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  1. Well afaik Exp-Share can drop from the lottery, but you gotta need... 3 or 4 correct numbers.
  2. WHAAAAAAAAAT?! You didn't join the Kingpin? Shame on you to side with those water losers D; But daaaaaaamn. that pony is looking .... hot x) The fight vs Shelly was super interesting. Usually Anoriths elemental seed is giving me quite the headache. Not only did you counter the Raindance but you also countered Anortih with your Vulpix, really nice! Really liked this episode :3 too bad we didn't see much of Doge, but I'm counting to see more of this good boi.. girl in the next episode ~
  3. Basically: You can't breed TM/HM on a pokemon. The only way would be going back to episode... 9? 12? or something, when it was still possible, I think.
  4. You could also modify stats as these with cheat engine.
  5. Welcome and don't worry, the amount of rage quits will just increase through out the game... prepare to be fu**ed up xD
  6. Always happy to see a new mono run can't wait to see the ways you use to overcome the hurdles of reborn later ~ after dragon rage won't be such an overpowered move anymore haha
  7. Whelp, a fellow german trainer. Guess I'm gonna follow the burned path you'll leave behind and watch you go Dracarys all over over Reborn. Good luck to you and nice Slugma ~
  8. I can't really agree with that. Archeops is surely no god-like pokemon, but it is seriously powerful as proven in my flying-monorun. Most of the time you don't even have to worry about defeatist or a 1HKO, because it outspeeds and 1HKO almost everything itself. Even if defeatist gets activated, it still deals quite the damage thanks to 155 BP Acrobatics and with Rock Slides flinch it can win deal some extra damage with a bit of luck. I'll agree that Archeops isn't suited for pvp where there are only Pokemon with monstrous stats, but in Reborn Archeops easily becomes one of the strongest Pokemon I've ever used.
  9. If there is one thing the birds don't need, its even more power. Flying-type has strong STAB anyway. Drill Peck, Brave Bird, Acrobatics, Air Slash, Hurricane
  10. Casanova Gibson in the Grand Hall (Sunday NPC) uses rock puns too
  11. I know all there is needed to know. I know that Jess will do another run, thats all I need to look out for
  12. Uhhh, first one too vote. Party hard. Anyway, as I like reading good runs, yes plz, do a run for us. I voted for the other themed run, as I would love to know with what kind of theme you'll come up with. And as third I voted for videos, as I found these easier to follow than screens and because I think it is less work to do videos instead of screens. Wouldn't mind narration in the videos either.
  13. So you are going to write us a story with the runthrough? :3
  14. On that point, I heard from my little brother that he had an interesting thing happen to him. Quite the reverse thing though, with teleporting from New Reborn into Old Reborn.
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