especially an ASIAN show doesn't have one, I'm not gonna throw a tantrum. There's barely any shows that has a character that shares my race(the Malay race, or Melayu), yet you don't see Melayu throwing tantrums about that. That and we already have our local animation. It's not as high quality like anime or western shows and it's obviously for kids, but it's still fun. For me, at least. I mean, it doesn't have any stupid political crap, so that's always a plus. That and they look pretty cool. In my opinion. Fun quiz! This superhero form is actually an elemental fusion from two elements. Can you guess what elements are those? The answer should be pretty obvious... Fo-fo-forgive me, Derogatory Overlord. Please spare my life! On a side note, what title would you use when you claim your rightful place as the ruler of your Aevium? Darn. Get battle-blocked by the plot, AGAIN. Oh, God. That castle. I take back the (few) positives things I said about this timeline. Thanks a lot, Melia. Err...I think her hair's still brown. Although what would I know, mr-not-the-brightest. Hmm...I don't recall any Pokemon fangames ever tackled about...err...underage pre*nancy. Or se*ual assault. Despite the numerous edgy Pokemon fangames out there. Aww, watching you interact with the apocalypse aftermath family is adorable. Too bad you spent all that time waiting for an ungrateful tablecloth to hatch. Another reason I don't like this arc. You don't deserve any love, Mimikyu! Revolution, ho! Ship takeover, let's go! Oh, and Madame Weeb is here. Yay...
  2. “Atma.” A motherly voice spoke. “My son. Bzzt! Help others Bzzt! Unlimited power Bzzt! I’m sorry Bzzt! I love you Bzzt!” “-Huh?!” A black haired boy suddenly woke up to see himself lying in dirt, beside a blue river. The sun sparkled in the river, giving it a beautiful look. “Woah…so pretty…” He muttered, before realizing. “Oh, right. That voice. Hmm…I wonder who that was? And what does ‘son’ mean? … … …She sounds pretty, though. Wish I could see her face…speaking of pretty, where am I?”. The boy tried to recall why he was here in the first place, only to discover that he can’t. In fact, he doesn’t remember a single thing about himself. His mind is like a blank, the only thing left in his mind is the woman’s voice. “...Huh. Who am I? I’m Atma, because that pretty woman said so. I think. And I’m her…son? What does that mean? Hmm…” Just then, he notice the attire he was currently wearing. A full dull grey bodysuit covering his entire body. On his arms and legs are red lines. On his wrist are grey arm guards. On his waist, is a grey belt. In the middle of his chest, what seems to be a diamond shaped grey crystal. His reaction to this is, of course, “Euw! What’s this…thing?! So…so…not cool!” He glared at his attire with utter revulsion. Like it’s a piece of garbage. “Revol-what now?” A strong, often sudden, feeling that something is extremely unpleasant. “Oh, I see…wait, who said that?” Just then, he heard an adorable voice. “Adora-what-“ “Meow.” Atma stared at the four legged creature. A very adorable black and white creature with adorable whiskers and adorable blue eyes. “OH. MY. GOD. YOU’RE SO CUTE!!!” Atma’s excited screams scared the cat, obviously, and made it run away in fear. “Hey! Come back cute thingy!” He exclaimed as he run after the cat. He’s not letting that cute thing get away! … … …Elsewhere, a female teenager wearing a hoodie adjusted something on her wrist and legs. Before taking several steps back. And sprinting forward. Running towards several obstacles placed in front of her. Before turning and backflipping over the obstacles. As she did so, her boots activated, and gave her a boost. Making her backflipping higher and longer in the air, as she aimed the device on her wrist. Before firing several red projectiles at some tin cans placed far away. Klang! Klang! Klang! All of them fall. The girl landed perfectly on the ground. The girl in question, wearing a black hoodie with red highlights, which covered her entire body. Not a single hair can be seen. On her face, is a scar at her right eye… ‘Good. The booster boots are functional. But needs more practice. With this, I’ll be one step to achieving my re-‘ “Come back, cute thingy!” “…With this, I’ll be one step to achieving my re-‘ “Come back!” “…I’ll be one step to achieving my re-‘ “Come *pant* back!” ‘…Who keeps interrupting me?’ The cat from before run pass the girl, before being followed by a panting Atma. “Come…*pant* back-“ Before noticing the girl with the scar. The girl just stared back at Atma. Of course, the normal reaction upon seeing a girl with a scar is- “Woah! So cool!” Unfortunately, because he was so entranced by a female, he tripped himself, before rolling on the ground. And rolling. And rolling. And keep on rolling, unable to stop himself. Like this is a cartoon. “Ack!!!” ‘…What the heck?’ The girl thought. Atma keep on rolling, and rolling, and crashed into someone. Finally stopping in his tracks. “Ouw…” “Who dares bump into me?!” growled the person who Atma crashed into, who turned out to be a teen punk. A very huge, rough, fierce-looking teenage punk. Accompanied by several other rough, fierce-looking teenage punk. “Hey, this kid’s trying to mess with with you, boss?” One of the goons growled. Seeing the situation he’s currently, Atma did what anyone would do when confronted with a bunch of fierce-looking people. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to bump into you, Mister….white…thing…what is that thing?” Atma gestured towards the skull symbol on the punk’s chest, casually. Like he’s talking to a new friend or something. “Oh, acting brave huh?” The boss gangster growled. “Huh? No I’m not. What’s a brave-gack!” Suddenly, the punk boss kick him in the chest, sending him sprawled on the ground. “Ouw! Hey, that hurt-” A stomp to the chest interrupted him. “Argh!” “Too bad for you, kid. I’m looking for something to release my stress. And you’re perfect for that!” “What does that mea-Ouw!-stop-Ouw!-that!” The goons hollered like a pack of wild dogs as they cheered their boss beating up the innocent Atma. “Teach him a lesson, boss!” “Beat him up!” “Tear him to pieces!” Atma’s pleas fell on deaf ears. No matter how much he pleaded. “Ouw!-Stop! It-Ouw-plea-Ouw-please-” “-stop…” moaned Atma,as he clutched his stomach in pain. Blue liquid dripping from his mouth. “Don’t stop.” A female voice commanded. “Gak!” spluttered Atma as a shoot went through his body, followed by a slash to the back and then a kick to the head, sending him sprawling on the stained floor. ‘Why…won’t you…stop… …stop. Stop. STO-” “ARGH!” “Huh?” Confused, Atma look up to see the punk boss has stopped attacking him, and is clutching his eye in pain. “Over there!” One of the goons exclaimed, pointing towards someone. It turns out to be the girl Atma saw earlier, pointing a miniature crossbow on her wirst at the goons, before firing again. Her shot hit one of the goons, knocking the goon out. Much to the punks’ shock, and to Atma’s amazement. “Woah…” “Ergh…” The punk boss groaned in pain and anger, “Get her, you fools!” “Rragh!” The goons charged towards the girl. Ready to beat her up, when they suddenly slipped. As if there was some slippery liquid on the ground. Halting their movements and distracting them. A perfect moment for the girl to shoot at the goons. Knocking out nearly all of them one by one. “Whoah…” thought Atma. “So cool…” “What are you doing?!” The boss growled. “Get up and get her!” A few of the goons who aren’t taken out yet groaned as they tried to get up and charged towards the girl, wanting to get payback. But as soon as one of the goons got close to the girl and tried to punch her, the girl dodge and with a boost from her shoes, kick the goon in the head, knocking him out. She then continued to sweep kick the next goon, before using a back kick on another goon, knocking him out as well. “So cool!” exclaimed Atma, with sparkly eyes. “So, so, so cool!” The punk boss on the other hand has the opposite reaction. Seeing that all of his goons are knocked out, he did the one and only thing he could do. “Kyaa!” Run away and scream like a little girl. ‘Traps working perfectly. Good.’ Thought the hooded girl. “You are so cool!” Atma exclaimed. “What?” “I said, you are so cool! The way you like-hiyah, hiyah, hiyah!” cheered Atma, as he tries to mimic the girl’s actions “It’s so awesome!” “...” The girl didn’t reply. She just turns away, ready to leave the scene. “Wait, where are you goi-urk!” Suddenly, he felt a strong pain in his stomach. He fell to the ground, attracting the girl’s attention. “Hey, what’s wrong?” ‘Scrap! Don’t tell me he’s got internal bleeding!’ groaned the girl in her mind. “It…it…hurts…” Suddenly a sound came from Atma’s stomach. A sound so unexpected for the girl. A sound which caught the girl by surprise. The sound of a hungry stomach. “Gru…” “Urgh…it…hurts…” “… … …He doesn’t seem to be faking it…” Trying to process this bizarre situation, she let out a loud sigh before taking out some banana fritters and offer it to Atma. ‘If he tries some funny business…’ She thought, preparing to activate something… “Sniff…sniff…what’s…this…?” “What? Never seen a banana fritter?” “No…” groaned Atma, mouth watering at the sight and smell of the food. Before gulping it in one go. “Mmm! So tasty!” remarked Atma, his eyes gleaming with delight. “So, so, so tasty! More please?” “Ask your parents for some.” The girl replied. “What’s a parent?” “…Pardon?” “I said what’s a parent?” “…Did you get hit on the head?” “Hmm…no?” “…Where’s your house?” “I…don’t know?” “You…is this a prank?” “Oh, no, no! I don’t even know what is this prank thing?” “What do you know?!” “Hmm…I dunno…I guess I heard this women calling my name…” “Huh?” “She keeps saying…” One