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  1. Edmond at this moment was somewhat nearby. With his abilities, tending the wounded was the first step after any battle, and Cicivexa was clearly among the wounded. At the first sound of his rage filled cry, Edmond fired up the afterburners on his suit, speeding towards Cicivexa, to grab him and rapidly bring him as far from his target as possible. Edmond was pretty certain he would not be caught in the crossfire, but that was of lesser importance. Here was a chance at ending the fight without significantly lowered cost, he could not afford to let that chance slip by. "You're going to need to calm down." Perfect tackle on Cicivexa, a SYN+STR check to banish him from the combat area for one turn. Use Strenuous G-Force to sacrifice 30 HP to do this action very fast.
  2. "Thanks." Edmond stated in response to the defense of the swordswoman. He did not know what had happened with Dackly's sudden, distinct, appearance, but he would not complain. Nor did he know quite what they were up to. "Good to have you back!" He called, before moving to attack. It seemed unlikely that he'd manage to interfere with their plans. Stress testing on loyal Gozer, for 2d8+12 damage, and increases damage from next hit on same enemy by 25%. Heal for 10% MHP (7). 4 physical damage reduct, 8 against bullets.
  3. Liliya followed along as a similar leisurely pace. There'd be no use in going off ahead. "Don't read into it, but I've got to ask, can you make liquids with that synthesizer? Like, drinks."
  4. "Man that's pretty sweet. You know when we got zombiefied I kinda got lost. Stuck in the dusty empty rooms back here. Realll empty, really convoluted. Took me till now to get out!" Harry rambled. The fact that this had actually worked, if even for a bit, was baffling. Now though, how could he keep this guy distracted for longer? It might even be a good thing if the dude figured out that Harry was not his conscience, there'd be a few things Harry could pull off then. "So I like not losing gains, but I gotta know, can you make any gains any more? Or you stuck, hit a wall, never gonna improve your strength no more? Man that would be a real shame wouldn't it, if some dude came along and managed to beat us cause he could still beef up more. That'd be a real embarrassment in fact. You ever worry about that?" Continue to try to impersonate Recoome's conscience with Psionic Message. Keep quiet and sit off to the sidelines at the impromptu medical station if necessary.
  5. Well that seemed to have done something. But in the moment that it appeared in his mind, Edmond shied away from this change. Perhaps if it had been a few weeks ago, when he'd had nothing, by which to compare with any of those here, he might have grasped it, hoping for some newfound power. But at the moment, he was not necessarily confident in, but satisfied with what he could contribute. As could be seen by what he and Tsubasa had just accomplished. Birds Eye view on Gozer and Cap, and Cicivexa. Decrease incoming damage to them by 30% for one round. Heal for 10% MHP (7). 4 physical damage reduct, 8 against bullets.
  6. "Wait. . . The Makuta has children? No offense meant, but is this an asexual reproduction thing, or what?" Edmond had no idea whether his question would be heard. In the meantime though, Edmond inched over towards Tsubasa, who he recalled had been carrying the stones. He didn't want to attack Medusa just yet, as she hadn't, strictly speaking, attacked them yet. She was still an ex member of the group after all. "Brace yourself, I'm gonna get you to the temple, alright? You get the stones in place." Edmond murmured. Then, a split second later, he'd pour as much magical energy into his suits thrusters as he and the power reserves could muster. Use Strenuous G-force to act at 35 in the initiative. (Costs 32 HP, cut by preemptory bracing down to 22 HP cost). Use Perfect Tackle to yeet the person carrying the Toa stones into the temple, using STR+SYN (6+5) for the check, with a bonus of INT/2 (see level 5 of The Iron Will power armor) to performing this. Recover 10% MHP. 4 physical damage reduct, 8 against bullets.
  7. "Thank you Leo. Though I worry more that I may have broken the clock than myself if I got into the gears. What do you expect that ladder down goes to?" Had they perhaps gone through the gears to no purpose? Well, that would be a nuisance indeed. "Shall we check the lower level first? Or would you rather go directly for the goal?"
  8. "What the hell. . ." Harry murmured softly, as he watched the line of zombies waltz in, literally. How was he supposed to treat people here now? Well, at the very least, this kind of battle looked like it might have significantly less bloodshed. Mentally projecting outward, Harry soon found Alan. "You seeing this? Is this all of them? This stuff just keeps getting crazier and crazier. What's happening on your end?" Following this confirmation, Harry considered a few options. He could try to sneak out, a plan seemingly doomed to failure. Invisibility, or rather erasure of his presence he had, but it could be extended to only one victim. He could dance, but. . . well there was no reason for him to believe that would do anything. Harry considered attacking, but, the situation wasn't all that bad at the moment, as the zombies weren't attacking them, and he didn't want to break that seeming truce. So for now, he settled on poking around in people's mind. Specifically, Recoomes. It took a bit to identify his mind, Harry knew he'd need some practice at that, but eventually he found it. "Hey there old buddy, it's me, your conscience." What a stupid idea. "Know it's been a while, but you know how it is. Thought I'd check in. . .How you been doing lately? Nice pose you got there, good figure, how much you benching these days? Try to impersonate Recoome's conscience with Psionic Message. Keep quiet and sit off to the sidelines at the impromptu medical station if necessary.
  9. Liliya blinked at the robot several times. She then made an attempt to role with it. "Yep. That's the number. We'll be seeing you then!" "Psst hey what else can you make that way?"
  10. "Indeed, energy control may be rather interest. I wonder if it would work on my methods. Or perhaps my methods would work on it. One or the other." Ena stared up through the tower, noting the lack of any clear stairs or walkway to the final level. "What a convoluted path." "Well, shall we begin?" With that, step onto the platform to carry herself up.
  11. "Spiderman," Harry had at some point heard his name, "Didn't get your flu vaccine, eh?" The flu remained a relevant disease, though primarily in poorer regions of old earth in Harry's experience. Too mutagenic and contagious to really eliminate easily, and not lethal enough or threatening enough to those with enhancements such as his for anyone to invest the massive wealth that would be necessary. Such an effort would probably fail anyway. "Oh and uh. . . you? Don't think I caught your name. But thank you for the help." He'd gotten the person to help bring over clean water for washing injuries, direct the injured, and miscellaneous other tasks without even knowing their name. Couldn't really judge based on attire in the current situation, but this person was certainly part of the team though, given what had occurred in the battle before.
  12. "Travis, how long ago were your world wars? Is this ancient history, or still rather relevant? Well, relevant to all those still on your world." While Edmond didn't particularly like taking the mask, it seemed like that would be what would happen, and he felt it best to accept it and move on.
  13. "I think that the question was not of Medusa breaking it, but rather whether she would respond to any threat to break it." "In any case, sir, if you do give this to us, is there anything else we should know to minimize the risk that carrying it is?"
  14. "I take it that the consequences of the Makuta obtaining this mask would be catastrophic? I don't know if I trust us or our strength to keep it out of his hands. I must ask though, why did the Makuta believe your threat to destroy it? If it worked once, it may work again. Given that we are not of this world, he may be more inclined to believe that we'd have no qualms about breaking it. . ." He would have had a different opinion had the whole group been here. There were those with the power and capacity to perhaps wield the mask effectively, gods and other things. But with those here, Edmond did not find himself convinced of their capacity to handle such an item. Though he supposed, it could depend purely on what was needed to wield the mask. "You've worn the mask, what does it take? Is it strength of body, will, magic, some combination, or something else entirely?"
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