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  1. Helloooo Rebornians! Tonight we have the some spooky guests for our Gym Leader Interview: Tonight we have Ghost-Leader Xani! Sylveon: So hello Xaniiiiiiii you're looking good. *Thinks to self * (At least I think so can't tell under that armor.) Xani: Hello there! I'm happy to be here! I think. I still feel like something's missing. Sylveon: Is it your sword Oblivion? Xani: Nope. It's the lunatic girl! Where could she be~ oh, it doesn't matter, I'll just hop in when she's interviewed sometime within the next two years and humiliate her then! Sylveon: Oh interesting, looking through the notes I've gathered there's only person you could be referring to. Xani: There can only be one, only one! Airhead! Airhead! Sylveon: Well all of this aside care to tell us why that Sword is named Oblivion? Xani: Ah, yes, its name! See, I don't quite remember most of the Great War of Kalos, to be honest. The details are hazy, all I know is there was some kind of witch doctor in a cloak, or something, and then I was frozen in time on-and-off for 3000 years or so. I blame the witch doctor, although I think I named him? I dunno. I think the witch doctor had something to do with it. Who was he again... it doesn't matter. Sylveon: Uh, you know what ignore what I said it's obvious I won't be able to get you to answer my questions. So I'll try using a viewer's instead Poison Leader Rando: How'd you become a ghost, sir ghost? Can you still feel stuff or nah? Xani: So, I became a ghost because I died. What did I die from? That's a tale I will have to tell! I was stabbed! With Oblivion! By myself! You see, I was part of a squad of six, we were the cool kids on the block! Then half of them died in the war. So I died along with the others to join them! I think. Witch doctor probably had something to do with that, too. To be honest, though, you're actually getting more of an answer than I've ever given anyone else! Just ask anyone in the roleplay- oh wait, I'm not supposed to break the fourth wall, continue! Sylveon: No it's fine were used to fourth wall being shattered at this point we keep it the way it is. I knew they said you were hyperactive but I never could've imagined this. Xani: Oh yes, I am the HYPER ghost. People think dying means that you become devoid of hope, emotion, goals... no. You just die. You're still you, just dead. I mean, the idea of becoming a ghost is that your soul stays in this world in a separate physical manifestation, right? It's your soul, so you're a soul without a corporeal body, not the other way around. Not having a soul sounds like lamer material. Tch. Sylveon: I'm starting to see why you need Arex around you for everybody's sanity's sake. Xani: Oh, nonononono. I'm fully controlling of the situation with Arex, she can't fight back against my SUPER-DUPER-ULTIMATE-SPECIAL-ATTACK-BURN-POWER OF SAVAGENESS BURN! Or my SPECIAL-ATTACK-MEGA-DESTRUCTION-DARK-BALL-OF-DARKNESS-AND-DESTRUCTION!!!!! SOME OF YOU WERE WAITING FOR THAT, DON'T DENY IT! Anyway, where were we? Sylveon: I'm just going to try to resume the interview. Well you gave us some backstory, but you left out the part on why you use ghost types. Care to expand on that? Xani: Well, I'll break the fourth wall for this one. When the reserve system came up, it was made clear that reserves should be available to some extent when the primary leaders were not, to avoid anyone not being able to challenge a gym due to a timezone issue. Recusant, the one who writes for me, has a friend who was a Ghost and Water-Type specialist back before her untimely passing. As the Water-Type Gym was the last gym in a system that still ordered the gym leaders, Recusant applied for Ghost to pay homage to her. In-universe? Because I am a Ghost, and the protector of Ghost-Types in the Dead Realm of Reborn! I AM THE ALMIGHTY LEADER OF THE GHOST ARMY, AND NOBODY CAN STOP ME! FEAR ME!!! Sylveon: Except other ghost types and dark types, and even normal types. How do you deal with those Xani? Xani: Well, I can stall a challenger using my Gym Puzzle, the almighty GAUNTLET MAZE! And then, wait for them to either die or get bored, and leave, until eventually a challenger reaches the maze on the night of a SACRED MOON, in which magical powers fight the evil powers back!!! That's how I deal with Dark-Types, at least. Ghosts are more difficult. Oblivion, despite being over 3 millennia old, has a hard time keeping up with a lot of other Aegislash, and Gengar can be a pain in the ass, but I don't