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  1. Between new playthrough, online league and now this Reborn is saving my life in this quarantine. Thanks people
  2. Which language exactly are we talking about here?
  3. Heyo all! I started a new save not long ago and would like to thank the kind soul that sent a nicely bred Fennekin into Wondertrade a few weeks back. It's made my run waaay smoother than I was antecipating. I'll send a few shinies I don't use in later too keep the positive chain going ✌
  4. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  5. Useename: Notus Online Username: Notus_Reborn Just started a new save to check all that new content in the early game... Available for trade or battle pretty much any time during this whole quarantine thing
  6. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  7. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

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      Thanks a ton, Lykos! 

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      You're welcome :D 

  8. Outside Alma's Apartment The soldier listened to what was going on in Dr.Neummann's apartment just a few steps away, but still unseen. He though for a second that it was pretty amazing how easily he could hide, provided other people didn't expect to see him and were distracted by something else. He resumed walking, his mind drifting to the children he just met, feeling sad for the pain and sorrow they were experiencing. He knew it was necessary for the "greater good", but still couldn't accept that reality could be so cruel. On top of that, there were forces in motion who'd try and use the four children to further their own agendas - and even he couldn't completely deny that he was one of those. It was easy for him to find a blind spot in the video surveillance system to take of the helmet that hid his face. In fact, the soldier looked much younger than one would expect, most likely around the EVA pilots' age - a guess that was at the same time completely accurate and totally wrong. He looked determined, for had finally decided what to do given the situation they were in. If these were the children were to choose and shoulder the fate of mankind, like he himself once did, he would make sure they chose the right one. With that thought firmly in his mind, Shinji Ikari made his way outside to the new world. END OF ACT 1
  9. Kyou & Ahmed Ahmed's mother flinched when he mentioned his father. "Son, your father..." she started saying, though the words seemed to be painfully stuck in her chest for a moment. "He went outside to look for me but... I wasn't there." She started to visibly cry at this point. "I fell down a stair, he didn't find me and went to look outside... And now he's gone." Arash Verethragna had nothing he could tell his daughter to ease her pain, so he embraced her once again in an one armed hug, holding her as tight as he could. "We'll need to be strong, Kyou. We'll do that for her, ok?" The man tried to sound calm, but was clearly in the verge of tears. "I'm sure she would be proud of you having survived and also helped in the rescue effort. You were always her treasure, Kyou." Satomi "Yes, that would be all." Daisuke Hashimoto told Satomi. He then focused on his work until his daughter left the room... and then sighed, resting his head in his hands. This wasn't what he had planned at all. Satomi's Evangelion was supposed to be his last resort and ,now that Alma Neummann got the custody of the other kids, he'd have to watch out for the shrink's influence over them. At least he'd raised his daughter well: she would do just as he said when he needed her to.
  10. Kyou & Ahmed Ahmed's mother just answered to her son's embrace for some time before she spoke "Oh Ahmed, I'm so grateful that you're not hurt! The soldiers told me that you've saved some people during the rescue, I hopes it wasn't anything too risky... But you seem fine! Do you feel alright? Anything hurts? What about your brother and sister?" She asked with teary eyes. Meanwhile, Kyou's father also recovered enough to speak with his daughter. "Kyou-chan, I'm so glad you're ok... You're not hurt anywhere, are you? I got stuck under the rubble near the entrance, unable to do anything... Damn, I thought I'd never see you again." He let go of the hug after saying this and put his one hand over her shoulder, looking her in the eyes with a terribly pained expresion. "Your okaasan, she... Junko didn't make it. She was right in the center of everything helping people to set camp." Ranga & Beverly "Yeah, she's right." Asuka said, for once not even caring about Beverly's provocation. "It's most likely bad news. Better let them have some space." Satomi "Yes, you looked like a natural piloting the Evangelion." Daisuke said, though for some reason his expression didn't make it feel like a compliment. "You have now access to something too powerful, Satomi, and too dangerous. If it depended on me you'd never pilot that monster again, but now that's in the Admiral's hands." He finished his food and got back to the computer terminal. "Now that it's come to this, you have three priorities: Don't do anything rash with your unit, don't let any of the other children do it with theirs' and, most important of all, don't put yourself in danger. If things get ugly just run, don't care for the others."
  11. Ahmed & Kyou Alma waited for Asuka and Ranga to leave before speaking to Ahmed and Kyou in the kindest tone she could muster "Well you two, there are some people here to meet you. I think it's better for you to see for yourselves. I'll give you some space." The woman then sent the soldier away and opened the door for two people to come in: Ahmed's mother, and Kyou's father. The next realization was that they were absolutely not ok. Ahmed's mom was in a wheelchair, and Kyou's dad was missing his right arm. Both looked very shaken, so much that it took them a moment to recognize their son and daughter, at which point she opened her arms, calling for Ahmed's name, and he rushed to Kyou, dropping to his knees to hug her tightly with his remaining arm. Both were crying. Satomi "Oh, yes. That." Daisuke said simply. After thinking for a bit, he asked. "So... How was it? Piloting the Evangelion?" Asuka, Ranga, Beverly Asuka was the first to get up and get to the room, taking a bowl of pasta with her. She could imagine what was going on with the other two pilots, so she didn't complain at all and was actually pretty silent when she left the bowl near Beverly's bed. "Here, some food for you. It's pretty decent." The red head said, taking a seat and waiting for Ranga to join them.
  12. Satomi "I see." Doctor Hashimoto said, seriously. Satomi's disconfort with her shoulder didn't pass unnoticed to her father, though. "Are you hurt?" He asked in a worried tone, rapidly followed by an annoyed "Neumann's staff should have checked you better."
  13. Ranga, Ahmed Kyou "Oh, me? I'm still a work in progress... I 've always wanted to learn to cook properly, but my studies and, later, my work didn't give me enough time to really try my hand at it. Guess now I have a good reason to focus on getting better, though!" Alma answered with a smile. It wasn't long after that they heard someone knock on the door. The doctor excused herself and went to answer it. A young soldier greeted her and, after a brief conversation, she turned to look at the children over her shoulder. It was a quick glance, but she seemed worried. "Kyou, Ahmed, could you come here for a second?" She asked in a calm tone. "Asuka and Ranga, could you take some food to Beverly and make her company for a little while?" Satomi "Yes, there are no problems with my physical condition." Daisuke said, almost mechanically. "Although I could have had a better day, obviously." He then looked up from his plate for a change and stared Satomi in the eyes. "You seem to be holding pretty well, considering what happened."
  14. Ahmed, Ranga, Kyou The doctor smiled at Ahmed's comment. "Well, seems like we've got gourmet here! Do you like cooking, Ahmed?"
  15. Kyou, Beverly, Ranga, Ahmed "Ok, I´ll leave some food ready for you in the fridge." Alma said softly. "Sleep well... and just call me if you need anything, right?" Then she turned around and left Beverly alone - which was probably for the best. The doctor took a chair at the table and sat down, then pressed the palms of her hands together, praying silently for a moment before she started to eat. "Uhmn, maybe I put too few salt in this." She said after a bite. "What do you think?" The day had been pretty stressfull for everyone up until that point, so Alma thought it was best to calm the children with a more normal conversation. Satomi "... Sorry, what did you say?" Dr. Hashimoto said, before realizing by himself what it was. "Oh yes, you´re right." He pushed some more commands in his terminal before getting up and sitting by the table, starting to eat quietly.
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