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Found 10 results

  1. I've seen people in the pokemon location forums mention changing the time to find pokemon. Is that done on your computer's clock or in-game? Also, I noticed when I made a post at 3am the post time was 10:30am. Just a glitch, or is the site time different? (I'm a pretty new user so i'm not sure if this is where this kind of question can be posted, please correct me if i'm wrong)
  2. Hello! I'm a new player and I'm playing on joyplay. For some reason, time just won't change, and I'm stucked in the same day with terrible weather (rain). Is there any way to fix it?
  3. Hii~ Welcome to Haru's Mod Depot! IF YOU USE ANY MODS, THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THAT THE GAME MAY BREAK. Mod Sections: Quality of Life Mods Add-On Mods Developer Tools Mod List: Time Change Defunct Debug PC Search Raid Den Encounter Rates Randomizer Better Fishing NPC Importer How to Install: Step 1: Head to the /Data/ folder in the Rejuvenation files. Step 2: Create a new folder named "Mods" if there is not already one there. Step 3: Move the file downloaded from below into your "Mods" folder. Step 4: Open the game and have fun! Have fun with the mods and look forward to any other mods I add in the future! Quality of Life Mods: These mods are various little mods made because I got slightly impatient with the normal methods of doing things. Time Change Mod: to be updated This mod is based on V12 of Rejuvenation, therefore some aspects are slightly broken. I recommend instead using Gym's version instead. Link: Time Change Mod Note: Changing the time may reset the day to Sunday. PC Search Mod: Hit "S" while in the PC to search. Functions similarly to the search feature in the Pixelmon Mod for Minecraft. Link: PC Search Raid Den Encounter Rates Mod: This mod saves you the trouble of grinding out Raid Dens to get that silly Solosis you spent an hour resetting for help me. Based loosely off the Encounter Rates Mod from the Rejuvenation Modular Modpack. To use the old Encounter Rates mod, edit the file in Notepad and remove the line that just says "return." Link: Raid Den Encounter Rates Add-On Mods: These mods add significantly more to the game than just a change here and there to make life easier. Defunct Debug: This mod uses the in-game debug features with some slight modifications: You may instantly revert a Shadow Pokemon through the Party Debug option. Certain features were removed from the Pause Menu Debug screen. The original Debug menu has not been overwritten and is still accessible if Debug is enabled in the scripts. These features are: Download: Haru - Debug.rb Randomizer Mod: As it states, a randomizer! This is a simple one. Every time a Pokemon is made, be it Trainer Battles, Wild Encounters, Eggs, Gifts, it is changed to something else. This means you can reset on all those annoying battles like Lorna and Geara2 until they have 6 Pidgey! Of course it might be faster to beat them regularly than roll 6 Pidgey in the randomizer... Link: Randomizer Better Fishing Mod: This mod takes the old, boring fishing mechanics and makes them...slightly different. While facing water, press "A" to select a rod from your bag, and being to fish! There is a significantly higher likelihood of catching something, although it may be a Pokemon or an item! I would assign it another button but we don't have the entire Input module for some reason? Oh well. Features: Auto hooking! Gone are the days of having to time that pesky button press. New odds for fishing! Reel in anything: 80% Reel in a Pokemon: 65% (52% total) Reel in an item: 35% (28% total) Common: 60% Uncommon: 30% Rare: 10% Lucky: 0% (See abilities) Reel in nothing: 20% Various items may appear instead, depending on what rod you use and what abilities your Pokemon have. Ability functions: Sticky Hold/Stench/Sweet Veil: Increase the success chance of fishing by 50% Pickup/Magnet Pull: Switch the odds of reeling in an item versus a Pokemon Drizzle/Primordial Sea: Increases the odds of rarer items Common: ~43% Uncommon: ~43% Rare: ~14% Lucky: 0% (See abilities) Victory Star: Guarantees the highest applicable item rarity. Super Luck: Enables items from the Lucky pools: Common: 0% Uncommon: 60% Rare: 30% Lucky: 10% Cute fishing failure messages To add your own: Open the file in Notepad or any other text editor Find section of code that matches with: funnymessages = [ _INTL("..."), _INTL("..."), _INTL("..."), _INTL("...") ] Add in your own by following the format shown, as such (Don't forget the comma!!): funnymessages = [ _INTL("..."), _INTL("..."), _INTL("..."), _INTL("..."), _INTL("<NEW MESSAGE>") ] Download: HMD - Better Fishing.rb Developer Tools: These tools are for developers like myself who need to add things to parts of the game that Modular Mods typically cannot do. NPC Importer Tool: This tool lets you can add new NPCs into the game without owning RPG Maker XP, with a little bit of finagling. One method I got lazy for and didn't feel like coding, but I still wanted to put out the tool, so here it is :P Download: (Read the README!!!) NPC Importer.zip