see it too often, sadly enough. In fact, Ghosts seem rare on challenger teams... Sylveon: Wow a serious moment from you. I'm daring to hope this'll continue for the rest of the interview. Xani: You'd better, because I love disappointing people! Ask Beatrice! Sylveon: Oh well is that one of your hobbies? Xani: Mmm, if it annoys people. As a ghoulish prankster, I do like annoying people a lot, it's what I live for! Except, I'm dead. Of course. I find it to be great fun! Of course, my favourite victim is li'l' ol' Airhead, but there are lots of others who are equally fun to annoy! Beatrice, Trent, some of the challengers, too! Sylveon: Well here's a question for you from a viewer, Dark Leader Node: If you could travel back in time before that wizard did stuff would you? Xani: Hmm, no. Mainly because even if I did, I have a feeling he'd bring me back here. I don't seem to have much of a choice in the matter! Sylveon: Wanna test that theory? Celebi owes me a favor so we can do some time-travel shenanigans! Xani: Oh, I'd rather not drag anyone into this~ besides, Celebi may owe you a favour, but if you actually try to use that against them, it might come back to bite you in the ass. Sylveon: Welp time for Plan B then. Stuffs max revive down Xani's visor Xani: Ah, you see, there's a difference between being a Ghost-Type and a Ghost... I'm just a Ghost myself, but I did hire a Ghost-Type to be my doppelgänger, once! It was fun! Sylveon: Hmm shall I summon Ho-oh? Xani: Why would I want revival when I can have so much fun as an incorporeal being? Y'all have so many physical limitations, it's why the humans all suck! Sylveon: Don't lump me in with the humans. Besides being a ghost means you're at the mercy of Marshadow. Xani: All I have to say to that is, as if! He's got such a rep, but he's actually not much of a fighter, these days. He's taking a shot at the quiet life! I hope. Sylveon: Well then I guess this was a fun time. See you later Xani! Hopefully never Xani: Oblivion may be slacking, but he can still kick your butt here~ I CALL UPON THE SKEIN OF SOVERENCE 2.0, MAZE: ACTIVATE! Sylveon: Alright then folks I'll be taking my leave. Teleports away with Espeon That's it for tonight folks, I hope you enjoyed it! See you around with the hottest news of the Reborn Devolved League! Sassy Sylveon, over and out!
  2. Helloooo Rebornians! Tonight we have the most toxic guests possible for our Gym Leader Interview: Poison-Leader Rando! Sylveon: Hello Rando, I see you're an alien. Rando: Hey Sassy, yeah I am. Who told you that!? Sylveon: I can tell just by looking at you your definitely no ordinary person or pokemon. Rando: Hmmm, I see. What gives it away? Sylveon: I don't know you do look like a shiny Articuno but that certainly wouldn't explain the helmet your wearing. Rando: Oh this thing *Throws helmet away* I can assure you I am a normal bird. Sylveon: Ok then...... Regardless let's get on with the interview. Seeing as your bird how can you speak English? Rando: My lawyer taught me, of course! Sylveon: That's very interesting care to give us some more backstory? Rando: Well to make a long story short, I met Kasuza, *Points at a Gengar in a suit* in my travels, she for the longest time helped translate for me, but eventually taught me cuz it was getting annoying for her having to translate almost every interaction I had with others. Sylveon: Interesting does this mean she's your ace or you're her ace? Rando: >:0 Neither, she is a lawyer, not a battler! Sylveon: What is your ace then? Rando: Hmmmmm, let me see *Starts eenie miney mo* It seems it’s Liz the Salazzle. Sylveon: Care to tell us how you met? Rando: No. Haha I’m just kidding. I don’t remember, I think I was eating some wild mons or some at the time, it’s kinda hazy, probably enslaved her colony, and she happened to be the most loyal of the group Sylveon: Well that's certainly a way to acquire your ace. Anyway moving on from that time for a question from a viewer. "What's your favourite 6 digit number?" asks Yeet the Psychic Reserve. Rando: Well, since I’m sure this is a family friendly show And my lawyer is telling me that I shouldn’t answer that I’ll ignore that. Sylveon: You're right we try to keep this as family-friendly as possible so another question from Ice Leader Dream Catcher this time: What's ur favourite meme? Rando: I don’t really have a favorite meme, I like a bunch of different ones. Sylveon: I see you're not picky when it comes to memes then. Anyway do you have any idea why someone would ask you that question? Rando: I don’t have the slightest clue. Perhaps they’re a fan. Sylveon: Hmmmmmm. I won't press any further but I will ask a question from a viewer that might be highly offensive. Are you okay with me asking you it? Rando: Sure, can’t be that bad. Sylveon: Grass Leader Sage asked: Rando how did you get your position? And to be fair the question is one we always ask no matter who's in that seat your sitting in. Rando: When I first arrived in this universe, I crashed unto some people, I think doing test battles, and crus.... *Is told by Kasuza not to finish that sentence.