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  1. Lets see how this will ends :P



  2. How about adding Drapion to the team? :P So you can beat this damn Fairy types who will make troubles
  3. Don't worry :) I am not here tu rush. I want to enjoy fully the next chapter without any problems :P I just wanted to say that I am ready for it ;)
  4. Come on bring V13 out :P We are ready!!!
  5. Hello beauty 🥵



    Now is my team finally ready for Reju V13 


  6. Don't know if it is already fixed or not. You can fight the virtual Elite four with your normal team instead of the virtual one. When you defeated the first one and say Taking a break and go back into the next fight your normal team apperas:
  7. I beated Keta this way on Intense, maybe it can help you making a tactic:
  8. Get yourself a Natu on Route 2 and evolve it to Xatu. it learns Air Slash after evolving and this can do wonders.
  9. sry for longer break guys... was first sick and then didn't had the motivation to upload next parts... but now I am back :)
  10. Hello hello Just want to give the info, that I will try to upload this week daily a new Part of my run So be ready for it
  11. This thing is annoying...


    1. Mindlack


      I'm not sure, but I thought the level cap was 25 at that point? 

      I mean, I guess it's Intense because of your run, but... still?

    2. MissMaya


      Yeah this is a real hard battle on Intense...

      Over the level cap, The Galvantula attacked with some moves twice in a row...

      and yeah...

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