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  1. Good luck to you too Node! Two badges acquired on my side for now, really fun battles! Nice looking team by the way, TR is always cool to see in a battle, right?
  2. Heyo everyone, it's been a while! Not everyone knows yet, but Reborn has an online Pokémon League again! It's still a fun and challenging 18 leader gauntlet and E4 with a few tweaks, better explained by Bazaro in this neat lil' thread here . Anyway, this thread is for League Challengers such as myself to post their team ideas , battles and generally chill and discuss league matches/strategies. I hope to see more people having fun and learning in their league journeys soon! Also I just agreed with the league reporter Sassy Sylveon to have little news bulletins posted here, so we have more to talk about. Expect to see some of those soon! Challengers/Teams/Badges
  3. Between new playthrough, online league and now this Reborn is saving my life in this quarantine. Thanks people
  4. Which language exactly are we talking about here?
  5. Heyo all! I started a new save not long ago and would like to thank the kind soul that sent a nicely bred Fennekin into Wondertrade a few weeks back. It's made my run waaay smoother than I was antecipating. I'll send a few shinies I don't use in later too keep the positive chain going ✌
  6. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  7. Useename: Notus Online Username: Notus_Reborn Just started a new save to check all that new content in the early game... Available for trade or battle pretty much any time during this whole quarantine thing
  8. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  9. "Really? Well, I hope you liked it." Asuka answered simply, a shadow of a smile on her lips. ...Then the smile turned into the usual mocking grin. "Ah but of course there is something Bevs. Or did you think I'd let you guys off the hook with physical training?" she spun around and walked inside the ship again, patting on Beverly's shoulder when she passed her. "Come on everyone, let's find that dojo so I can teach you some moves." . The dojo was pretty small compared to what they had in the ship, but still had all the equipment - and mock weapons - they could need. Asuka showed were they had kimonos and protective gear and then asked the group to choose their weapons and pair up for practice. It was while that was going on that Alma appeared at the door with the usual cheerfull smile. "Hello everyone, great to see you're all hard at work! I just need a word with you real quick..." She explained that they would also need to attend some medical and psychological check-ups daily - just an usual procedure - but that she would do that with one of them a day. "Ranga dear, what do you think if we start with you?" The doctor asked.
  10. Asuka answered Beverly's remark with a sharp stare, but kept bowing until Kyou answered. "It was only the natural reaction, don't worry about it." Asuka said, standing up straight again. "As for what I want to show... it's better if you just see it yourselves. It's nothing important though, so it's your call if you want to come or not." She started walking towards the door, only stopping when Ahmed made his comment. "Yeah, sure. You are all growing fast and we are humanity's last hope so, if you like it, I guess you could call us heroes in that sense. But not for a moment think that being 'the heroes' makes us invincible. We may fail and die any time, so just focus on doing your best not to let that happen... and enjoy everything that comes your way. You never know when it may all end." That last part of the speech left the atmosphere a bit heavier than Asuka intended, so she just signaled for them to follow and exited the room. ... She walked upstairs and then opened a door that led to the outside of the transport, the wind blowing strong and making her hair wave behind her while she walked into the empty service balcony. The sun was rising, a different glow than the one they were used to on Earth - brighter, younger - and the few clouds were painted in a light orange tone by it. The sillouete of the Noah was still visible in the distance, like a small mountain looming over the forest where it landed. She checked her comm for the time and nodded to herself, looking at the ship once again. A flash of light even brighter than the rising day suddenly appeared and a roar like thunder was heard. Smoke and dust rose and covered the ark for a moment, only for them to see the space ship rise above it moments later and start to accelerate towards the sky, leaving a trail of light and smoke and sound behind it. Asuka stared in silence as the colossal vehicle vanished in the distance, carrying the last of humanity with it - everyone they were supposed to protect. "I thought you guys would like to see that." She said to whoever had followed.