* Well anyways, let’s just say I may have eaten... *More scolding* Hmmmm, I beat up everyone there, and because of my green and purple feathers, assumed I was trying out for the poison position. *Gets a thumbs up from Kasuza* Yes, that is what definitely happened. Sylveon: Well whether or not it happened what does it feel like to be a gym leader? Rando: It’s hella fun! When I feel like using something, I just use it, doesn’t matter if I win or lose! And I usually lose : ( Sylveon: Well that doesn't matter but still how's your relationship with other gym leaders? Rando: The muffin man is cool, he brings me muffins almost every week! I like ghost mans singing. Pierce is ok, more cuz of the fact he is KG, otherwise he’s meh. I really don’t like the bird lady, she apparently hates birds and children! Two of the least hateable things in the universe! Other than those four, I don’t think I know the other leaders. Sylveon: I'm not sure who this muffin man is but these guys sound like a quirky bunch! Anyway looks like were out of time any closing remarks? Rando: Join the KG, we offer free food! Watch my critically acclaimed show, Bird and Potato! And remember kids, if there’s someone you should worship look up to, it’s me! Peace yall! Sylveon: Peace Rando! That's it for tonight folks, I hope you enjoyed it! See you around with the hottest news of the Reborn Devolved League! Sassy Sylveon, over and out!
  3. League Report This week on the Reborn Devolved League: Badges • CheckM8 got 1 badge congrats on being the only person to get a badge this week Check!. League News • Sadly our dear electric leader Siggimondo is getting replaced due to inactivity. He will be dearly missed. Now, to close off this edition of The League Report, you can check out the hottest battles of the weeks in the links below!
  4. Hellooooo you pretty people of Reborn!So, this time were doing something special again where I interview 2 leaders as opposed to one OwO!If you have a specific question for a leader you can also drop it here!Stay safe and enjoy your day! (Also for those of you voting I'm going to assume you are all sensible, good souls who will not pick the same option for both questions)
  5. League Report This week on the Reborn Devolved League: Badges • Chxxo, Dream Catcher, Rage, Sleepy Boi, and Skyseer Arex have gotten 1 badge. • Copacetiik, Node, and exomorth9745 have gotten two badges. • Champion Lori has gotten 4 more badges. They are most certainly worthy of the title of champion. League News • Psychic Reserve Yeet is now taking challenges. Now, to close off this edition of The League Report, you can check out the hottest battles of the weeks in the links below! Sassy Sylveon, over and out! OwO
  6. Helloooo Rebornians! Tonight we have the hottest guests possible for our Gym Leader Interview: Fire-Leader Pierce and his Talonflame Scarlet! Sylveon: Welcome Mizz I hope you and your Talonflame are doing well tonight! OwO Pierce: We always are. Sylveon: Good to know you two are looking fine. I assume you've had plenty of time to prepare for this after you declined an invitation 3 weeks ago. Pierce: Yup. We've been preparing for this for a while. Sylveon: In that case I'll start of with my usual question. Pierce: Sweet. Sylveon: Care to tell us a little about your backstory? Pierce: My backstory huh? Well it's not anything too crazy or exciting. See I was originally from some far off region from Reborn, where I lived with my parents and 4 siblings and I only moved here pretty recently. After the news that the old fire leader left, I immediately wanted to take the position up. Sylveon: Hmm well I'd say you certainly have made the position your own. Pierce: Thanks. Sylveon: Any reason why you chose Talonflame as your ace? Maybe it works well with a favorite field? Pierce: Well Talonflame was my first partner back home. Plus she works well with the Big Top, which is one of my favorite fields. Sylveon: Were you from Kalos? I