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  1. Finally you can meet the Champion and half of the E4!
    Check out the Reborn Devolved - Meet the Gym Leaders thread on the Victory Road forum!

  2. League Report This week on the Reborn Devolved League: Badges •Challengers Tsubakikun, Friar Truck and Sleepy Boi have signed up to the league and have already got one badge each! •Challenger Daquan has started taking on the Elite 4! •The process to select the new E4 member is underway! You can check out the hottest battles of the week in the links below! Sassy Sylveon, over and out! OwO
  3. Hellooooo you pretty people of Reborn! So, here's a thread for you to vote on the next gym leader interview! If you have a specific question for a leader you can also drop it here! Stay safe and enjoy your day!
  4. Helloooo Rebornians! Tonight we have the coolest guest possible for our Gym Leader Interview: Ice-Type Leader Cecilia and her Glaceon, Khione! Sylveon: It's great to have you two here, welcome! Cecilia: Hi, Sylveon! Khione and I are really happy to see you. Khione smiles Sylveon: Oow thank you! Before we start just a quick question of mine: how do you keep your Pokémon's looks like that? Khione's fur is just drop dead gorgeous ~ Cecilia: Aww, no problem! Khione and I are going to the Salon de Glamazonia in the South Obsidia Ward almost everyday to get her fur done. Sylveon: Ooh good to know! I might drop by myself one of these days hehe Cecilia: I can only recommend it! Khione nods Sylveon: Worst case I can always chat with Khione a bit ~ Now for the serious part! I can tell both of you are very close! How did you meet, and how did you end up as a Gym Leader team? Cecilia: I met Khione when she was still a cute little eevee. I got her from my father for my tenth birthday as gift. We often trained in the the Silver Forest next to my hometown. One day she evolved into an Glaceon during our training. We took part on many tournaments in Ayrith before we went to the Reborn Region. After I got accepted as the Ice Gym Leader here, we also travelled through Alola, Galar, Johto and Sinnoh. Sylveon: Wow, so you girls have been all around the world uh? What is your favourite place from all those travels? Cecilia: Yeah, we absolutely love to travel around the world! My favourite place has to be Snowpoint City in Sinnoh. The Snowpoint Temple in the city and the Acuity Lakefront on Route 217 were just stunning. But I also loved Mount Lanakila in Alola a lot. Sylveon: Hehe I got to write these down on my travel list too ~ Cecilia: Absolutely! Sylveon: Do you have any hobbies besides battling? Cecilia: Oh, yes of course! I really like singing, ice skating and exploring. I also go shopping a lot. Probably more than i should. laughs Sylveon: Hehe everyone has some kind of guilty pleasure right? Cecilia: Yep, that's true. Sylveon: Do you sing for the public somewhere in Reborn? Cecilia: Yeah, I'm performing every saturday in the nightclub. Sylveon: Lucky for the Ace Members! Now the chalengers have one more reason to try and beat the League hehe What is your favourite kind of music, by the way? Cecilia: My musical taste is actually very diverse. Sometimes I listen to rock music and sometimes to pop music. I prefer to sing fast songs tho. Which music style do u prefer, Sylveon? Sylveon: Uhmn I've been on a jazzy mood lately, though it changes a lot haha Cecilia: That's pretty cool My dad likes jazz a lot. Sylveon: Oooh that's nice! Do you keep in touch with your family? What do they think of you being a Gym Leader? Cecilia: I make regular calls to my father. He's very proud of me. Sylveon: Oow that's sweet! Now on to the technical stuff: What should challengers expect when facing you, field and battle style wise?