  4. HELLO AND WELCOME TO GYM'S MOD EMPOREUM IF YOU USE MODS YOU MAY BREAK THE GAME (updated for version 13.0.5) Current Mods: Time Control Today is every day no registered speedups other mods: If you were using my AutoSpeedup Mod (it is in the mod pack), please redownload it. A bug caused new wild pokemon you caught to not appear in your box. - strangely enough, this wasn't caused by my code at all, and the same bug would occur if you copy and pasted the pokeBattle_Battle.rb file into your mods folder. Fellow modders beware! Make sure you are only including class, modules, and functions you are actually modifying. HOW TO INSTALL: 1. Extract the mod (auto speedup used as an example) 2. navigate inside the folder named after the mod 3. Drag and drop the "Data" folder into your "Rejuvination - v13" folder. 4. Double check that you now have a "Mods" folder in your data folder to ensure it is installed correctly 5. Restart your game (your computer if you are using a mac) 6. Enjoy! (that is an order!) Time Control This mod adds a new menu into your cyber nav that lets you set the time of day. I have not tested this with every cutscene so be careful. Default will set you back onto your normal clock. ClockControl.zip Today is Every Day Did you know there are certain events that require it to be a specific day of the week? What if it was always that day of the week? Well look no further! This has not been fully tested. It shouldn't break anything but you have been warned. TodayEveryday.zip No Registered Speedups When you press left alt, it speed ups the game and activates your f3 registered item. This mod stops the speed up part I can guarantee this won't cause any bugs in the game. In fact this mod may be removed later because it might get implemented, or it's reasoning otherwise made pointless. BoundKeySpeedup.zip MOD PACK! This installs all mods listed here and the battle speedup mod on my other page. THIS DOESN'T INCLUDE DEBUG. You will have to install that separately. I hope you enjoy! and more mods to come! I will make them as I have time to. Currently looking at a mod that allows you to skip all non shiny and non new wild encounters. You just can't put a price on convenience. GymsModPack.zip (updated due to having an incorrect file)
  5. I just spent over a half-an-hour looking at the obtainable Pokemon list for Reborn, trying to think of an amazing team, and I finally thought of it, these are their final evolutions Blaziken, Haxorus, Krookodile, Venasaur, Glaceon, and Dusknoir, but there's one problem, I don't know where to find them, their first evolution that is, if you could help me, that would be amazing. Thanks ahead of time.
  6. Original Link to this topic is here: Okay. Based on the comments that I have seen recently, I will probably breed either Ralts or Charmander. I will have to spend some time actually making these eggs (luckily, I have a reliable ditto and there is a speed up button). It will probably take some time to make this a thing, since I work at both an internship, have a part-time job, and the dorm I live in has lights out at 11:00 at night during the weekends. It will have to wait until I find an opening in my schedule to do this, but most likely will happen on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday no earlier than 1:00 EST. Based on that, I want to get your feedback on what time I should start this. I know that there are some people from outside of the US that are interested in this as well. Either use EST or specify the timezone that you are in. If you are interested in watching the Livestream when it is active, look in the signature below and it will take you to my channel directly. I will provide more information here when I find out what the starting time is at a later date. :]
  7. Hey, Redemption here with some updates and clarifications. The League will be running from 12pm-3pm and 6pm-9pm EST every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. League will also be running this Tuesday, January 31st. After this, we will not be running League on Tuesdays. Just to clarify how to challenge leaders for those who weren't around before, or may have forgotten... All activity including battles will take place in the official back channel http://reborn.psim.us/theredemptionleague Queues will be opened 30 minutes early, and will remain open the entirety of the session. During this time, use /leaguechallenge [leader name] to enter the Queue. The Queue shows up as one list of everyone who challenges a leader in the order that they challenged. The Leaders will follow their challenges in the order they appear on the Queue. If there are any issues, such as illegal Pokemon or using something that isn't on your Trainer Card without telling anyone publicly, you may be delayed in the Queue that day and possibly lose your right to battle that day. Exact action for these situations will be taken case-by-case, so PLEASE make sure to let us know if you make changes to your team prior to the Queue opening. The Leaders will challenge you when it is your turn. Please do not challenge the leaders to a battle, use the Queue provided. If you challenged the wrong leader, or want to change your choice for whatever reason, use /removeleaguechallenge, and you may challenge another leader. Keep in mind this will result in you being moved to the end of the Queue. You may only challenge once per day. Both the Early (12-3) and Late (6-9) times count as one day, so you may not challenge in both the Early and Late times. Retry Tokens, for those who have those, may be used once per day, at any time during League hours. You must re-challenge the same leader you battled that day, and you must have lost that battle that day. Retry Tokens cannot be "bought" but may be randomly rewarded for winning Redemption Tournaments. Members of Pokenation 2's Atlantis Nation start with one Retry Token for their victory. Hope this helps, good luck to all!