could certainly see you growing up there Fletchling is a staple in those parts. Pierce: No, but I did visit there a lot. I especially loved going to Lumiose City and visiting the Prism Tower. Sylveon: Ooh I take it your a traveler then have you been to places like Mt. Chimney or Wela Volcano Park? Pierce: I haven't been to them yet, but they're definitely on my list. Sylveon: Now for my favorite part where we take questions from you viewers. Psychic Reserve Yeet asks: Favourite ice cream? Pierce: Mint Chip, duh. Sylveon: Another one then Flying Reserve Athena asked: If you had to pick a singular fire type that defines you, what is it? Oh and a personal one quick, where did you get your Talonflame's feathers groomed, its gorgeous! Pierce: Fire type that defines me? Probably Cinderace. It's a shame I can't use one in official gym battles. And well, Scarlet mostly grooms her own feathers. But sometimes after battle I take her to the shop in Obsidia Ward. Sylveon: Ooh I love going to that place. Now back to normal questions do you think fire as a type fits your personality? Pierce: I honestly think it does. Fire can easily get out of control and destroy things, but also has a soft and beautiful side. Sylveon: Interesting, hmmmmmmmmmm, do you think the beauty is in the destruction? Pierce: Sort of. But I also just like the different colors fire can be. It really changes based on who or what it's around. Sylveon: Ooh what's your favorite color of fire then? Mine is yellow it makes me feel warm thinking about it. Pierce: I also like yellow fire, but I think blue fire is my favorite. Sylveon: Is it because blue is your favorite color? Pierce: Nah, red's actually my favorite color. But I think blue fire really represents the purest part of the flame. Sylveon: Does blue flame effect battle maybe it's super effective against your weaknesses? After all fire does have to watch out for quite a few types and I'm quite interested to know how you deal with them. Pierce: Well the blue flames certainly do make my attacks feel stronger. When I'm up against some types that fire isn't the greatest against, I usually like to bring some sun into the battle, or something to hit them where they're weak. Sylveon: A very aggressive approach then are your hobbies also aggressive in nature? I wouldn't expect a gym leader to only live for battling. Pierce: Well I've been practicing Martial Arts and Dancing for a little while now. Plus I've tried to learn how to cook, which hasn't been going the greatest. Sylveon: Unexpected I would've thought you'd make an excellent chef. Don't you use your fire-types to help you? Pierce: Well I've tried to. Let's just say they aren't the greatest at producing low heat. Sylveon: I have a tip then use pre-evolved fire-types not only are some of them absolutely adorable but they also are better at producing smaller flames. Pierce: I'll make sure to try that then! I've got a Vulpix egg somewhere around my house that I wanted to hatch soon anyway. Sylveon: Now for a more personal question. Don't worry if people get offended if you answer this question it's all part of being interviewed. But what gym leader would you trust to team up with in a life-or-death situation? Pierce: I'd definitely trust Beatrice, since she's one of the only one of us that has their head on straight. Sylveon: Let's see how the other leaders react to that comment. OwO Pierce: Nice. Sylveon: Anyway with that I'm afraid our time is up. It was a pleasure having you two though any closing remarks? Pierce: Closing remarks huh? Well all I really can think of is; stay safe yo. Scarlet: Scree! That's it for tonight folks, I hope you enjoyed it! See you around with the hottest news of the Reborn Devolved League! Sassy Sylveon, over and out!
  7. Helloooo Rebornians! Tonight we have quite the prodigy for our Gym Leader Interview: Dragon-Leader Leviathan Jayson Sylveon: Welcome to tonight's interview Leviathan! Leviathan: Thanks for having me! Sylveon: So care to tell us a little about yourself? Leviathan: Hmm, I have 2 brothers, I like books and games and I love Dragon Types and dragon Pokemon. Sylveon: I see are you close to your siblings and dragons? Leviathan: Well, one is a baby, the other is a moody two-weeks-from-13 boy. My dragons though amazing, very nice, and reliable. Sylveon: I see do you have one that you always rely on? Leviathan: Yes, Salamence, she used to be my ace, but now I let her take it easy, maybe she'll come back to battle. Sylveon: Related question from a viewer Flying Reserve