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  1. This UI looks so clean! It's so sick! I love it. And those screenshots. I saw the tree and was instantly wow'ed. Thank you for all your hard work, Jan, and of course the same for the other devs. I'm glad you are not letting people who pester you about dev speed get to you. It's a sad state of the world if people actually feel that self-entitled. Please take all the time you need! And all the luck with the script overhaul!
  2. Wow, what a post. Ok lets do this. To difficulty: I can live with this easily. I like a decent challenge, not something that breaks my spirit and outside of a few fights in the V13 content... ...I found Normal mode to be just perfect all around. Zumi says there will be passwords to keep it roughly at that level and that is more than enough for me. Field changes: Well, I guess it depends on the team changes related to theses fields. I would keep the rain with Crawly to keep fire mons under control a bit more, but I trust you guys fully. Changes: The coolest fights in this game are the double battles, and the trickroom fights even more. Finding ways to kill the tr-setters before they can is quite fun for me, but not necessarily for others, so I get the sash drop. More Gearen event encounters is wonderful to see! More mystery-eggs are lovely! I personally hope they have different tables to avoid duplicates. Old Rod Qillfish is back, ayyyy~! (prospectively) Art; <3<3<3<3<3 Thank you for the post Zumi! ^.^
  3. Hey Mate, I feel you! I did a Rock-Mono of the game (normal mode, no items in battle, on setmode) und the hardest gymleader for me was surprisingly Erick. Didn't see that coming at all. I thought Valerie would be my biggest nightmare, but compared to Erick she was outright docile.^^ Took 3 tries for Valerie and my own 2 hours for Erick. Madness :D . . . I love this game
  4. Once you played any pokemon game on set mode, you can never go back imo. While you should play the way you want as long as you have fun, I agree with what has been said, sorry, but you can't judge a games difficulty if you give yourself Top Tier mons. I played the game on set-mode with no items in battle in a Rock-mono run (meaning I only used Rock types) and I loved almost every minute of it.
  5. Aevian forms are so awesome! This is no exception! Amazing!
  6. At this point in the game, you should be able to get yourself a Steelix as well. At least one Link Heart should be available and if you haven't found a metal coat yet, you should be able to farm one of the magnetilo in the safari zone (compoind eyes strats should still work ). That would be another Steel-type and overall an amazing mon. Also, you can get yourself a Rhyhorn in a den on Route 4. I think it's the one next to one of the lost kids locations. Another rock type against Angie. For tips: You could use Sandstorm onix/steelix (smooth stone) to change the weather, could already be a game changer. I think he learns it a bit above lvl cap, not sure, but you could just rare candy -> reverse rare candy for the missing ones. I did that back in my rock-mono run when V13 released. Sturdy Golem is amazing to survive a hit for sure and counter attack with a powermove, or to bait out a water move from Arctovish and switch to water absorb quagsire. can't garuantee that she'll go for it though. As for Crabomidable, I would advice to go for a field seed and then one shot it with sth powerful, Camerupt might be your best choice. p.s.: dunno about your personal rule-set concerning catching pokemon, but if you breed yourself a donphan with endeaver + ice shard and ability Sturdy, you have extremely powerful mon for any 1v1 situation, if a mon gives you trouble. furthermore there are a few more pokemon you coulg get at this point if you didnt know: Good luck!
  7. I acutally had that problem as well, can't pinpoint when the change happened, but even when carrying a rock memory and while in the box, I would sometimes notice it was suddenly the dark sprite and listed as dark type in the summary. Taking and regiving the memory did not change that. Could only 'fix' it by taking the memory, saving, resetting and regiving the memory.
  8. Update: Just reached the cave in my current playthrough on V13.0.5 and rock memory is actually NOT there anymore. A sad day for rock type enthusiasts.
  9. First off: thanks for the confirmation! This makes me wonder if Den mons can carry items. Then you would be able to farm the metal powder for ralts from ditto's before leaving for GDC.
  10. Is this confirmed? According to the Rejuvenation wiki wild Nosepass do not dropp Magnet's.
  11. sorry mate, but Ralts and abra should be nowhere close to Gearen city. Abra can be obtained from a den on route 4 after the 8th badge. for ralts you net to have cleared a event on valor mt. and have specific materials, one of which can only be bough after the 10th or so badge.
  12. I couldn't get used to my chosen sprite for my latest run and changed it via debug mode. But in cutscenes the sprite switches back to the original chosen one. Anyone know if I can change that? A variable? A code? Or is changing the player sprites in the folders the only way?
