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  1. Hmm... If I go through with creating a version everyone here can download, I could do several versions. It would probably be faster to make all the changes at once, but I could go through and do moves/abilities first, save that separately, then go in and edit some stats, that way if you don't want the stat changes but do want the other changes, then you'll have a version meant for you. Also, another reason I wanted to share this on here was because I'd love feedback on different mons as I go along. It's going to be difficult to ensure that every change I make is something that will be balanced. There are a lot of potential moves and abilities that could create dangerous combinations, and it can be easy to overlook that while going through the Pokemon. Like, I don't want to accidentally throw No Guard on a Pokemon with a 1-Hit KO move naturally.
  2. That's good to hear. There's a part of me doesn't want to have to edit Pokemon stats and abilities to make the game a bit more balanced, but another part of me that gets frustrated that some Pokemon are so much worse than some others. I spend a lot of time thinking about game design and game balance in a lot of titles, not just Pokemon, but this is the one that I kinda wish I could work on to make the game more fun and make competitive battling more diverse with extra options.
  3. Hello! So something I think most of us are familiar with is that there's a fairly massive gap in power levels between some of the strongest Pokemon and some of the weakest. It's hard to compare Luvdisc, for example, to a Pokemon like Gyarados. This is something that's always bothered me to a degree. I don't necessarily think that every Pokemon needs to be equally powerful, nor do I think that's even possible, but something I've found myself passionate about doing is trying to bring the bottom level up a few notches--to try and tighten the gap between the Pokemon that are weak and the others that are Strong. Right now, I'm working on a document listing the changes I'd like to make, and I am planning to make this for my own enjoyment for playing through Pokemon Rejuvenation that can perhaps be applied to Reborn as well (The main thing is the Gen 8 content). Here's a breakdown of the rules: - I want the changes I make to Pokemon to not feel much more extreme to the changes that were made to Pokemon in Gens 6 and 7. Here's what's on the table: - I cannot change a Pokemon's Type - I cannot dramatically alter a Pokemon's stats to be unrecognizable (i.e. We're not going to switch Alazakam's Attack and Special Attack, for example) - Stat totals can be increased to a maximum of a net +60 (60 is reserved for extreme cases only. It will most commonly be a net +10 or +20. In rare cases, I may drop a stat to add to another.) - The biggest change is updating older Pokemon abilities: Many weaker Pokemon are being given newer abilities - I am adding a few new abilities that will mimic existing abilities for theme (I'll have an example below) - I will add some new moves to a Pokemon's learnset including adding "essential" moves to a Pokemon's learnable moves through level that they previously could learn only through tutors, breeding, or TM (such as Hyper Voice on Sylveon and Gardevoir, for example. They may be learned late though). - Some moves will be buffed slightly--mostly signature moves that are inferior to other options, like making Octazooka something better than Surf/Scald/etc. for Octillery since very few Pokemon can learn it anyway. - Certain signature moves of legendary Pokemon will be distributed among regular Pokemon, especially for legendaries that have several signature moves (Searing Shot, Mist Ball, Luster Purge, Fleur Cannon, etc.) These will still be fairly restrictive. Mainly these will be moves that aren't significantly better than other attacks, like no spreading about Ice Burn or Psystrike. Fleur Cannon, for example, would be given to floral Pokemon since it's not much different than Overheat. Here are some examples of the changes I'm looking to make: Aurora Power Examples: New Ability: Aurora Guard Aurora Guard protects the Pokemon from secondary damage (i.e. an Ice-Type Magic Guard). Dewgong Water/Ice Thick Fat/Hydration/(Ice Body) -> Thick Fat/Hydration/(Aurora Guard) HP: 90 Atk: 70 Def: 80 -> 90 SpA: 70 SpD: 95 -> 105 Spe: 70 Stat Total: 475 -> 495 (Net +20) New Moves: Aurora Veil Notes: Dewgong struggles to set itself apart from other bulky Water Pokemon, and even other Water/Ice Pokemon. With the new Aurora Guard, and some buffed defenses, he should be better at enduring harassment as a defensive Pokemon. Aurorus Ice/Rock Refrigerate/(Snow Warning) -> Refrigerate/Aurora Guard/(Snow Warning) HP: 123 Atk: 77 Def: 72 -> 92 SpA: 99 SpD: 92 Spe: 58 Stat Total: 521 -> 541 (Net +20) New Moves: Aurora Veil, Recover, Hyper Voice Notes: I don't really know what