Athena: Out of all your dragons, which do you find the most adorable? Leviathan: Tie between Goodra and Salamence, both are adorable maybe Goodra since its pink. Who doesn't love a pink goopy dragon? Sylveon: Another question from a viewer this time Steel Leader Beatrice: What is your opinion on Steelix? Would it technically count as a Dragon due to the number of Dragon Moves it gets? Leviathan: Not just by moves sure its a strange but lovable steel snake thing. But it kinda resembles a dragon. I mean that Mega there's some dragon vibes there at least I would say yes I think it could be one. But be what ya want to be Steelix. Sylveon: Interesting, interesting would you use it battle, would it even be useful on your primary field whatever it may be? Leviathan: I run glitch, so that means I'm losing out on some stab. On a glitch team? No. On a personal team? Absolutely. Like what does Steelix get on glitch? Stone Edge? Maybe double edge or something? EQ? That's pretty much all it gets. Sylveon: Earlier you mentioned a pink Goodra. Which intrigues me. By any chance are your dragons all shinies? Leviathan: Nope. Not Sal she's special, the others are. At one point I had a shiny Salamence on my team but it didn't feel the same. Sylveon: Ah ok do your dragons play a role in your time outside of battle? It would be pretty cool to ride a Salamence in your free time. Leviathan: I do ride Sal. Quite often in fact I usually take the others out too, stretch their wings and other limbs. Better with Sal though since she was my first dragon, so we know each other best. Sylveon: Grass Leader Sage asks: I must ask Sir Jayson on this fine evening. What was it that made you choose the way of the Dragon sire? Leviathan: Well a guy ya might know him gave me a Bagon and Deino. Bagon was not shiny, Deino was I thought they were super cool. And since dragon + dragon = real damage, it stuck and they're just really cool. Rare and broken but cool. Sylveon: Was this guy in question Elite 4 Member Syco? His specialty is reptiles after all which are similar to dragons one might even say there one and the same. Leviathan: Wow, you figured it out. Yep its him. Sylveon: I see you must look up to him. Leviathan: Yep, he taught me pretty much everything I know. Except dragon breath not fun. Sylveon: Do you have this kind of positive relationship with anyone else in the league? Leviathan: Pretty much everyone is on good terms with me I'm pretty sure I have done little to nothing to anyone. And I just prefer to be on my own, sometimes with friends. I look up to em, but they aren't like Syco. Syco does things different, he has some energy around him, I don't really know tho. Sylveon: One last question from a viewer before we end this Water Specialist Trident Green asked: How does it feel to be the smolest on the server? Leviathan: Smol. Very smol. I might be the youngest and smallest and squishiest. But it's fine they're kinda like older siblings even tho I'm the oldest sibling. But very smol I do have dragons though big, fluffy, adorable dragons. Sylveon: Well thanks for coming on Leviathan and have a nice evening! Leviathan: You too, Sylveon! It was a lot of fun! That's it for tonight folks, I hope you enjoyed it! See you around with the hottest news of the Reborn Devolved League! Sassy Sylveon, over and out!
  8. Hellooooo you pretty people of Reborn! Hellooooo you pretty people of Reborn! If you have a specific question for a leader you can also drop it here!Stay safe and enjoy your day!
  9. League Report Sorry everybody it's been a while since I did the last report so in order to make up for lost time here's the latest news! OwO This week on the Reborn Devolved League: Badges • Sage, Bazaro, and Alisae have gotten 1 badge. • CheckM8 has gotten 2, with Node and Rage receiving 3 after restarting their challenges. • Lorisaur our current champion has been on a winning streak and has gotten 4 badges for a second run of the league he still keeps the champion position and prefers as you'd expect. League News • Nightmare has been appointed Dragon Reserve. • The league has gone into a partnership with the people at the Chromatic League more details are to come in future. Now, to close off this edition of The League Report, you can check out the hottest battles of the weeks in the links below! Sassy Sylveon, over and out! OwO
  10. Hellooooo you pretty people of Reborn! Hellooooo you pretty people of Reborn! If you have a specific question for a leader you can also drop it here!Stay safe and enjoy your day!
