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  1. We've got an update, ladies and GentleRons Rises Dodrio to S Serperior to A, citing Khrona's write-up Meowstic to A Pyroar to B Drops Walrein to C Maybe Aggron to B New Additions Butterfree to A Donphan to B Raichu to C Bewear to B Mightyena to C
  2. I am always glad when someone offers a positive side of things, I am rarely positive, but it is what it is. I actually agree with Azzie over all the things that they like. I like the game a lot. The experience it provides is fun for sure, but that doesn't mean that I think its good. I try to separate what I like vs. What I find good. It's great when it happens to be both, but it rarely happens. Rejuv's merits are in that it wears its heart on its sleeve, and is therefore able to resonate emotionally with the rest of the story. My problem is that emotional attachment is only one strateg
  3. I think Rejuvenation is interesting and has heaps and heaps of potential, but its an incredibly flawed story that very bad writing but still entertaining. Rejuv is very flabby. Floppy Flabby. Rejuvenation as a story has one defining question and sticks with it. That is: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!? There's just too much stuff to wrap your head around. The story is very Kingdom Hearts esque. It jingles setpieces in front of you, but if you ask questions like "What?", "Why?", and "How in the world..." everything starts to fall apart. For start
  4. I think that whenever I use Scolipede, Baton Pass is really contingent on having good mons to baton pass to. A lot of the best sweepers don't necessarily need Scolipede to work, though they do appreciate it, and others just don't cut the mustard to sweep, even with boosts. Deso threats are fast. We're talking at least one 130+Speed pokemon on most boss fights from Addenfall to Blackview. Scolipede either wants to dedicate to making the best sweepers stronger, or to work in between (Scolipede doesn't have the tools to sweep by itself currently). The former doesn't really highlight Scolipe
  5. Desolation V5 In-game tiers Howdy! I’ve decided to compile a viability/ in game tiers This type of list is inspired by Smogon’s series of In game tiers. Typically these tiers are for quick runs of the maingames, organizing Pokemon by tiers based on how they perform in the game with criteria like availability, in-game movepool, notable matchups, and overall strength at all stages the mon is present in. Reborn’s idea of limiting resources is largely based on the Orre games, so I think that those games make a good reference as to how these lists work. Most of the “goo
  6. Whew lads some of y'all are really out here. Meowstic Crest: Boosts base stats by 30 (M: Def/SpDf +15 (F SpAtk +30) and gives Filter and Neuroforce to M and F respectively (Or Friend Guard and Technician if the latter's too broken). Meowstic is a premier crapmon, and that event is too cute to not give it a buff. This actually tries to make them different from each other (M is almost objectively better rn) While keeping them competitive (Pun intended) with the billion better good psychics with good availability (There are a staggering amount in addition to Alolatale
  7. Just finished V5 and loved it! Might do a write up later if I feel like wasting everyone's time. I tend to get pretty wordy and am probably the worst complimenter ever, so I don't know if y'all need that type of smoke. Couple of Questions I'll put 'em in spoilers, just to be safe
  8. Good to see Caz and the bad boyz working to bring us the heralded V5! Couple of questions - How much has the scope of Desolation changed? Last time I played, there was a heavy emphasis on a branching story, which is an incredibly ambitious project for any game, and something Desolation did rather well, all things considered. Has it stayed mostly the same, or has the design philosophy changed in the last five years or so? - When will the Obtainable list come out? I'm an absolute sucker for team building and over-preparing. Also have the changes made to the obtainabl
  9. Hi, loving the game so far! but I have a question. I have the smelly parcel and did the events in the university, but I can't find a way to progress through the story. Where do I go from there?
  10. To give my two cents on the Rival starter business. I agree that it should probably go case-by-case basis. On the contrary, I don't think it is necessary for Fern to have Serperior (Get it? Contrary? Serperior?... please laugh).Serperior has a powerful, honorable disposition. its dex entries state that it has respect for powerful opponents. Fern is pretty much anything but honorable or regal. He's overconfident, abrasive, and doesn't have respect for anybody. I would think that Sceptile would be a great choice for Fern as 1. Was already on his HC team 2. Has a personality that I personally thi
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