to do about Aurorus, to be honest. Ice/Rock has a lot of pitfalls for a slow defensive Pokemon. Reliable recovery I think will help, and I imagine Aurora Guard could be useful to ignore Stealth Rocks, but it's a tough sell. The other option could be Solid Rock. Flower Power Examples: Meganium Grass Overgrow/(Leaf Guard) -> Overgrow/(Regenerator) HP: 90 Atk: 82 Def: 100 SpA: 83 SpD: 100 Spe: 80 -> 90 Stat Total: 525 -> 535 (Net +10) New Moves: Fleur Cannon Notes: Meganium needs an ability that isn't completely useless. Regenerator works nicely, I think, and the added Fairy Coverage of Fleur Cannon can help Meganium threaten some Pokemon that it otherwise couldn't while keeping herself healthy. Sunflora Grass Chlorophyll/Solar Power/(Early Bird) -> Early Bird/Solar Power/(Triage) HP: 75 Atk: 75 Def: 55 SpA: 105 -> 135 SpD: 85 Spe: 30 Stat Total: 425 -> 455 (Net +30) New Moves: Fleur Cannon, Weather Ball, Thunderbolt Notes: I actually think the addition of Triage could make these game-changing buffs for Sunflora who's normally the definition of a bland Grass Pokemon. The added Special Attack makes her hit way harder, the priority healing means she can Synthesis herself up without before the opponent has a chance to finish her off, and the added coverage is something many Grass Pokemon need. Thunderbolt was added to give a little solar panel-esque flavor to Sunflora since she supposedly likes the sunlight more than other Grass Pokemon. Before I finish this topic, I want to leave you all with some questions: 1. Is this something anyone actually wants? This is a passion project I'm ultimately making for my own enjoyment, but if anyone else is interested in something like this, then I'd be happy to share it. 2. Are the example changes something that feels good for those Pokemon but not too much? I'd honestly like feedback from other Pokemon fans on what kind of changes feel appropriate as well as getting better ideas on what can help fix a Pokemon's crippling weaknesses to make them more playable. I'm only one person of course, and I am sure that I will have plenty of cases where the changes don't address the problem enough, or perhaps take it way too far. 3. Is this something that, if others want it, is worth keeping a public topic updated on? I could see coming here and sharing clusters of Pokemon changes at a time every once in a while to get feedback as well as share some ideas for Pokemon that are in need of some assistance. It could also help me brainstorm solutions to Pokemon I don't know what to do with, kind of like Aurorus right now. Lastly, a disclaimer: A huge part of Reborn and Rejuvenation is adding difficulty to Pokemon without trying to change the core of Pokemon--in other words: to provide a real sense of challenge and difficulty that the regular Pokemon games don't provide. Going through and making a lot of weaker Pokemon stronger does alter this, and that may not be what everyone wants. I don't want this to seem like the "look I fixed it!" mod, but rather a mod for those that are more balance-obsessive like I am when it comes to gaming and want to see each Pokemon feel like they have more of an opportunity to succeed.
  4. From what I've seen, it looks like both Reborn and Rejuvenation are built the same, or almost the same. Rejuvenation was basically built out of Reborn once upon a time, and you can use their files interchangeably to a degree. If you were to copy the code for Rejuvenation and put it into Reborn, most things would run smoothly, and the amount of work needed is actually pretty small in that regard, I would believe. You'd just be adopting only certain parts of code, which is already broken up for you in RPG maker. The biggest issue, I think, would come from however Rejuvenation handles the rebalanced combat elements like new TMs/TRs, and removed moves. If Rejuvenation plans on adopting all of Sword and Shield's battle changes, that would make a direct transfer of data tricky for Reborn because Reborn would still be designed to operate with Gen 7 mechanics in mind. TM 57 in Gen 7 is Charge Beam--what Julia hands us. But if we swap to Gen 8 rules, that becomes Payback, which would be weird for Julia to give the player. This means that a simple adopting of Rejuvenation's code would mean we also need to change around the locations of TMs, adding in TRs in place of tutors or something, and changing opposing teams to match this. It's not massive grocery list, but it's a time consuming task to be sure.
  5. If Rejuvenation is going to add Generation 8 content, wouldn't it be fairly simple to add them into Reborn's programming after the fact? The game wouldn't need to be rebalanced to include them necessarily, just allow people to cheat them into their team if they want, or request them from someone else if they can't cheat them in themselves? I guess the one thing that might potentially need work would be TMs and whatnot.