  11. Helloooo Rebornians! Tonight we have ourselves quite the pair for our Gym Leader Interview: Bug-Leader Autumn and her Vikavolt, Railgun! Sylveon: Hello, Autumn. Hello, Railgun. Glad to meet you in person! Autumn: Heya Sylveon~ Railgun: Vika! Sylveon: So looking at the information I've gathered on you. You're the third bug leader to grace this league, a doctor, and next in line to an esteemed beauty products company in Kalos. Autumn: That's right! I'd even go so far to say as I'm the most skilled of all 3, but I use my bugs in both professions! Sylveon: Alright then so are those your only hobbies? Or do you do more in your spare time? Autumn: Well...I do write certain kinds of books, but I'd rather not get in trouble with some kid's parents. Otherwise, I just do whatever interests me, may it be some athletic activity or fiddling with machines. Sylveon: I see you do a lot then. Do you think the bug type can perfectly mirror your diverse interests in battle? Autumn: Of course, there's a lot you can do with just the same few mons, or even apply some gimmicks. Of course this depends on the field, but I've even run cave before on the people without stealth rocks! Sylveon: Alright that segways perfectly into a question from a viewer Owlogram, they ask: What's the weirdest bug type you managed to perform well with? Autumn: I have no fucking clue what an Owlogram is butttttttt if I had to say it'd be scyther on glitch. Out of the ones I've pulled off so far, anyways. Sylveon: Ooh is glitch your primary field of choice to battle on? It is a unique and interesting field effect. Autumn: It's simple and easy to use, so yep! Sylveon: Ooh I expected something like Forest after all it is the primary biome for bug types. Autumn: I've never used forest once? I try to be a bit different and think outside the box of course, just a shame I'm held back by them saving tms for endgame. Sylveon: Oh well at the very least can you answer Poison Reserve Thorn's question on what your favorite forest in reborn is? Autumn: Hmm...The one by Spinel. It has that hot springs. Sylveon: You mean Chrysolia? Well I suppose the hot springs are nice but I myself prefer the Adventurine Woods. But forests aside here's another question for you from another reserve this one the flying one Athena she asks: What made you choose to specialize in bug types? Autumn: Oh the lo- Finally, a decent question. Anyways- It's simple. My friend-well she gave me a Grubbin one day after noticing I didn't have a pokemon. After that, it just clicked in after she started teaching me medicine. What started as just me keeping em around turned me into a specialist. Of course I have other pokemon, naturally. Sylveon: Was that Grubbin Railgun? Railgun is certainly one of kind being a shiny of course! Autumn: Of course~ Sylveon: Would you mind if Railgun said something to the audience? Railgun: Vika! Volt! Sylveon: Sylveon used Echoed Voice!! Railgun: My trainer's a bit apathetic when it comes to interviews but I'm sure we're excited, right Autumn? glares *Fires Zap Cannon Autumn: Yeah yeah I get it stop glaring. Sylveon: I can see you have quite the relationship there. Anyway question from Yeetus Volt: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Autumn: Strawberry~ Sylveon: Any thoughts on your fellow gym leaders? Possibly even your reserve Daquan? Autumn: Oh they're all pretty cool. All got their quirks and such. Never had a real disagreement over on them. Sylveon: I see I was hoping for some gossip but then again it's good to have healthy relationships. Autumn: Oh- should've specified then. Well it's true that most are good but I've heard that Lucius- the E4 can get a bit violent at times. I've also heard that the normal leader and xerx are the same person. But when we asked him he acted like it wasn't true when he's legit given himself out. So! Oh right, Athena's a loli, and the Dark Reserve who does nothing, Erika is my girlfriend. Who knows, she'll probably do something when Node gets to her. Sylveon: Anyway one last questions before we wrap up this interview. From steel leader Beatrice: "What is your opinion of your predecessors?" Autumn: , Bea! Well I don’t know Boomdiada bar that he quit but Moist basically handed the position to me so he sounds cool! Sylveon: Alright then it was a pleasure to have you Autumn. I know that people will certainly want to see this interview. That's it for tonight folks, I hope you enjoyed it! See you around with the hottest news of the Reborn Devolved League! Sassy Sylveon, over and out!
  12. Hellooooo you pretty people of Reborn! Hellooooo you pretty people of Reborn! If you have a specific question for a leader you can also drop it here!Stay safe and enjoy your day!