(editado) Cecilia: I usually use hyper offensive teams and my favourite field has to be the Inverse Field. I also use the Underwater and Icy Field a lot, but I try out many other fields too. Battling Challengers in the New Mirror Arena will be fun. Sylveon: Hehe sounds like fast and furious battling! Cecilia: For sure! Ice Types are beautiful, but they're also strong in battle. Challengers shouldn't underestimate them! Sylveon: Now a lightning round of viewer questions! Fellow Gym Leader Node asks: What is your favourite place in Reborn? Cecilia: My favourite place in the Reborn Region is Route 4. I just love snowy envoirements. Sylveon: Also from Node: If you had to pick one book to bring to a desert island, which one would it be? Cecilia: Umm, that's a tough question. I didn't really read many books in my free time so I guess I would pick a cook book. Sylveon: From our viewer and fellow Gym Leader Autumn: "If you were an E4, what would your theme be?" Cecilia: Another tough question. My theme would be "Non-Ice mons that live in snowy envoirements". So I would use Empoleon. Sylveon: From Node: Favourite Ice Cream Flavour favourite move aaand to close it off, what do you think about the Devolved League in general? Cecilia: My favourite ice cream flavour is blue moon. I really love the Devolved League. It's such a nice place with many cool people! Sylveon: Last one from our viewer Hope: What pokemon would you say personifies the ice-type perfectly? Cecilia: That would be Alolan Ninetales. It's just as beautiful as the ice type itself.(editado) Sylveon: Fantastic! Would you like to make any final comments before we wrap up for the night? Cecilia: Stay cool people and Sylvie! I had a lot of fun during the interview! Thank you for having me and thank you to my fellow league people for their questions. I hope we see each other again soon, Sylvie! Sylvie: Aaaw the feeling is mutual, it was a lovely interview ~ Thank you very much and see you in the Gym arena! That's it for tonight folks, I hope you enjoyed it! See you around with the hottest news of the Reborn Devolved League! Sassy Sylveon, over and out!
  5. League Report This week on the Reborn Devolved League: -Leader Lineup Changes! After two intense weeks of trials, trainer Mizz has been appointed the new Fire-Type Gym Leader! Congratulations! Former Elite 4 Megusta has retired from the position, meaning we'll soon have one of the current Gym Leaders assume their Elite position and a new Leader will have to step up! Trials are ongoing for the Dark-Type Reserve Leader! Badges Challenger Crystal Rage conquered three badges this week! Well done! Epic Toxie got two wins in their first week challenging the league! Challengers Si, Ryou and Citrine all got their very first badge! You can check the badge count and teams for challenger in this threads OP! Now, to close off this edition of The League Report, you can check out the hottest battles of the week in the links below! Sassy Sylveon, over and out! OwO
  6. Thread updated with three new Gym Leaders - Pingu, Bazaro and Jetigig!

  7. Interview with the cutest Grass-Type Gym Leader around is up, in the Victory Road Subforum! Give it a look folks ~

  8. Helloooo Rebornians! Today we are starting out the much awaited for Leader Interviews! At least I have been crazy to hear what the people behind the badges have to say! For our first program ever we have Violet, current Grass-Type Gym Leader of the Reborn Devolved League, and her Ace Pokémon Cherrim! Sylveon: Welcome you both, it´s awesome to have you here tonight ~ Violet: It's uh- Good to be here thanks Sylveon: Sooo to start out, tell me a bit about you; where are you from, and how exactly did you end up joining the ranks of Reborn Gym Leaders? Violet: Well uh my name is Violet. I'm from a small town called Fiddleton up a little north from here. To make a long story short I came here because I had nowhere else to go. After my father passed... Staying there felt like a bit much... I got here really young some would say. Being 16 doesn't exactly give you much in terms of opportunities. I wandered into Lapis on accident and made the mistake of going into Lapis Orphanage looking for a job and resided there by force for a little while. After getting a job at the Sweet Scent Flower Shop I would often watch people battle from the windows for fun. Cherrim and I would always go out and watch on break but, one day, I thought maybe they would let us join in on the fun. We asked to battle and to our surprise they let us battle in the Flower Garden in the middle of Lapis that we built for advertisement. Cherrim and I 6:0d every trainer outside that day, which managed to grab some people's attention and we ended up practicing for long time until we earned our position. The rest is an unfinished book I guess. Sylveon: Wow, that´s a very intense story. I´m sorry for your father, Violet. Violet: Thanks. I appreciate that. Sylveon: Still it takes a formidable strenght to be able to move and work things out by yourself in a new city - let alone one as convoluted as Reborn. And then beating the competition into becoming a Gym Leader... I´m sure he is very proud of you! Violet: I'd hope so... Maybe he's smiling down. Some days I swear I can feel it... Sylveon: I'm just a Sylveon anyway, but I'm sure that is the case! Also, I'm betting Cherrim had a hand - or, petal? - in helping you through such a difficult time of your life right? How did the two of you meet? Violet: On my 9th birthday, my father was working in the garden and he came across this little Cherubi as he was picking. He told me Cherubi startled him when he tried to snack on her hehe. He also told me Cherubi didn't seem too upset about it and followed him around the entire day until he came home. I remember I was sitting at the table coloring a picture of a beautiful Lilligant when he walked through the front door holding Cherubi behind his back. He pulled the little sucker to the front and screamed HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I lost it. I was jumping up and down yelling and celebrating with him and that little Cherubi it smiled so bright. I'll never forget that day... I played with her everyday until she evolved when I was 11. We didn't have much but we had each other. Sylveon: Oooow that's so sweet! No wonder you are such great partners! If you could choose one adventure you both had to share with us, what would it be? Violet: I wish I could have been here to help you guys stop Lin that would have been fun. Even though she was horrifying... I've heard the stories- But uh sorry got sidetracked. It would be cool to stop an evil organization together or maybe even just experiencing what life has to offer being a Gym Leader. The freedom is pretty wide turning 18 pretty recently and all. Sylveon: Hehe you're in for a whole new world of fun! Also a world of bills to pay, but I know you can handle those no problem. Now about your job in the League, how is your relationship with the other leaders? Anyone you´re specially close to? Violet: I wanted to keep my distance until I had gotten my footing from saving up with wins from my Gym inside the orphanage. After I bought my house I scraped up the courage to talk around a bit. I got to meet a bunch of great people like Rollins, Trent, and Edward! Too bad shortly after meeting Edward he dissapeared... Other than Trent and Edward I don't know the others leaders too well. I have met a couple of them though like Miss Beatrice she seemed really nice. Sylveon: Ah, I was expecting to get some League gossip... Well too bad~ Violet: I prefer not to gossip and rather to handle disputes face to face hehe. Sylveon: You make a very fair point! Now onto the more technical stuff:what can our challengers expect when facing you, in terms of favourite fields and playstyle? Violet: My favorite field is Flower Garden but sometimes I like to let my pokemon go for a swim so to speak. I'm more of a balance type of player but I prefer offense. If I must play defense then so be it. Sylveon: Ooh flexible playstyles are often the hardest to beat! Violet: I guess I have my work cut out for me then hehe. Sylveon: Poor challengers, sounds like they're in for some hard battles ~ Now if you're ok with it we'll answer some of our viewers questions that are coming by Pokégear! Violet: That sounds cool let em' in! Sylveon: Our viewer Citrine asks: What inspired your love of Grass-Types? Violet: I get really anxious often and it's always been able to calm me down I can't explain why. Ever since I was a little girl whenever I would get too anxious and upset my father would tell me to look to the trees and I would be ok. Overtime as I caught myself looking at them for comfort I started to see the beauty in them and Grass type Pokemon in general. I guess my father thought Cherubi could help me too. I don't remember much about my mother but she died when I was very, very young. She used to have a Shiny Whimsicott named "Harlequin". After my mom died my father took care of him and he worked with my father in return. We would all play together on off days