  6. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  7. @NickCrash Also a lot to reply to, so bear with me. I don't think the starter criteria have to be overly blatant. Sometimes taking inspiration from a design or a concept is enough. Sure, the water starters don't all necessarily embody the style of the weapon, and maybe it really is just a coincidental thing, but it's also unusual how all of them at least have 1 detail that strikingly resembles a weapon type that otherwise seems unusual, like Primarina's spikes. Also, I don't think the club reference was meant to showcase how Primarina fights, but is more meant to be a joke on clubbing seals. I also didn't specify that they had to be amphibious at all. With the grass starters, prehistoric doesn't necessarily have to mean dinosaur or reptile. That's just the Mesozoic era. You also have the Paleozoic era which is notable for the Cambrian period full of bizarre sea life of which all other life seemingly evolves from, and more recently the Cenozoic era which comes after dinosaurs and has a lot of mammals. Birds are just as old as dinosaurs as well, and Decidueye is also a reference to the extinct Stilt Owls that lived on the Hawaiian Islands. Serperior is based on the Titanoboa, a 2.5 ton boa stretching as far as 42ft long that's also extinct. Sceptile abandons a lot of the gecko visual details and has a much stronger visual appearance to that of raptors. And Torterra's body is very un-turtle like and actually has a lot of visual similarities with the Ankylosaurus: the neck spikes, the raised back armor, and the body structure. You're right in noticing Torterra's connection to the turtle that holds the world on its back, as each generation has its own theme for their starters. Sinnoh's starters are all based on creatures of mythology. Some other examples would be Alola's theme of performers (archery, wrestling, and singing), Kalos' RPG theme (Tank, Caster, Melee), or Unova's theme of leaders of empires. I'd wager this new set will be styled around different positions of a football (soccer) team. Scorbunny becoming the striker, Sobble becoming the goalie, and Grookey becoming the cheerleader/band performer. Also, with the chinese zodiac theme for Fire Starters. I don't see why the Pokemon has to be a directly literal representation of that creature. Charizard, for example, has a much stronger European dragon design than a Chinese dragon. Weasels may not be biologically as close to rodents as you might think, they do share a lot of aesthetics, and people used to believe they were rodents. Meanwhile foxes and dogs are very close biologically. Also I don't see the problem with another Fire-type horse Pokemon and it's crazy to think they couldn't be anything but the same. How many frog Pokemon do we have? How many cat Pokemon do we have? How many mice, rabbits, fish, mushroom, butterfly, moth, and flower Pokemon do we have?
  8. Chatter is a flying type move though, which was Chatot's signature. And I imagine if GameFreak didn't treat Flying type as an accessory, Chatot could've ended up pure Flying.
  9. Not necessarily true about the Sound thing. Chimecho is Psychic, Primarina is Water, Kricketune is Bug, and Chatot is Flying. All of them are sound-themed. Also Typhlosion is a large weasel or field rodent of some kind, hence the mouse connection, and foxes are different, but close to dogs biologically.
  10. Blastoise: Rocket Launcher - The cannons on his back. Feraligatr: Brass Knuckles - The ridges along his arms. Swampert: Japanese War Fan - His tail. Empoleon: Trident - The trident on his face. Samurott: Katana - Using the sea shells on his arms as swords. Greninja: Shurikens - Water Shuriken. Primarina: Spiked Club - The spikes around his waist where the 'mermaid tail' starts.