  11. Asuka sighed before answering "Damn Ahmed, do you always exagerate stuff like that?" she started saying as if annoyed. "Guess now I'll have to live up to it." By then she had mostly finished unpacking, and faced all of the team. "For myself... I've done a lot of thinking yesterday, and cleared my head a bit. We are no heroes, really, just a bunch of kids who happen to be in the same unlucky boat. So I will watch your backs the best I can and also trust you to watch mine, otherwise we'll have no chance at this at all." She paused a bit to let what she said sink. "I want to show you guys something, but first..." Asuka turned and walked straight up to Kyou... Then bowed, in the typical japanese apologizing motion. "Sorry for yesterday. It was inexcusable to go at you in that way and I can't call myself anything but a kid if I don't recognize it."
  12. "Thank me? For what?" Asuka answered, honestly curious
  13. The Next Morning The new sun was still not out when Alma took the children to the exploration caravan. It was a impressive sight: the five gigantic EVAs - protected from view with covers with their respective numbers on them - were laying down on their transports, massive wheeled structures that supported their feet, arms, torso and heads independently, but moved together as if they were just parts of one vehicle. The transports where lined in a square formation with EVA 02 in the center, still being repaired. The group was taken there, meeting Dr. Hashimoto and Satomi on the way. Upon arriving to the head transport for EVA 02, they realized that the thing also housed living quarters within it and were taken to their dorm - a spartan looking metal box with bunk beds and lockers for six, quite a change from Alma's cosy apartment in the Arch. "Everyone, I'm sorry we don't have much confort to offer in the transports, but if you look at it like a camping trip it's not that bad, right?" Alma said with a chuckle. "It's a campaign vehicle, Neummann. There are way more pressing matters then comfort at play here. Besides the beds and space are up to standards, so it's definitely comfortable enough." Dr. Hashimoto answered in serious tone. "Jeez Daisuke, I was just joking. You need to relax a bit from time, you know?" the lady defended herself, frustration apparent in her voice. Then she turned to the kids. "Listen everyone, this room is for all of you - Satomi and Ahmed included. I'll be on the next one to the right, and Daisuke san will be on the top floor next to the control room and the Admiral's quarters. This transport is the main center of operations, and will be our house for as long as we need to gather fuel for the ship, so keep it tidy ok? There's showers and toilets in the end of the corridor, and meals are in the communitary messroom we passed by in the previous floor." Satomi's father didn't seem too happy with letting go of his daughter, but still didn't say anything regarding that. "There's set times for the meals, so don't wake up too late or get distracted with unimportant things. We need you all in top shape at all times in case of an attack, as unlikely as it is with all the detection and camouflage systems we have. Asuka will be in charge of your physical training and weapon handling in the training room we have here, and simulator drills will be at the Command's discretion at any time in order to keep you sharp. Other than that you just need to stay in stand-by." The adults soon were gone to take care of their respective jobs, and the children felt the transports start moving. Asuka threw her bag in one of the bunks and started unpacking - clothes, a pair of books and an old music player could be seen. "So..." she started speaking hesitantly. "What did you all do with your time off yesterday? Are you all feeling well today?"
  14. "The feedback you get from the EVA gets higher and higher. At one point it actually affect you physically; so, say someone stabs you in the eye in that state... you could lose your own eye. So when fighting in syncs above a hundred percent you better take care. It's pretty rare to get it that high anyway." She answered Ahmed. You could also turn into a puddle of LCL. She also thought to, herself - but not only that would not help calming them down, there was only one person she knew who could get his sync that high. It was very unlikely to happen to any of them, thankfully. "No more training today, just do your thing and be ready at the command center tomorrow at 7AM."
  15. "Beverly guessed right." Asuka pointed out to Satomi. "The higher your sync with your EVA, the stronger and steadier your A.T Field. Synching is basically connecting your body and mind to the EVA, and depends on how confortable you are piloting it. It varies from pilot to pilot and, as weird as it may seem, reacts to your momentary emotional state too." She crossed her arms and kept going. "The only way I know to improve it steadily is by training and getting used to the EVA. Too high a sync can end up being a danger to the pilot, though, but normally the NERV guys can limit that." "Baka, don't talk about stuff you don't know about." Asuka answered bluntly, visibly irritated "I have a... condition, due to which my sync rates go up too much and too fast, so in an actual battle what I did would be a very last resort thing. Besides, it would be dumb to just go all out since I was having trouble to find the second core at that time."
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