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  1. wow, those screenshots look great! cant wait to play this!
  2. hey guys theyre already trolling that means v13 is hitting in less than 48 hours hype!!!1!!1!
  3. well ive just been disappointed by mewtwo strikes back evolution

  4. crunchyroll is currently working on subtitling all of the original anime. unfortunately they havent reached the dawn of the duel arc yet, theyre currently somewhere midway in the first half of the last season. probably gonna have to wait another year at best to finish it. i believe most if not all of the other series are fully subbed on crunchyroll. as for uncensored card art, any translated japanese game will likely have them though im not entirely sure why that matters given they work in the exact same way.
  5. F for showdown. probably for the best.
  6. when you try to pick froakie ame suddenly materializes out of the boundaries of reborn into this game. other than that not really any bugs outside of the (unfortunately fairly common) spelling and grammar errors. id advise trying to get a native english speaker to proofread your dialogues and scripts, because theres a lot of errors in that regard. i feel like rebalancing is in order though. volcanic cave as the field in the first area isnt even close to being fair, as people that picked a grass starter are able to 1vs1 the wild geodude and maybe the roggenrola if you have some levels on it. they absolutely get destroyed by any other wild mon. its stacked so unfairly against people that have grass starters its not even funny. please put a different field here, change how volcanic field works, or bypass using a field here. also, on the note of said volcano, having drought torkoal appear in the very first area on a field that boosts fire moves seems kind of broken. same could be said for darumaka and heatmor, but especially so for torkoal. nick is fairly overleveled when you battle him, and i highly suspect he has fairly good ev investment already given the fact his exeggcute was able to outspeed my chikorita. hes kind of unfairly stacked against the player at this point of the game, and the only reason i beat him was because torkoal is completely broken beyond belief. edit: also knocking up means to get someone pregnant. i dont think thats supposed to happen here.

  8. happy new years ya filthy animals

  9. a miserable pile of coming in early hello there :]
  10. @Hellscythe789 for rookie @Azeria for every other category. lets make him win everything again.
  11. one of the best things ive seen all year




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