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  1. Is it possible to get a mod for Rejuvenation where you can use multiple exp candies at once as in Reborn?
  2. Hi, just wanted to report that Rorim B in the Wretched music quest had a Bastiodon with Air cutter and that the randomized trainer pokemon still have the moves of the intended pokemon.
  3. HI, is there someway to see all the trainers pokemon in every route (pokemon rejuvenation). I know the wiki is getting reworked as we speak but will this be included in that case in the rework and is there something one can use in the meantime?
  4. Got this error when I joined Ren in the sewers, randomized trainer and randomized wild pokemon. I also crashed when I had randomized items and picked up the darchlight mirror.
  5. Hi! I've found one more bug concerning the randomizer. It seems like that the randomized pokemon of the trainers are keeping the stats from the old original pokemon. I slowly noticed it throughout the game, like a morelull almost sweeping my team of fully evolved mons xd. But what really set it in stone was the fact when a audino trainer used a shedninja and the shedininja had a heck of alot more hp than what it should have. One more thing is that the eggs aren't randomized Otherwise thanks for everything, its great!
  6. Looks like everything works with the randomizer in my case, moves gets changed with the randomized trainer mons but now the gift pokemon aren't randomized such as the starter pokemon aswell as the gift voltorb
  7. Found two other bugs 1. The trainers randomized pokemon still uses the same moves as the original pokemon, for example a dialga using scratch when facing Amanda in the lab (her littens moves). I had randomized both the trainers and wild pokemon. 2. It seems like the wild pokemon doesnt randomize if you only have that option locked in the challenge list, the wild pokemon only randomize if trainers pokemon are randomized aswell.
  8. I found the problem for my situation. The mega download is not updated, use the google drive link until further notice. Thank you for your hardwork Haru!! <3<3
  9. when having randomizing wild and trainer pokemon, it seems that the trainer pokemon still have their original moves like a Dialga having tidal wave when used by Valarie
  10. Is there way to not randomize the moves and only randomize the trainers and static/wild pokemon? Will it be a option in the future? Otherwise thank you for all your hard work!!!
  11. Thanks for all the help, looking forward to the grind
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