and life was finally bright for my father for little while. It was good to see him smile. Before he passed in the hospital he gave me his Pokeball and said it was my turn to take care of him. In fact he's in my party right now. Sylveon: Wow, then that preference is really a part of your family's history ! That's beautiful ~ Citrine also asks what is your favourite colour? Violet: My favorite color is blue like the rest of the planet it seems. But I did have a friend with really pretty brown eyes so I guess brown is up there too. Sylveon: Ooooh I'm inclined to ask about that friend now~ Violet: His name was Oliver. He used to live in Fiddleton with me and we would end up doing the stupidest stuff together growing up. I had the biggest crush on him and he knew it but we stayed friends which was ok I guess. He had these beautiful brown eyes shining with life that would paint whatever was going on in his head. Whenever I'd try to figure out what he was thinking he'd do this cute little nose twitch to try and shift my attention away from his eyes because he's terrible at hiding his emotions hehehe. It was Oliver, Me, Cherrim, and Hariyama against the world. Until I left of course... Sometimes I wonder what he's doing when I look over my balcony at the sunsets. Sylveon: A childhood friends' romance? OwO Thaaaaat's what I'm talking about! So you two lost contact? Maybe they'll see this interview and come find you, who knows? Violet: Maybe... Oliver, if you're watching this, I miss you lots and hope you're doing ok. Sylveon: Yes Oliver, the whole Reborn is cheering for you guys to be reunited now! Don't disappoint your flower princess ~ Now Violet, just a couple final questions before we wrap things up: What do you believe that is the most importante quality for a trainer? Violet: Perseverance and Intelligence. If you can manage to never give up and have the skill to overcome whatever is in your path you can do almost anything as a trainer. No matter how many times you get knocked down. Sylveon: Fantastic! And now to you and Cherrim: Would you like to leave our viewers a message? ... What, do you really think a professional reporter like me wouldn't speak Cherrim? Please give me more credit guys! Violet: Be smart, Be safe, and Be educated people. The world is a scary place and you can have the upper hand if you use your head. The most valuable thing and what makes you happiest in this life are the connections you have others. Don't forget about the people who love you the most cherrish them. You never know if they could be here one second and gone the next. With that I should be done. Cherrim: Cherriiim! Sylveon used Echoed Voice!: Thanks for the interview Miss Sylveon! Can I call you Miss Sylveon? Sylveon: Sure you can dear Cherrim! It's me who should be thanking you both for the lovely interview and I know the audience feels the same way! Good luck in your battles! And that's it for tonight Reborn! Stay safe and keep an eye for the next exciting news of the Devolved League! Sassy Sylveon, Over and Out!

  9. Helloooo Rebornians! I added four new Leaders for you guys to check out! Have a good weekend y'all! ~

  10. Helloooo Rebornians and welcome to the new, the exciting, the kinda weekly: League Report This week on the Reborn Devolved League: Gym Leader Lineup Changes! - Gym Leaders Check (Fire) and Scep (Dark) have retired! Although Scep appointed a replacement immediately before he left, the Fire Leader spot was left open, sparking a competition between trainers Mizz, Kanra, Hope and Yeetus Volt, all looking to step up to the position. As we speek they're being evaluated by league staff and soon we should have a brand new Fire Type Gym Leader! So exciting! - Still on that subject, Node15 was appointed the new Dark-Type Gym Leader! They're already taking challenges from brave trainers who are not afraid of the dark on the League's Discord channel. Go Node! Major Rule changes underway! The League Staff decided to stirr things up a bit with some very impactating rule changes, so challengers pay attention: -Challenger teams' EVs and natures now can be changed between battles! That should give a bit more of flexibility for teambuilding, the experts tell me. -The Gym Leaders are now recquired to reveal their field of choice for a