  13. Helloooo Rebornians! Tonight we have ourselves the amazing duo for our Gym Leader Interview: Psychic-Leader Echo and her Metagross! Sylveon: Great to have you and your Metagross here tonight, Echo. Also nice outfit looks amazing did you make it yourself? Echo: Thank you! I like to have Swoobat with me in spririt, even if it's not in my team. I wish I was talented enough to make something like this myself, but no, it was designed by a professional. Sylveon: Either way I like it. Speaking of which what team are you referring to? Echo: Well, my battle team, of course! I have a few different stages to pick from for each challenger, and sadly, Swoobat doesn't shine as brightly on all of them. Sylveon: So your a strategist. Do you think that the psychic type can help you be flexible and face any kind of challenger? Echo: It definitely has its advantages, but I think flashiness and a stunning performance are much more important than giving every challenger a hard time! Sylveon: It's always nice to watch a dazzling performance. Now for a question from one of our viewers Flying Reserve Ryouyashi asks "What did you do before becoming a gym leader, and would she ever want to go back to doing that someday? Echo: Well, to be honest, what I was doing before isn't very different from what I'm doing now! I've been peforming for a long time, so when my gym leader application got accepted, I just added Pokémon battles to my routines! I definitely don't want to go back before all of that. It wasn't a very exciting time. Sylveon: Another related question from a viewer this time from a fellow gym leader Cecilia! "What inspired you to become a psychic specialist? Echo: I didn't really get into training Pokémon with the goal to become a Psychic specialist. When I started out, I just used Pokémon I really liked, and most of them just happened to be Psychic types! Since then, I've really grown to love the type, and I still feel a bit of wonder every time I see my Reuniclus levitate objects around the stage. Sylveon: Do you have any other hobbies other than pokemon battles and performing? Echo: Between training and preparing performances, I usually don't have that much time for other hobbies, but I do enjoy video games to relax from time to time, and hanging out with the other gym leaders is always a treat! Sometimes, I like to dress up my Pokémon in extravagant outfits for the fun of it. They enjoy it too, I promise! Sylveon: I prefer the look of my stylish sunglasses but if I ever feel the need for a wardrobe update it's always nice to know I could ask you for advice. But that can wait for now let's continue with a question from Steel Leader Beatrice: "What is your favorite food?" Echo: It might just be because of the memories associated with it, but I've always thought the Cotton Candy that's sold in front of Agate Circus is the tastiest thing in the world! Sylveon: We're on a roll with these questions from viewers so let's not stop. Fire Leader Pierce asks "If you could train any other type, which one would you wanna train?" Echo: Oh, that's an easy one! It'd have to be Fairy. Dazzling Gleam is a wonderful move, and I already use Gardevoir all the time! It's almost as perfect for performances as Psychic is. Sylveon: I see your Metagross there is itching for some attention. Care to tell us why you two are a pair? Echo: That's a funny story, actually! Most trainers meet their closest partners when they're still unevolved, but my partner here was already fulled evolved when I met it! It was a member of the Agate Circus, being used for strongman performances. It was really good at them, too! But when I saw it for the first time, I could immediately tell it wasn't happy with what it was doing. So, one time, I took it with me for one of my Laser Light shows, and it was almost like seeing a whole new Pokémon. It was like it was made for it! That's what gave me the idea of adding Pokémon to my shows. After that, the two of us started training together, and I started adding more and more Pokémon to my team. Still, Metagross is always the star of the show! Sylveon: And it looks so happy compared to other Metagrosses that I've seen. When did you start performing and what did you do before that? Echo: I was 15 when I had my first real performance, and everything before that was pretty unremarkable, honestly. I went to a regular school- not even a trainer school, if you can believe that!- and practiced a lot in my free time. Singing, dancing, playing instruments, I knew that I wanted to stand on a stage one day, and I tried everything that I thought could bring me closer to that. In retrospect, my social life probably suffered a little during that time, but now I have a whole new group of friends! And fans, of course. Sylveon: I must say I'm one of those fans I enjoy the way you battle reminds me of the contests in Hoenn and Sinnoh. Echo: That was definitely an inspiration, I'll admit! Though I think I've struck a good balance between that and old-fashioned Pokémon battles. Sylveon: Alright any closing remarks before we end for the night? *Echo jumps on top of Metagross and both of them strike a pose* Echo: Thank you for taking the time to talk to me, and thanks to everyone listening! My fans make all of this worth it! That's it for tonight folks, I hope you enjoyed it! See you around with the hottest news of the Reborn Devolved League! Sassy Sylveon, over and out!
  14. League Report This week on the Reborn Devolved League: Badges • Sage and Dream Catcher have gotten 1 badge. • Rage has restarted their challenge from 16 badges to none hopefully they manage to catch up. Now, to close off this edition of The League Report, you can check out the hottest battles of the week in the links below! But this time we'll be adding in extra battles from the past that never got to be showcased. Sassy Sylveon, over and out! OwO
  15. League Report This week on the Reborn Devolved League: Badges • Sleepy Boi and Dream Catcher have gotten 1 badge. • Node has gotten 2 badges. • Ryouyashi has gotten an impressive 3 badges Good job Ryouyashi! Now, to close off this edition of The League Report, you can check out the hottest battles of the week in the links below! Sassy Sylveon, over and out! OwO
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