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  1. whos ready for pokemon snap 2.0

    1. Commander


      My brain is still comprehending this. It hasn't come to the reality this is real.

    2. Seal


      Fuck yeah

    3. Dreamblitz


      wow I can't believe they're making a pokemon/avengers crossover game

  2. can i already nominate azery for every category
  3. if i see one more instance of owo i cant be held responsible for what happens.
  4. ffffff now this is a hard one first of all i have to say that theres a difference between what i consider the best developed fangame and my actual favorite. i fully 100% believe that as it currently stands the best developed fangame is rejuv, but that doesnt necessarily make it my favorite (as evidenced by how i havent restarted rejuv in what must have been years- i just keep sticking with my savefile that has dusty). as for actual favorite, tough to answer. theres a lot of pros and cons about most of the games. ill just go with the hack/fangame ive played the most and say, unironically, order and chaos. i cant believe ive said that either, but here we are.
  5. theres a lot but the main one is probably easily accessible hackmons cup. like when someone such as yourself disagrees with my objectively correct opinion i can absolutely demolish their ass with wonder guard quilava or some bullshit. and a lot of asses were demolished. man even before clicking it i knew it would be rick, you gotta work on your stealth idk i just play them sometimes i guess. when did you crown me nuzlockemperor more like
  6. basically a few years ago, back when forum was used more, sometimes one person would be like "yeah lets make an ask me anything thread" which then often escalated to YEP. i do think we are past the point where stuff like this will be happening anymore but i can dream harold. 1. bob the builder was the inspiration, duh. 2. red, probably. otherwise green. yellow is the best one and i will fight you to the fucking death if you dare claim otherwise. 3. i told u, nostalgia attack i had some ygo cards when i was a wee bibs, mostly starter decks from yugi, kaiba and joey but also a few booster pack cards (part of the reason ill always be fond of hydrogeddon and gagagigo amongst others). never really learned how to play the game until a few years ago, actually, when i picked up one of the world championship games from...2008 i think? was hilariously easy because the ai had decks made up of pretty much just normal monsters and flips like man-eater bug and penguin soldier. so i dropped it fairly quickly again. then duel links came out and i started playing it bc someone on the showdown server (back when it still somewhat existed) mentioned it. i was a terrible player back then ngl, the decks i built were complete ass but at least it was fun. kept playing duel links over the years with lots of breaks in between, became more competitive, tried to learn some more complicated rulings (missing the timing, chainblocking etc), and now ive grown to be a fairly good ygo player. far from the best, especially in the actual game where i have almost no experience in (tf is link summoning), but im fairly confident in my duel links skills now.
  7. so ask me questions or whatever. lets bring the AMA wave back.
  8. what is the true meaning of double dream feet to you
  9. you did not do a very good job of it good luck continuing deso lads
  10. wtf i cant believe you would lie to me like this good luck and take care my dude, see ya round
  11. the finale of the clone wars was more than fitting. goodbye you beautiful series, and may the force be with you.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Zarc


      11 for me without hesitation. The scene Wolfox mentionned literally stuned me , plus the music 

    3. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow

      thats fair. both were definitely heavily emotion-packed.


      also that darth vader scene at the end of 12 was so powerful.

    4. Zarc


      Yes this too

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