battle when asked by the challenger! That's a major nerf for leaders that liked to have the surprise factor on their side, and a relief for challengers planning a battle BUT! do not underestimate the Leaders because of that, or you may find yourself having more than a few unpleasant surprises in your battles anyway! -Last, but not least, all battles will now be conducted over the online function of the Pokémon Reborn game! In practice, this also limits the battle format to singles for the time being, so build your teams accordingly! You can check the updated league rules in the #rules channel on the League's Discord This week had a few badges distributed too! -Challenger Xerx was the first to get their Badge from Node, now being at 6 badges! Bravo! -Leader Node's challenger team also saw a win early in the week, getting Leviathan Jayson's Badge! Not a bad week for them right? -Challenger Notus was off to a hot start getting Beatrice's and Leviathan Jayson's Badges, being those their only Badges as of now. -Challenger Crystal Rage got their very first Badge from Ice Leader Cecilia! Keep it up! -The League has seen a huge spike in challengers lately, with Notus, Citrine, Node, Crystal Rage, Si, Epic Toxie and Ryou all having registered since last week! Will one of them be the next champion? I can't wait to find out! You can check the badge count and teams for every challenger in this threads OP! Now, to close off this edition of The League Report, you can check out the hottest battles of the week in the links below! Sassy Sylveon, over and out! OwO
  11. Anytime, the league has been running for a while now! Just hop onto the Discord channel, read the rules, build your team and we'll be happy to have you! For all that, check this link here
  12. THIS JUST IN! The first round of the Reborn Devolved Online League leader reveal is up! This time around we have leaders Beatrice, Cecilia, Skyseer Arex and Leviathan Jayson introduce themselves to the crowd!


  13. (E4 on next page) Hellooooo boys and girls and non-binaries of Reborn! As you probably know by now, this community has a sparkling new Pokémon League going on: The Reborn Devolved League! Now, if you´ve been hiding under a subforum and have no idea what I´m talking about, you might want to check this thread here by Gym Leader Bazaro for the basics; If you're already hyped to know more about the faces behind this fantastic challenge though, come along with me, Oficial Newscaster Sassy Sylveon, to find out more! The Devolved League, keeping true to Reborn´s tradition of tough and diverse challenges, counts with eighteen Gym Leaders, an Elite Four and a Champion, all ready to give challengers a lesson in skill and – as important as that – loads of fun, challenging battles! In this topic I´ll bring you a quick introduction for each leader - a bit at a time to keep that hype up of course. OwO Then, without further ado, I give you: the Reborn Devolved Gym-Leaders! Beatrice alias: Generic Gamer “She may not look like it, with her small stature and wheelchair-bound status, but Beatrice is the Steel Type Gym Leader of the Reborn Devolved League. in the League proper, her role is to do the paperwork everyone else is too lazy to do, which leads to her temper being rather short. -My Steelix is the most adorable thing on the planet!" Cecilia alias: Dream Catcher “Cecilia is the sassy and cheeky Ice-Type Gym Leader of the Reborn Devolved League, who is never afraid of an intense battle. While being a gifted Pokémon Trainer, she is also a very talented singer and ice skater. Her trusted partner Khione the Glaceon is always by her side.” “My beautiful Glaceon is the best partner I could wish for and my other gorgeous Ice types as well!” Leviathan Jayson “He may be the youngest Gym Leader, but he is also a very decisive and thoughtful trainer. Along with being the Dragon-Type Gym Leader of the Reborn Devolved League, he is also the apprentice of Dragon Elite Four member Lucius. He focuses greatly on his training of his dragon types, which causes him to be more quiet than others. -My brothers Lane and Cole and my Dragons mean the world to me." Skyseer Arex “Arex is the current standing Fairy-Type Gym Leader of the Reborn Devolved League and the daughter of the Champion of Anima. Living up to