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  1. uuwjbnhdt65.jpg


    What a frustrating battle...

  2. Hy, just started a new run and being on Chapter 4 now. Before I go to Route 3, wanted I do all missing Sidequests. I found Erin in the libary in East Gearen City. I just want to know if I can encounter her again in the next time, or will I just see her later in the story again?
  3. Hy, Somehow I lost the Makuhita for the Mega Stone quest... Someone have this one for me?
  4. Still looking for them? Have 2
  5. Mh Granbull is my MVP so far next to Ninetales :P so I will not drop it. I mean Quick Claw + strong Attack stats + Intimidate = a real beast For Armaldo... mh yeah right now is it not the best, maybe I will change it Walrein sounds good, I will think about it Drought... yeah I will maybe change it.
  6. Hy, just playing my current Reborn run on E19 Enterred Agate Circus So far I have no problems beating any enemy on my run, but I think the problems will come now (e.g Charlotte, ..) I like my current team so far, but can't find the last piece to it (Water type? Another special attacker?) Any suggestions? Team: Will maybe train it:
  7. Beheeyem for sure. totally love to play with it on my latest run. Oh and this one <3
  8. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  9. First time I beated her on first try :P


  10. Have same problem... I deactivated my Antivirus and still got message that a file is missing..
  11. Yes, with Blizzard To my luck Ericks Electivire missed a Cross Chop on Mamoswine, so I can switch him with full heal out and used him two rounds later again with Blizzard. :) From there on was it easy.
  12. Badge No. 9, was totally lost in the beginning, but found the solution with freezing the field twice and spamming Earthquake :P
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