  13. I acutally quite like normal mode difficulty, at least now that EV-room cards are back to the beginning. I did a rock-mono run, set-mode, no items in battle on normal mode with V13 release and loved the experience. Maybe I got a bit lucky with fights like the zetta+geara fight or ryland. Some fights felt like writing a script and souta was still really hard (ironically erick was the hardest fight in the game for me), but I had restrictet myself after all so it still felt fair in context. There are only 2 fights that I call bullshit on:
  14. Don't have many recollections of my last basic normal-mode run, but there are some mons you just dont forget. I DO however have the memories of my recent rock-mono run. This is not a ranking just a listing btw. 1. Never used it myself but surely Swoobat is one. Early access, simple ability and calm mind + breeded stored power via munna. Top for early game. Gonna try it out in my psychic mono soon. 2. Got a Aron of mystery egg once and it teared through enemy teams. (as much as you can tear through entire teams in a game like reju at least.^^) 3. Torkoal suprised me to no end. I originally got it for drought and that was it's job, but then whenever I used it it just kept living and it just kept beating stuff. 4. Sudowoodo, with sturdy. Give it counter and sucker punch and its a garuanteed kill against a physcial enemy (at least in single battle, not as realiable in doubles!). If enemy is not a physical attacker, I still had hammer arm for usually nice damage and sucker punch for the kill. Sudo with right ev/iv training and a dark gem can OHKO erick's A-Raichu with sucker punch before it can do anything. This tree means business. 5. Bastiodon: first part like sudo, but it also has metal burst for special attacker, so if you need ANY mon gone in a single battle, bastiodon can deliver. later when it has it's crest its a absolute monster. 6. Surprisingly Rhyperior. The Rhyhorn/Rhydon/Rhyperior line is my favourite pokemon line, with Rhydon as my favourite pokemon, but I did not expect too much of it in my rock-mono run recently. But it blew me away. I went with a max speed and attack build and it delivered. I will hear nothing bad about my boy! 7. Golem. Both of Kanto and alolan form. Sturdy-kanto-golem eliminated a lot of threats, Would love to name more like Stonejourer, Cradily and of course Shuckle (who power split many enemies like a certain rift-black-angel). But I think thats enough Rock types. 8. Abomasnow: 2 things: Hail warning + Blizzard. It changed so many battles in my favour it was amazing! 9. Oricorio (fire/flying form): really good stats and moves in early-mid game. Only gets better with hurricane later and even has a crest for better stats. Put a petal-dance/quiver dance user next to it for even more insanity! In V12 I would have named Espeon/Sylveon and Medicham, but they are a lot later now. Still amazing mons, but, except for maybe Sylveon, not quite as noteworthy anymore. At the verly least not overly sensational. I hope this helps and good luck with your project!
  15. It was there. I picked it up in the purified corrupted cave. I think after the surf section but before you exit to the wimpod area. I managed to find a really old backup after Angie and went back there. Dunno, it's literally in the middle of the path? Granted, this is on 13.0.3, but the 13.0.4 patchnotes were only bugfixes and say nothing about moving anything, so this should be valid. Good luck!
  16. Do we know if the pickup table still the sun/moon one? And if yes, was gourmet treat just added or does it replace something? Just wondering if I actually have a chance to get a moon stone/sun stone by pickup pre Keta 1 (and maybe if leftover 1% is a actual possibility).
  17. Rock monotype run, no items in battle, set mode VS Saki on Normal mode (the team: Sudowoodo, Golem, Rhyperior, Rampardos (crested), Bastiodon (crested), A-Golem) I started with sudowoodo (sturdy) and countered the aggron (sturdy), then sucker punch for the kill. Next came bastiodon, I go for a fighting gem boosted (probably not necessary though) hammerarm and die to the recoil. For some reason her bastiodon always went for rest first turn. I bring in Rhyperior and here things get whacky, he either switches to Metagross or bronzong: Lets say out comes metagross: I switch to my own bastiodon and it takes out metagross with a counter. (if Bronzong had come out, I would have switched to Rampardos) Next comes duralodon and bastiodon barely survives a draco meteor and can counter with metal burst, I die next turn though. Out comes golem (sturdy), tanks a mega death attack and kills duraludon with e-quake. Out comes bronzong (pardon, BROzong!^^) and kills golem. I bring in rampardos and just go for a thunderpunch to stall a turn, and he brings me to 1 HP (survive due to crest), and I endeavor and kill it next turn. Bastiodon is back and rampardos just dropps from recoil, Rhyperior revenge kills bastiodon. Last is the Bird, and he kills my Rhyperior. Final mon: A-Golem kills it with 2x galvanize returns (original plan was to go boom on it, but since it was my last mon *shrug*) And that was my fight, granted I was kinda pushing it with species clause and had only 1 mon in the red left, but I am overall proud of my win. The moral of the story, if you have trouble with a opposing mon, just go for a sturdy + counter/metalburst mon and give one to take one. Good luck.
  18. the amount you threw in probably didnt amount to the required 15k essence, so just go farm a bit more in route 4 and come back. Good luck!
  19. Issue was already reported for the most part. Essentially that "emerald font is too small". Though I was reluctant I wrote an additional report that the space between words is too tight, so it isn't overlooked. Thanks for your input! Let's hope for the best. =)
  20. Is it just me, or is the text since V13 and again since 13.0.3 really weird? I use Emerald font because the "p's" and "q's" look really weird and big in the other fonts since 13.0.0 and it was fine until 13.0.3 hit. Now EM-font seems really small and tight, that sometimes I can't see the end of one word and the beginning of the next. Is this just me? Want to hear opinions before I report this as a bug.
  21. It's just a grass encounter on the right screen of east gearen. Like, in front of the hotel for example. It's a rare encounter, so it might not appear right away. Daytime doesnt matter.
  22. I'm not sure when it triggers to be started, but at the earliest is when the people of akuwa town have returned after the events of valor mountain and at the latest once you have visited route 10 for the first time. You start the quest by talking to the director inside the akuwa town aquarium. She is in the room where the SOS signal was sent from, which I think is the most northwest room. As for super rod, it is actually part of the aquarium quest. Once you submitted 10 of the required pokemon, you will get a super rod. Good luck!
  23. It's still the same way as in V12. You need 2 items: - Dark Matter/material (can be found in darchligh caves) - Dark Core ( you can get it by showing a girl in the department store a gible. I think you need 6 or 7 stamps) Bring both to the podest avove kristiline town and bam! deino. Good luck!
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