storytelling later… “…and then I was chasing that cute little black thing when I saw yo-“ “Stop. Let me get this straight. You don’t recognize nor do you know that woman calling you her son is your mother.” “That’s my mother? Oh…what’s that?” Atma asked, genuinely curious. “…you don’t know that ‘thing’ you’re chasing is a cat.” “His name is a cat?! So cute! Or is the thing a her? I can’t really tell.” “And you remember anything before hearing your mother’s voice?” “Yup. Nothing at all.” Atna replied cheerfully, as if it’s not a big deal. “…Either this is an extremely elaborate trick, or you really lost your memories(along with some brain cells).” “Oh, so that’s what happened. Huh.” He replied, taking this matter rather easily. “Is that a bad thing?” The girl let out a heavy sigh, wondering how the heck did she got into this mess. ‘I should just ignore him. Someone will find him, sooner or later.’ She thought, as she was about to walk away, when Atma’s stomach growled again. “Ergh…it still hurts here.” “In your stomach?” “Is that what it’s called?” ‘… … …Just leave him. He’s not my problem.’ The girl thought to herself. ‘Besides, there’s no guarantee this isn’t a trick….A very, very, elaborate, trick. I must remember. I can’t trust anyone. I mustn’t trust anyone. I will not trust anyone. Look out for myself, and myself only. Otherwise…’ BOOM! In a flash, the building exploded, sending shrapnel flying everywhere. One of the shrapnel flew towards shocked girl, towards her eye. Slash! “Ahh!” cried the girl, as she clutched her right eye, red liquid dripping. “It hurts! It hurts so much!” Just then, she remembered. “Mama was in that building! Mama!” Pant…pant…pant… “Mama? Mama? Mama!” ‘I won’t repeat that mistake...’ “Gru…” went Atma’s stomach. “Ouw…” groaned Atma. “Do you have any more of those banana fritters? Please?” ‘… … …I’m gonna regret this…’ “Can you stand up?” “Huh? Oh, yes. Ergh.” The boy groaned as he stood up. “Follow me.” “Huh? Where?” “A place to shut up your stomach.” “Oh, nice!” “Try anything funny, and you’ll reap the consequences.” “…what? What are you talking?” “Nothing. Just keep that in mind.” “Okay!” And so Atma followed the gi- “Wait a second.” “…what?” the girl growled. “I still haven’t known your name, cool girl!” “...Zafira.” “Thank you so, so, so much. Zafira!” Atma exclaimed cheerfully. “For saving me from those jerks.” “…Don’t mention it.” “Okay! Read the way, Zafira!” “…It’s lead the way.” “Lead the way, Zafira!” And so Atma followed the girl, Zafira in order to calm the rumbly in his tummy. … … …Sorry. That was kinda cringe. Anyway, some time later, in a restaurant. “Hah…hah…hah…” “Behave yourself.” “Sorry.” Apologized Atma, as he stop sticking his tongue out, like a salivating dog. “It just the food around here sume…sume…sume…” “Smells.” “Smells so good! I can’t just wait for my order.” “You can, and you should.” “Fine…” Atma relented reluctantly. “Hold still.” Zafira ordered as she took out her handphone, and catch a picture of Atma’s face. “Huh? What are you doing?” “None of your concern.” “Oh, okay.” ‘If he really is amnesiac, then there probably should be some news about a missing boy. If he’s lying, I can find more about him on the government’s database.’ She thought, as she typed in Atma’s name and attached the image of his face in the search engine. “No match.” Her phone displayed. ‘…Huh?’ Refresh. No match. Refresh. No match. “…You sure your name is Atma?” “Yup.” “Gru…” His stomach growled. “Ergh…” “Here’s your order, adik.” A waiter said, leaving a plate of food in front of him. Author's Notes: 'adik' is a term used in Malaysia to refer to people younger than the user, usually in an informal setting. It also means younger brother or younger sister “Oh! Thanks!” ‘Hmm…even if his name isn’t Atma, I’d expect at least one profile to appear that match his face…could it be, he’s not from this country? An illegal immigrant?!...but his Bahasa Melayu is pretty fluent…sort of.’ “NYOM!” One second it was full, the next the plate is completely empty. “So tasty!” exclaimed Atma in delight. It took some time for Zafira to process this, before she finally speaks, “Did…did you finish an entire plate of rice? In one go?” “Yup!” replied Atma, before biting his plate. “Ouw! Huh? I can’t eat this.” ‘...I’m regretting this already.’ thought Zafira. “Hahahah!” chuckled the male waiter. “It’s rare to see a Malay kid enjoying rice nowadays.” “There’s more where that came from, adik.” Another waiter, a female, placed two plates of steaming rice in front of them on their table. Much to Zafira’s confusion. “I only ordered one.” “A generous soul decided to treat you two.” The waiter smirked. “Thank you, generous soul!” exclaimed Atma gleefully, as he was about to feast on his new food. Before Zafira swiped the plate away. “Huh?” “Don’t you find this suspicious?” remarked Zafira. “I don’t know what’s a suspisin, but I think I’ll go for…no?” Zafira response is to facepalm hard. “Relax, adik. It’s just a plate of rice.” The male waiter spoke. “Agreed!” The other waiter spoke. “It’s rude to refuse someone’s gift. Unless you think someone could have poison it?” She joked. “I’m guessing poison means something bad?” Atma asked. “Seems pretty fine to me.” “Fine. You could have it.” Zafira interrupted. “As long as you learn some table manners first.” “Who’s table manners?” “Hahahah!” laughed the male waiter. “Your friend sure is a funny one.” Zafira just groaned. One teaching session later… “Did I do it right?” asked Atma, in his hand a big mountain of rice. ‘For a passing grade...’ remarked Zafira on the inside. “Yes.” “Yay!” beamed Atma with pride, before gobbling down his food. ‘So this is what teachers’ suffer everyday.’ groaned Zafira in her mind. “Mmm! So tasty!” beamed Atma, as he finished his food. Almost immediately. “Thank you so much Zafira for these tasty food!” “Don’t mention it.” “And for saving me from those jerks.” “You already mentioned that.” “Well, I’m saying it again Thank you so much, Zafira. You’re so cool!” As soon he said those words, his clothes changed colours. From dull faded grey to sky blue and crimson lining. Even his belt and arm guards turned crimson while the crystal on his chest changed to sky blue. To say Zafira was surprised is an understatement. “Your…your clothes!” “My wha-whoa!” exclaimed Atma, as he noticed the change in his attire’s colours. “So cool! Way better than…than…than…” “Before?” “Yes. Better than before! Thanks Zafira!” “So you’re telling me this isn’t your doing?” “Nope! I have no idea how this happened, but I’m loving it! Can this day get any better?!” “Boom!” “Gah!” exclaimed Atma in surprise and fall from his chair, upside down. “Ouw…” “You okay?!” Zafira asked, still surprised from that loud noise. “I’m okay.” replied Atma , as he got up. “What’s that sound?” “How should I know!?” Zafira growled, before realising, “Sorry. Didn’t mean to yel-Oi! Where are you going?” “I want to see what that sound was!” replied Atma as he and the other people in the restaurant headed outside. Followed by a reluctant Zafira. ‘Damn kid…’ But once they step outside, the sight they seen immediately took their breath away. But not in a good way. Because right now in the streets, is a grey humanoid monster wielding a large hammer, wrecking the town. Like something out of a tokusatsu show. “Hahahah!” cackled the monster gleefully as it pressed a button on it’s hammer, causing it to glow. Before slamming it down on the ground, releasing a straight shockwave. Smashing up the street. “No way. No friggin way.” Thought Zafira. ‘A monster. A monster. A real life mosnter?! How the heck is this possible?” For the first time in a while, her body shake in shock, fear and horror. A feeling shared by the other onlookers. ‘This isn’t a dream. This isn’t a fantasy. This is…’ “So cool!” Atma cheered gleefully. Catching the glares and odd looks from everyone around him. And a facepalm from Zafira. “Blam!” Several laser shots hit the monster, as it came from a policemen, accompanied by several other police members pointing their guns at the monster. “Halt!” Unfortunately, the lasers barely scratch the monster. ‘Police guns don’t work?!’ thought Zafira. “Is that all you got?!” mocked the monster. “Hiyargh!” Boom! With a swung, it launched a shockwave at the police, knocking them out. “Argh!” “Ergh!” “Urgh!” “Oh My God! Are they okay?” Atma gasped in horror at the sprawled bodies of the police. “They seem fine to me.” replied Zafira. “Really?” “Of course not!” growled Zafira, frustrated. “I take it back. That thing is not cool at all!” “Oh really?” replied Zafira sarcastically, “Hah! That ghost motorcycle was right!” laughed the monster as it walked towards the bodies of the still alive police members. “You cops are useless against me! Hiyargh!” It lifted it’s hammer up, ready to swing it down on the police members. “Stop!” Fwoosh! One moment he was beside Zafira. Next Atma was punching the monster in the face, causing the monster to stagger in pain. The crowd gasped in confusion, surprise and amazement. “Did that kid just-?” “So fast!” “Not even the police could harm that thing….” ‘How did he get there so fast…?’ Zafira questioned. “Argh…” groaned the monster. “You brat!” “Sorry! But you were hurting those people! Say sorry to them!” exclaimed Atma. “Me?! Say sorry?! Why you-oh, it’s you.” “Yes, it’s me.” Atma replied. “…what about it?” “That brat from earlier…” the monster growled, as he sneered maliciously. “Wha?” ‘Earlier?’ thought Zafira, confused. ‘What is that monster talking…wait…could that monster be…?’ “Finally…I get to finish what I started!” “Finish wha-“ “Atma dodge!” exclaimed Zafira. Fwoosh! If Zafira thought things are weird, then she hasn’t seen nothing yet. Because suddenly the thrusters built into Atma’s body activated, giving him a speed boost that enable him to dodge the hammer swing. Thrusters. On a human body. Which even a school kid should know, isn’t what a human body should have. ‘…maybe I am dreaming?’ thought Zafira, growing more confused. Atma on the other hand, “Woah! What this? So cool!” Unfortunately, he was too focused on this new discovery that he didn’t notice the monster launching another shockwave attack until, “Atma dod-“ “Argh!” screamed Atma as he took the brunt of the shockwave, knocking him down to the ground. As he crashed to the ground, his head hit the ground, cracking. “Ouw! Ouw…” Revealing internal circuitry, with some blue liquid leaking out. It’s not hard to draw the conclusion at this point. ‘…I’ve been feeding a robot?’ “Hah! Not so tough are you, brat!” the monster laughed as it walked towards Atma who’s sprawled on the ground in pain. ‘I better make myself scarce now…’ thought Zafira, as she doesn’t want to be the next victim. “Ergh…it hurts…” Yet, Zafira remains rooted on the spot. As if something is holding her back. ‘No, I’m not involving myself in this mess. Look after myself and myself only. Other people will only use, betray, and toss me aside. Helping others out of the goodness of their heart? What nonsense! And even if I want to help him, how? If police guns wouldn’t work, why would my homemade bullets work?! … … …Unless if I use…that.’ “Die, brat!” cackled the monster as it lifted it’s hammer, ready to smash Atma in the face… Bzzt! “Argh!” “Oh, it’s you.” snarled the monster, as it shifted it’s attention to Zafira aiming her weapon at the monster. ‘This is stupid’ Zafira scolded herself. ‘Stupid. Stupid. Stupid! This is freaking suicide!’ Despite her logical reasoning, she still stood there. Gesturing the monster to come closer. Like she’s mocking the monster. “You humiliated me earlier!” growled the monster as it got closer towards Zafira, leaving Atma alone. “And made me lose my gang!” “Zafira, ergh, watch out…” “Huwargh!” growled the monster, as it lifted it’s hammer, ready to launch another shockwave. ‘Now!’ Using the boost from her boots, she leaped towards the monster, getting closer to it before Zafira activates, VOLT SHIELD Bzzzt!!! The hoodie Zafira wears may look like a normal, typical hoodie. But in reality, the hoodie has nanotech technology built into it. With the power of her mind, Zafira can activate the suit to form an electrically charged shield to protect Zafira. Which Zafira did. “Argh!” The monster screamed in pain, helpless to do anything as he is shocked by the Volt Shield. “Whoah…” Atma muttered in amazement, as he tried to get up, despite his pain and the crack on his head. ‘The final thing mother left for me. I’ll use it to finish you off, freak!’ Suddenly, out of nowhere, a crack appeared in her volt shield. “Eh?” Before the volt shield gain more cracks, fizzled, and dissapeared. Leaving Zafira defenseless. “Huh?!” Zafira tried to activate the shield again. But failed. ‘Scrap. Don’t tell me it broke!’ “Huh?” gasped Atma, confused. “Ergh…” growled the injured monster. Yet, still standing. “You…ergh…you…ergh…” Despite the pain, the monster lifted it’s hammer high in the air, aiming for Zafira. If Zafira was more calm, and thinking more clearly, she would have used her boots to run away immediately. But she wasn’t thinking clearly. She was panicking. She was scared. ‘I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna…!” “Die!” growled the monster, as it swung it’ s hammer down. Ready to smash Zafira to pieces “Zafira!” screamed Atma in horror. “No…not again…not again…not again!” Blam! A shot to the monster’s back, interrupting the monster. But unlike the police guns, this one actually hurt. “Argh!” screamed the monster. “Who dares to shot at me-huh?” The one responsible for shooting the monster turns out to be Atma. His arm guards transformed into a miniature crossbow shaped like a jet plane which is aimed at the monster. While wearing an altered attire. His sky blue colours turning dark blue. Even his crystal has turned dark blue. And glowing. His face is fixed in a harsh, cold scowl. Sharp, dark eyes with no hint of friendliness or forgiveness. While showing no signs of pain or discomfort, despite the crack on his head. In short, he looks pissed off. “Atma?” muttered Zafira, surprised. “Stay down, you brat!” growled the monster as it lifted it’s hammer and pressed the button, causing it to glow, ready to launch another shockwave attack. Jet Blaster Which Atma responded by firing at the glowing hammer, cancelling it so it’s no longer glowing. So when the hammer hit the ground, nothing happened. “Huh?!” exclaimed the monster, confused. Charge Jet Punch Fwoosh! With a jet boost, Atma appeared almost immediately in front of the monster and punched it, sending it flying. “Thud!” went the monster as it landed hard on the ground, away from the Zafira and Atma. Observing…Analyzing…Replicating… Without speaking anything, Atma walked towards the monster, passing by a stunned Zafira. Complete Suddenly, the right holster on Atma’s belt glowed. Before two cards suddenly materialized digitally in the holster. Which Atma didn’t react. He just got closer towards the monster as the weapon on his hand disassembled into what seems to be two toy jets, before each of the jets attach to each of Atma’s wrists, forming into arm guards. ‘Those things were disguised as arm guards?’ thought Zafira. “Grr…” the monster growled as it struggled to get up. It tried to activate it’s hammer, but there’s no response. The hammer failed to glow. “Grr…huwargh!” Enraged, the monster swung at Atma. If the hammer couldn’t launch a shockwave, it could still smash the brat’s head in, is what the monster thought. But Atma just blocked with his wrist, Jet Counter Punch Before counterpunching with the boost from his arm’s thrusters. “Gack!” spluttered the monster, as he coughed black liquid. Skill Bar Ready Then, Atma took out one of the card, a dark blue card, with yellow trimming on the side. With images of electricity sparks on it. Volt ‘Hang on…’ thought Zafira. Atma held the card in front of his belt, which scanned the card, before electricity sparks engulfed him. Transforming his attire. His dark red lining has changed to yellow lining, and there’s now yellow sparks pattern on his attire. Along with an electric aura covering his entire body. Volt Uniform ‘Interesting…’ thought Zafira. “Ergh…” groaned the monster, struggling to do anything, as the pain and injuries it accumulated is taking it’s toll on the monster’s body. Volt Punch With a thruster boost and charged with electricity, Atma punched the monster again. And again. And again. And with each attack, the crack on his head repairs itself. Until it was gone, his head looking like it was never been cracked. ‘Okay, so either he’s been hiding all of these…powerful abilities or there’s something else going on here.’ Thought Zafira. ‘Because it’s pretty obvious that his personality is completely different now.’ “Urgh!” groaned the monster as it crashed to the ground, before the monster form dissipated, returning him back as a human. Who turns out to be the punk boss. ‘Knew it.’ Atma lifted his leg, ready to stomp the battered male when, “Wa…wait.” The punk boss struggled to speak. “I…sur…surrender-Ack!” Which Atma disregarded. As he continued stomping. Again. Again. And again. ‘Such brutality…’ thought Zafira. ‘Good. Show no mercy. Even better, finish off that monster. No, finishing that monster is the only choice. Vanquish your enemies.’ After he finish stomping the punk boss to a pulp, Atma took out the Volt card once again. Before scanning it on his belt once again. Volt Fini- “That’s enough!” A female voice spoke, interrupting Atma. A stern and commanding voice. Coming from a teenager. A very tall teenager wearing a purple military-ish uniform, with a headscarf and cap. Coming from a person Zafira knew…much to her chagrin. “Miss Tara?! What are you doing?!” “Stopping your friend from doing something he’ll regret, sister.” She spoke, tone switching to a soft one. “You’re not my sister, and this isn’t your business! Atma, just finish off that monster!” “He’s already defeated, Atma. You can stop now.” She spoke kindly towards Atma, almost pleading. “And then he’ll wake up and get revenge on you. Just end him here and now!” “Murder isn’t the answer!” “Oh so when he does it, it’s wrong. But when that monster tries that, it’s okay?!” exclaimed Zafira in frustration. “Don’t put words in my mouth, sis.” “You’re not my sister!” Zafira rebutted. “Just because my father married your mother doesn’t mean we’re related! So you shouldn’t step in where you-Atma?” Suddenly, Zafira noticed something odd about Atma. His transformation has reverted back to his sky blue and red attire. Like the one back in the restaurant. His crystal has stopped glowing. He’s currently swaying side to side. Before falling down. Like a lifeless doll… “Atma!” … … …Unbeknownst to anyone, a teenage girl was observing the scene. From start to finish. A red and yellow mask with a sun mark on it obscured the teenage girl’s face, except for her smirk. While her attire has a striking red and yellow colour. In her other hand is a fan, red and yellow, also having a sun shape on it. “Well, well, well…” She chuckled. “All that time and effort spent searching for you, when it turns out that you are here, subject V1T-100. Oh well. At least things will finally get interesting, and my plans will come to fruition. Welcome, chaos…” (~~) Hakimblue99 Productions presents: LIMIT BREAK: Thrilling Adventures of Atma the Hybrid Episode 1: A Very Bizarre First Meeting