  8. Hamstuck


    when does morning, day, and night time begin and end in Reborn?
  9. Hello fellow Reborn fans! My name is Dylan, username Trajon, I'm perfectly happy to answer to either so use whichever you prefer. For those of you wondering what the deal is with the title see here (Youtube Link). For the record, my name is not actually pronounced like "dye-lawn" it is properly pronounced just like "Dillon," thats just a nickname I received from several of my friends at work inspired by that clip. I find it to be quite amusing, so I use it quite often for fun. I'm not particularly new to Reborn, I've been playing for a couple months now but I've restarted several times so I have yet to catch up to Episode 14 as of yet. I've been a fan of Pokemon since Yellow which I first played when I was about 6, so I've been a fan roughly 13 years and I've played every generation. (*Side Note* Generations ranked from worst to first in my eyes are: Gen V, Gen IV, Gen VI, Gen II, Gen I, Gen III.) However, I consider myself a casual fan as I've never really gotten into EV training or competitive battling in any form. As for how I came across Reborn, I honestly don't remember. That said, I do remember being absolutely shocked that something this awesome existed, was made in RPG Maker, and by a fan! So kudos and much thanks to Ame for making such a phenomenal game! I often find myself playing Reborn, and wishing GameFreak would make their entries more like Reborn. As for me personally... I'm a video game addict, I mostly play on Playstation 4/Vita but I also have a Wii U and 3DS because I can't miss out on those Nintendo exclusives! I casually watch anime. I'm also an avid fan of (American) Football, my favorite NFL team being the Tennessee Titans and College team being the Tennessee Volunteers. If you couldn't guess based on those teams alone, yes, I was born and raised in Tennessee. I am currently a student at the local college, just changed my major to Computer Information Systems, and I work at a local restaurant where I've worked since my Junior year of High School. In reality, I'm a shy person, although admittedly far less so since I started working. I'm also very opinionated, but I try my best to keep an open mind and allow my own opinions to be challenged/swayed when presented with a reasonable argument/debate. Favorite Non-Pokemon Video Game Franchises: Anything Naughty Dog (Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, Uncharted, The Last of Us), Persona (Particularly 4), Shadow of the Collosus, Fallout, Anything TellTale since The Walking Dead. Favorite Anime: ANYTHING from Key (Clannad (#1), Angel Beats!, Little Busters!, Air, Kanon), Accel World, Rurouni Kenshin, and Death Note. So there you have it folks! I'll probably be pretty active around the forums now, hope this wasn't too long for you guys!
  10. In this theme tour, participants are to use only pokemon who can mega evolve and the pokemon must be holding their respective mega item. The only pokemon who is banned from this Mega evolution tour is mega mewtwo. Mega gengar and mega kangaskhan are allowed. Standard rules Freeze Clause Sleep Clause OHKO Clause Self KO Clause Evasion Clause Species Clause Disallow spectators[Till the finals] Tour will be this Saturday at 8:00Pm EST 9/20/14 THE PRIZE WILL BE 500 rupees!!!?!!?!? for first and 300 for second place. Hope to see you all there.
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