  11. Personally, I love the design of Grookey so far. His design reminds me of some of the simpler designs from Gen 1-3, and I personally prefer the slightly muted colors and simplistic shape. He seems to have some kind of musical or dance inspired powers, hence the drumming on the rock and "Groovy" seemingly a source of inspiration for his name. Something else to consider is that Grass Starters are always based on some kind of prehistoric/extinct animal. Grookey definitely has a bit of a lemur-esque appearance. That's not to say his evolutions will, Pikipek evolving into Toucannon being a great example, but if we assume for a second that he will retain that, he'll likely be based off a lemur from the Eocene epoch. As for typing, there's that weird moment in the trailer where these parts of the grass stay compressed until a moment after Grookey runs away that seems very odd. I have no idea if this is meant to imply some kind of secondary typing or what, but I'm getting a Grass/Psychic vibe. Sound, though, isn't a type, so it could really be anything. Scorbunny's design is probably my least favorite, but not by much. I think what I don't like about the design are her body proportions in the body/legs/feet areas. She looks very cartoonish, which isn't to say that Pokemon should be hyper realistic, but it's like the Incineroar problem. Incineroar doesn't really try to have any semblance of realism or organic design, he's just a cartoon character. Meanwhile, compare him to Infernape who's design retains a level of natural, ape-like design while adding in features that allude to Sun Wukong. You get something that looks much better. With Scorbunny, who seems more like a hare than a rabbit for the record, you get this concept of speed and energy. I think she would look a lot better if her body were less round and more ovular, and the legs were thicker with thinner feet to have more emphasis on those long, powerful legs hares have. Something closer to the hind legs of this image: The point is to have a balance between aspects of realism and animation. Maybe to retain the Pokemon aesthetic, the foot pads could be a larger, and the yellow patches could be on the back of the legs under the knee joint. While we're on those yellow patches, I get a strong Fire/Electric vibe, which would not only be fantastic for a type combination that we've oddly never had yet, but I think would develop into a really cool design. I have little faith though, as the Fire Starters seem to get further and further into raw cartoon character designs with every passing generation. $10 says we're getting the Trixx Rabbit on Fire with her final evolution. Sobble is middle ground for me. At the moment, there's nothing particularly unique about his design or his personality in the trailer that stands out to me. He's not that different, visually, than Pokemon like Mudkip or Wooper. Personally, the only thing I'm slightly adverse to are his eyes. I kinda wish they were less cartoonishly ovular and more round like amphibian eyes. His invisibility is something to note, but it's difficult to know what that means in regards to his typing or moveset. Is it Acid Armor? Is it the Color Change ability? Color Change is just a worse Protean, but Greninja already claims Protean among starters, so that seems unlikely. Since Gen 6, ti seems like starters are always getting exclusive hidden abilities, even if those abilities don't necessarily compliment those Pokemon in functionality (Magician, Liquid Voice, etc.). So it's difficult to say. Water starters also are all influenced by some kind of weapon type, but it's basically impossible to get a better grasp on what kind of weapon inspiration they'll go for with Sobble yet. He's not like Grookey where the inspiration is an animal and thus we can narrow down options based on his appearance. That being said, Sobble does appear to have a long coiled tail, so maybe a whip? Though it wouldn't be the first time a water starter began developing a cool feature only for it to be taken away in the final evolution (Wartortle's awesome tail, Froakie/Frogadier's frubbles, etc.) So who knows?
  12. I tried finding information about the Gen II release, but I can't find any sources that point to January, or ones that reveal the CP levels of Pokemon. Everything I'm finding says May 2017 for Gen II, but I also can't find any articles from November or October.
  13. Ooh, I thought it was confirmed for the summer. I suppose that changes things up a bit. Still though, I think events like that would've kept players into the game a lot more consistently, rather than flooding the gates with large events occasionally and having them die down again.
  14. So how would you feel if, instead of expanding the Pokedex per Generation annually (which isn't guaranteed, but that what it looks like it might be like...) we had weekly/bi-weekly/monthly events that introduced a few new Pokemon based on theme, not Generation. Here are examples: Halloween (Already passed but for the sake of example) - Along with the increased encounter rates for Pokemon we saw, the game also introduced Murkrow, Honchkrow, Misdreavus, and Mismagius, and gave them Night only encounter rates after Halloween. Early November - Night and Day encounter Pack - Sentret, Furret, Ledyba, and Ledian as Day only encounters and Hoothoot, Noctowl, Spinarak, and Ariados as Night only encounters. Late November - Thanksgiving Celebration - Snorlax removed from eggs and Munchlax introduced, Lickitung nerf and Lickilicky introduced. First Week of December - Leading to the Holidays 1 - Chingling and Chimecho added. Second Week of December - Leading to the Holidays 2 - Deerling and Sawsbuck added. Third Week of December - Leading to the Holidays 3 - Snover and Abomasnow added. Fourth Week of December - Holiday Celebration - Delibird and Stantler added, and with them they bring new powerful Pokemon! Larvitar, Pupitar, and Tyrantiar added. Early January - New Year babies 1 - Pikachu, Clefairy, Jigglypuff, and Mr. Mime removed from eggs, Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, and Mime Jr. added. Late January - New Year babies 2 - Jynx, Electabuzz, and Magmar removed from eggs, Smoochum, Elekid, and Magby added. Togepi and Togetic added. Early February - Valentines Day - Miltank and Luvdisc introduced. Increased encounter rates for these two along with Tauros, Smoochum, and Jynx. This is what I was thinking we could see if Pokemon GO was designed this way.
  15. So I just finished the events at the top of mt Valor and experienced the montage of cutscenes featured around the island. Now I woke up in the ship with no passengers with no explanation, no indication of where I'm meant to go, and I'm completely lost. Am I missing something? Was there something said that I missed? And where am I supposed to go?
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