  3. I never drank nor will ever drink wine, so I'm not sure about the water. It's definitely red, though. So red that James the Red Number 5 would be jealous. I "love" what happened is completely different than those Time and Space losers foreshadowed. They implied that saving one would kill a lot of other humans, not send the world into apocalypse age! Also, I found it interesting that we never see Vivian in this apocalypse timeline. Almost like she dies in the end... So basically, the question those twin arseholes should be saying, "Would you sacrifice one peson to save the world, or save one person so she would die along with the rest of the world?" It's a stupid question is what I'm saying. God, I would have taken that Heracross over Madame X. Thanks a lot, Rejuvenation. Good to see you defending yourselves quite easily. I just "love" the fact that apparently the player decides to surrender to a bunch of toddlers depsite having literal murder machines in his pocket. Especially since most Pokemon in this timeline are dead, and there's no gimmicks for the enemies to pull out of their rear. No Megas, No Z-Moves, No Dyna/GigaMax, No Terastallize, nothing! Heck, Rose can probably defeat them all with a sneeze if she wants to. Say, what do you think of Terastallize? I give credit to GameFreak, it's not as braindead as Dyna/GigaMax. Megas are still better though. Crystalizing sounds cool...if you know, it doesn't make the Pokemon look weird and hideous. Although I do feel concern about the balance of the game. Imagine a Dragon with a Steel Tera Type....then again, that's the same problem Megas had, and I love Megas. Megas are still cooler, though. Love makes the body grow strong, obviously. Huh. Actually, considering the Spin Off Episode, love does has something to do with why he is a walking skeleton... ... ... ...Am I an idiot for actually, legiitmitely, honestly believed what that fish said, before Zolt pointed out the facts? Sheesh, Melia is very bad at being genre-savvy. And recognizing the obvious. And not acting susipicious. Typical Melia. See, look on the bright side! This apocalypse also probably(and hopefully) killed a bunch of idiots/arseholes like politicians, politically obsessed morons, SJWs/Wokes, and people who unironically believe Thomas the Tank Engine is authoritative bullcrap. In 2022. Yes, I meet another person like that some time ago. I wouldn't be surprised if this "person" genuinely think sHenry the Green Number 3 is locked for eternity in that tunnel. No seriously, how do people genuinely believe that? HAHAHA. I laughed just like you ordered me to. Did I do it right? That's it. That's my whole problem with v10. Vivian doesn't really have to sacrifice herself. Just kick Indriad's butt and boom, world saved. What he's going to do, fight you off with just a Gardevoir? But of course the player character doesn't share or talk about Indriad to other people. Why would he do something that is common sense? He's the only one right now who knows about Indriad and Maria's fiasco! People talk crap about Pokemon Insurgence for their cults, yet those 5(actually 4) cults in that game are pansies compared to Indriad's whole deal! But if Vivian doesn't sacrifice herself, Aelita wouldn't exist. Heh, Ironic. For Aelita to live, Melia must let Vivian die. Sort of. It's a bit more complicated...oh who am I kidding? What happens is so freaking bizarre, I doubt anyone could have predicted that from the beginning. And it somehow gets even MORE bizarre! ...I can't belive it took me this long to realize that Kenneth and Tesla got married in thsi timeline. For some reason my brain didn't process that step-daughter line... I clearly ate too much Durants...by accident of course. Okay, is throwing oils on girls a reference to something? Because I genuinely curious. I agree, that's really smart of Kenneth. An Aeviumite using their brain. A very rare phenomenon, even rarer than catching a shiny in mainline games. So bravo, Ke-wait, he's from Kanto...I take it back. Aeviumites are brainless. As expected. Urgh. I hate working with the evil guys. Even as a kid, I dislike this trope and found it really boring. I know there's the whole 'temporary alliance' and 'common problem that only both of them could solve together' stuff, but if I'm a hero, I hate having to lower myself to work with guys who were constantly trying to kill the heroes. And it's amazing how I rarely, if at all, see the bad guys try to backstab the guys and betray the heroes. Because, you know, bad guys. I know you only want to rule for your own lust, but you'd genuinely be the best ruler for this world, mainly because you're literally the strongest and smartest people in that timeline right now. And you probably won't kill people willy nilly, and instead have more valid reasons to do so. Like people who yells "This desert character is too white!" about an ASIAN, WAIFU, GACHA game yet act deaf when white/Japanese characters are turned black. Friggin hypocrites. It's just like you said, there's no such thing as true equality.