the Gym Leader she reserves for - as well as to her mother - is a difficult challenge, but with her Togekiss, Twilight, there's nothing she can't handle! Nothing but her emotions, and maybe a certain devilish ghoul, that is." "As we ascend the vector to the heavens, may your heart be your guiding key! Or, something like that? Huh..." Cervys “I'm Cervys, Psychic-Type Gym Leader! Also local bug fixer and enforcer of rules. I enjoy playing around with field effects, especially if i find a way to bring in Swoobat. Hope you enjoy your time in the League, and please try not to burn anything down.” Violet alias: Sage “Hello! My name is Violet! I'm the primary Grass Type Gym Leader! It kinda goes without saying that I love everything flora related I find a strong sense of beauty in it. I think I'm pretty chill but I can be pretty sarcastic at times. I generally have your best interest at heart. This community is pretty and I'd love for everyone to be a part of it! Cherrim and I wish you the best of luck!” Dio Flamingo "y0u w0n'7 b3 4bl3 70 c0mpr3h3nd 7h3 p0w3r 0f my p0k3m0n. 1'll l34d y0u 0n 4nd m4k3 y0u b3l13v3 7h47 y0u w1ll r37urn v1c70r10u5, bu7 1n5734d b3 c4u6h7 up 1n 4 hurr1c4n3. 1f 1 d0n'7 f33l l1k3 b3471n6 y0u 1n 4 fun w4y, 1'll h4v3 d1m3n710 my p0ry60n-z c7rl 4l7 d3l37 y0u 1n 4n 1n574n7!" Non Leet Version: "You won't be able to comprehend the power of my Pokemon. I'll lead you on and make you believe that you will return victorious, but instead be caught up in a Hurricane. If I don't feel like beating you in a fun way, I'll have Dimentio my Porygon-Z CTRL ALT DELET you in an instant!" Prof. Zephyros alias: pyrromanis "Hello, trainers. My name is Zephyros but I'm known mostly as Professor Zephyros. I'm an old colleague of Ame from before she started working on the New Reborn League. Life in Reborn City is harsh and I have difficulties funding my projects - even still, my talent as a Pokemon Breeder is paying off now due to the repopulation project of Azurine Island! Unfortunately, that's not enough to make a living, so me and Gliscor decided to join the Reborn Devolved League filling the Flying-Type Gym Leader position." Node "He's new, having only just replaced the old Dark-Type Gym Leader, but Node has more than a few tricks up his sleeves. He spends his time thinking of ways to mess with his opponents in battle - his ace Sableye, Shadow, has some nasty surprises for the unsuspecting challenger! Generally Node is an easygoing trainer but if you appear to be a tough opponent he'll try his best to defeat you." Trent alias: TridentGreen “Hello, I’m Trent. I’m the water specialist of this league. Many people fear the water, not knowing what lies within it. To me, the deep is my home; I, it’s sentinel. With the power of my pokemon like Greninja, I have reached the pinnacle of power within this League’s Gym Leaders. If you wish to face me, you must play in my seas. So I must ask: -Are you ready to face the depths?” Siggimondo “I am Siggimondo, the Electric-Type Gym Leader. My favourite field is Water Surface, though I'm also known to use Mountain, Underwater, Electric Terrain and Short-Circuit depending on what I think may be most helpful against any given opponent. I have almost every fully evolved Electric type available on hand in one form and/or another, should I feel the need for it. Sadly, my time is not as flexible as my team these days, but I'm still here all weekend for those patient and determined.” Rando alias: Arandomplayer1 “Rando ain't no regular hooman.... cuz hes a birb. A self described serious being, he hails from an alternate universes' Antarctica. He can do anything, but doesn't cuz that requires work. [DESCRIPTION OF HIM REDACTED CUZ IT WAS TOO LONG] -Oh yeah, he's also the Poison-Type Gym Leader or something” Pingu “Hey I'm Pingu, I'm the rock leader. I got the funny type so I get to make all the rock hard pp jokes but I'd like to think theres more to rocks, studying the different layers of the earth's mantle is fascinating or studying the chemical properties of different rocks to be used in the refinement of products has some really neat applications. That's what I'd say if i were'nt 5 years old in my head...