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  1. Jesse Jesse yawns as steps out outside the mobile fortress, obviously the angel slept the entire trip towards their destination. He carries his rifle as he gets a move on with the others. while he was following the group, Kyle just suddenly do Kyle things and unpins one of his grenades, Threatening to blow some man who just shows up from out of nowhere. Lucky your friendly neighborhood A.I: Alexandria decided to intervene in the gangster's course of action. The sniper was quite alarmed by this as he pointed his rifle at the man as well. Can't be too careful now and lower his guard on this fresh face. As he stare's at the mysterious man's eyes, Jesse was quite surprised on what he saw on the other side. Jesse's acid trip: "Well that was trippy.." Jesse shakes off the mental image of his head and reluctantly put his gun away. He sighed and retain his composure like nothing happen, He standby, waiting for an explanation from the mysterious man who welcome them.
  2. Jesse "Oh" Jesse rapidly blinks his eyes, surprised by the demon child's answer "So this is your first exposure on the outside world. does your mother know about this?" he asked. "Well, we don't exactly have the proper 'rolemodels' around here since this group is mostly compose of mercenaries, gangsters and creatures i can't even begin to comprehend, But meh i think you'll be just fine fitting in here.." Jesse awkwardly said and scratches his head.
  3. Jesse "That guy with the diapers who shoot love arrows, eh forget it.." Jesse sighed and wave his hand. "Seriously you don't know what a rifle is?, how long have you been out of hell, demon?" Jesse asked bluntly.
  4. Jesse "Eros is Cupid in some version, not that's a complement or anything, my uncles hated that guy." Jesse said. "As for the holy powers, only higher ranks of angels can do that divine stuff, i adjust to the human customs of wielding a riffle and turning into a ghost in terms of combat" "So there, i guess welcome to the team of mixed individuals, Argent? that is your given name right?.."
  5. Jesse "You're right, usually tapestries are somehow connected to religion, royalty, battles fought or an achievement of someone. I can tell, all my uncles each have a dozen of those, each hanging in front of the pearly gates just to show off and brag about themselves. Those narcissistic archangels..." Jesse scoffs as he approach the demon and the engineer and ponders upon the decor as well. "Anyways, you say you're an incubus huh?" Jesse raised a brow as he briefly looks Argent. "I've never seen one before personally, some of my angel garrison did and said they are the evil counterpart of Eros or something." the boy shrugs. "my name is Jesse..if you must know" The sniper trails off and continues to ponder over his surroundings.
  6. "I'd be lying if i said i was okay..but i think can manage" Jesse said to Alexandria. "I think we've been introduced quite well, you provide a shield for me in the battlefield when those bucket of bolts were gunning for me. and for that ,i am grateful.." Jesse answered
  7. Jesse The sniper takes a knee and sighed, holding his rifle like a cane as he watch the others celebrate. He wasn't the festive kind nor the drinking kind like the others are in celebrating this victory, Maybe he's just plain too awkward to have a little fun and human interaction once in a while being an celestial being and all. Jesse remains in his position like a good soldier that he is, with a small smile on his lips knowing that everyone including himself is still breathing and performed well in this horrific encounter.
  8. Jesse(14/32) "well, This has been a target rich environment, i hope this one doesn't notice me like the last time i use one of my special bullets.." The sniper takes aim at Possessor. "Whatever you're planning, Save it.." Jesse pulls the trigger and fires a silencing bullet at the Possessor. Uses Shhhhhhhhhhhh! Silence! (1d8+dex+int)+ silencing effect.
  9. Welp, here's my 2nd char.A debuffing rogueish character, It's just a draft but it's mostly complete.
  10. Jesse (Health: 14/32) Jesse was ready to evade incoming attacks as he backs away and returns fire to the right arm of the machine. As the sniper strategically distance himself from the fight, a strange beam of light was cast upon him. He simply stops shooting with a dumbfounded look on his face as he finds the source of this small gift of health. "Uhh.. thanks.. I supposed?" Jesse said, tilting his head, confuse on why is this huge arachnid is treating his wound. He wasn't expecting something like this to come from a huge spider, but still, the angel was grateful that someone assisted on his injuries. "Uhh...you might not want to attack that Reactor unless you're ready to face it, it's lightning attack seems to be quite a bitch...anyways I can manage from here.." Jesse trails off without waiting for a reply from the arachnid. The sniper position himself once again into the backlines once again and continues to deal damage as much as he could to this wretched contraption. Jesse uses Snipe(basic attack) to the Robot's left arm
  11. Jesse "Whew, im glad that's over" Jesse winced in pain as he limps out of combat. While the others are busy treating their injuries and continuing to press on the attack towards the machine, Jesse decided to disengaged out of the crossfire, waiting for his lifesteal to come online again as he waits for the right moment. Jesse rolls evasion to any incoming attack.
  12. Jesse Jesse can barely stand up on his feet as the possess armor did a number on him with its fancy whirling attack, sending the angel a one way trip to destination fucked. The angel was gushing out blood and fast, something that the sniper wouldn't expect to happen this early, it seems the gods has forsaken at this moment. He was careless and didn't see that one coming, That armor is much stronger than he thought it would be. By the looks of things, It's time for this heavenly host to ditch this heavily wounded meat suit. It's such an ashamed tho, This child was his favorite vessel ever since he step foot on earth, It was a special gift from his creator. Perhaps Jesse can manage to stabilize his vessel's injured condition in the midst of all of this. "Uh, thanks.." Jesse weakly struggles to get behind Alexandria's shield as he falls into the ground on all fours. "I've marked that armor with magic, it should heal your injuries when you attack it. Unfortunately for me, I don't have the luxury to shoot right about now, It seems I'm too busy trying not to die at this very spot...Would you mind finishing the job for me?" The angel manages to smirk despite his condition as he takes a breather behind his teammates. Jesse retreated behind Alexandria's shield and reached for his pockets and drank his potion. Jesse restores 10 of his health. 1 potion used. Health: 24/32
  13. Jesse Jesse raises a brow while the machine started to conjure another being to attack them, that can't be good. the sniper levels his gun at its guardian. It looks like that sentient armor is trying to protect that vile summoning machine. Jesse cast a strange sigil out of thin air using his index finger and uses Specter's hunger(Free action) and marks the living armor with 'leech' status for 2 turns; 4 cd. Jesse fires an enchanted bullet and uses Shhhhhhhhhhhh! Silence! on the living armor before it does something unusual. 3 turn cd
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