  4. Have you checked the multipleform.rb folder? Remember, it's titled multipleform.rb, not pokemonmultipleforms.rb
  5. I can give feedback about the Dynamax forms, huh? Well, most of the dynamax forms are okay(Dynamax Gengar is op!) but I'd like to see a different ability for Dyna Duraludon. Like Magic Guard. Steel Beam + Magic Guard will be so awesome... But of course, if you think my suggestion is too op/silly, feel free to ignore it.
  6. I think you're supposed to head to Radomus after that.
  7. Is it possible to have a document detailing the base stats and abilities of the new custom megas?
  8. It apeears I have more questions...How do you evolve Sliggoo into Hisuian Goodra?
  9. I see. Thank you very much. Another question(I seem to have a lot of these) I notice in the included excel file, it details how to evolve the gen 8 pokemon, the eeveelutions, and hisuian forms. Except for a few, like Hisuian Lilligant and Basculegion. How do you evolve those two?
  10. That's...interesting. is there any guide on how to do that? For my personal use, of course
  11. Another Reborn gen 8 mod? Awesome! After I finished playing the other version, I definitely need to give this one a try. The eeveelutions look gorgeus.... Just a question, and sorry if this is a dumb one, but what does the "PBS files for personal use" means?
  12. Maybe I did something wrong, but I can't seem to evolve Applin into either Flapple or Aplletun. I tried leveling it up by having it holding either Tart Apple or Sweet Apple, but nothing happened. I tried using the Tart Apple or Sweet Apple, but the use option doesn't appear. Only give or toss.
  13. "ghost haunting the staff area of the Grand Hall." Sorry for asking a dumb question, but when is this available in game? How to access the staff area of the Grand Hall? Also, yes! Hisuaian forms let's go! And Aevian Mareep is available in this game? Awesome. I always loved that adorable icy/electrical sheep.
  14. Sorry for being dumb, but the gmax mega stats you displayed, I assume are arranged in this order, right? HP Att Def SpecialA SpecialD Speed
  15. Replying to the replies from before chapter: Does Covid affect the mind? Because I just remember something interesting. When I got infected, nearly my entire family got infected as well. Despite the fact we took 2 stabs. Heck, my dad got three stabs and he got infected first! Maybe the vaccine is... Wait, wait, wait! What am I talking about?! There's no way big corporations would lie to us, right? It's not like they have dark, messed up, courtroom histories behind their back, right? And science is always true, and can never, ever be brought by money. Nope. Nada. Zilch...whatever that means. Eheheh. Sorry. I get a little...passionate about my favourite childhood show. Okay fine, I'm still a kid at heart. Mock me, it's not like I care but actually please don't At least I'm not obsessed with politics like a certain group of people...wait, what am I talking about? That's an extremely low bar. So you like salty stuff? Same. Although I never ate salted peanuts... Man, googly eyes Ana is a hilarious sight. She'll make a great laughter weapon though. Point them at enemies and they'll die from laughter. Or from shock. Whichever's more deadly. ...So Pretty Cure X is your huge weakness? *Imagine her face replaced by Madame X* Such a lethal combination. Especially since I'm a PreCure faaaa-I mean, uh, I, uh, umm, err.... ... ... ...This is why I barely have friends. At least I don't support that Netflix trash, Cuties. Wait, no! That's an even lower bar. I need better comparisons. It manages to have way more content than big budget canon-game cities at least. Oof. Not even a full restore can heal that. Suck it, GameFreak. Or Nintendo. Or whoever's responsible for Pokemon's quality downfall. It only took one guy with a sword in neolithic times to completely fuck up that harmony. Sorry for being dumb, but which character are you talking about? I don't recall v13 expanding on V. Or that red traitor girl. Or the Ana quest. So this whole thing still has many questions. Just like nearly everything in Rejuvenation. And even if it had answers, I doubt it'll satisfy me. *Cough cough* v13 *cough*
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