[Insert endless stream of rock hard puns here]” Bazaro "Hhhhhhhhi I'm Bazaro, I've been around this cursed place for far too long. I like Ghost types because they're fun and spoopy and that's about it. I help Cervys sometimes with coding stuff, like the new field effects, and breaking things in general is my favorite hobby. I'm usually available for battles (EST) so just @ me in the server or something. Have a productive day. Long live the lamp." Jetigig "You can call me Jet. I'm a recent graduate of a notable Reborn University, but my studies haven't stopped me from training with my Pokémon. I'm originally from the Kanto Region, but my family moved to Sinnoh when I was young. Toxicroak has been one of my favorite Pokémon since then, so you may see it show up in some of my battles. I used to battle almost exclusively in Doubles, but the league recently nixed that format. I'm currently working on remodeling my gym and my team for single battles." Mizz "Wassup Reborn, it's me Mizz, the new Fire leader. I've got a whole arsenal of fiery beasts to spell the doom of any trainer foolish enough to challenge me, ... or something. Coming straight from one of the hottest places in the world, I know a thing or two about the sheer power of the sun. Whatever you throw at me, I'm sure me and my Talonflame can take. If you ever wanna challenge me just give me an @ when I'm online and I'll probably be able to throwdown. Good luck everyone =] " Autumn Alias:Alisia "Hiya there, I'm Autumn, your local traditional medicine doctor and bug leader extraordinaire! I'm next in line to an esteemed Kalos beauty products company, but that's super lame. What isn't super lame are my dear ace Railgun and my other bug types. So yeah, fight me all you adorable cuties!" The Elite 4 Pyuku Alias: Pikaclone God “Hello there, I'm a rather odd individual, having spent countless hours with the most worthless of things... If you ask some people. Can you guess it? No? Pikaclones! Pikaclones are great! I love those little things. Pikachu, Minun, Plusle, Pachirisu, Emolga, Dedenne, Togedemaru. Love the whole lot! Though, mine aren't like any kind. While the ones you know may be weak in your eyes, mine... They're special. Through intense training, moving through the regions of Reborn and Aevium, moving through... Questionable lengths, they have grown beyond, they've ascended. They're now extremely strong, and some of them even rather bulky! Thought pikaclones were bad? I'll have you eat your words. Also, my Dedenne would like to speak to you. It's got your name on a grave. Also. Due to my higher ups being a bunch of no fun, I weren't allowed to bring my Morpeko.. But it'll wait for its day to shine. Also if you bring trickroom against me you're a simp. Warning, establishing relations with me may result in the following: bad jokes, begging, overuse of dead memes, PUNS Thought Dedenne lacked a usable fairy stab? Well... intense screeing is heard in the distance" Lucius Decimius alias:Syco "Death is endless peace, life is endless war. A soldier knows no peace, and so I know no death..." Lucius Decimius, and his troupe of Kaiju will decimate you, mercy is not a word in his vocabulary. He'll drag you down to hell and claw himself back out before you even realize. But his demeanor isn't just cold ruthlessness and fiery rage, you may not gain his friendship but everyone in the league is under his protection, and who wouldn't want the protection of monstrous reptiles... "My enemies will bow before me, as darkness buckles before the dawn." League Champion Lorisaur Lorisaur is the current champion of the neo-reborn league, he battles since he was 5 and he developed a deep bond with his pokemon, especially with his ace, Silvally. He is a nice and quiet guy and he really loves helping newcomers so if you want help with teambuilding or anything else, just ask him! But he often needs a ping or he might not answer so fast. He distracts easily. Rumors say that Lori's been able to defeat some of the best trainers in the world with his Silvally-Grass, and he started loving Silvally after using him in tournaments "Uhm... do you like Silvally? I love battling with any kind of underrated pokemon" That´s it for now! Keep an eye out for more exciting news and Leader reveals from the Reborn Devolved League! Sassy Sylveon over and out! OwO
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