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  1. Kino and Enma Their initially civil, if mostly ominous, introduction to the inn had ended up culminated common deception heard in youkai folktales and even other stories meant to scare and teach children back in the twins' youth. Their company (both spiritual and non-spiritual) aside, the feral host's ravenous remark bore no threat, for Kino and her kin no longer had blood to give, even if her frail, withered body were to be torn apart like rags for her adversaries' leisure. Despite Enma's initial fear, the masked figure and what remained of the demons seemed to scare her less than the haunting memories that filled the place, and a day's worth of reaping and claiming would largely offset what remained of her apprehension. Bad service, Enma pouted. Perhaps you'd like to file a complaint. In a rare moment, Kino found it in herself to make that amusing remark, earning a giggle from her sister: it was quickly replaced by a wave of undying excitement that was roaring within her and her kin even as it ate away at her sister with each waking moment. And it would be them who could claim payment for their poor reception. Kino (75/100) Enma (70/70) Kino unleashes her Revelation of spirits, the feedback of the incantation stripping her of 25% of her maximum health. Enma attacks Ubume 2, dealing 1d6 + INT(9) damage to it, and marking it with Entente of Malice, which will empower Kino's next attack dealt to it.
  2. Venus His weapon was fully loaded. More than necessary, but well enough -- it paid to be prepared. There was still a wicked irony with the first shot being the last, though, as some would say -- every ending gives way to another new beginning. Venus tilted his masked head to the side like a snake would open eyeing prey; the whimsicality of the gesture was perhaps more akin to a curious child, and he brandished his weapon of choice as he eyed the final movements of the doll that was the hooked corpse. The red glow it emitted reminded him of the backdrop that complemented grim, at times romantic sceneries depicted in operas, though in this case, what would transpire next was much more inclined to the former. Having largely ignored the beating Navin had given to what would be his final segment for this performance (though he appreciated the merit that came with what was otherwise crude, unrefined handiwork) he blocked off all sound, wanting to hear only the thumping of his own wild, excited heart that rang, deaf to even the final gunshot that fired the next moment. There was a shimmering light and a splattering sound, but what sprung forth from what remained of the corpse was neither red nor any meaty color typical expected from its dismemberment. After all, blood was far more alluring to the eye when it came in more colors.
  3. Venus Magnificent. Those were the only words that popped into Venus' mind as the hooks around him bloomed and scattered amidst his flurry of petals; no more needed to be said as nearly all adversaries were down except the largest puppet. That said, the show was not over yet: despite the approaching climax; even so, Venus had exhausted his current reserve of tools despite the thrilling work he'd created, and he needed to prepare swiftly before the finale approached. Venus is unable to take any other actions this turn due to Preparation.
  4. Venus (36/65) All was set. The largest of the hookers itself seemed to prepare for the inevitable that was to come -- a minor setback, but it was only natural to resist. There were the faint of heart all over, and this next strike would be one to invigorate them. Venus casts an amplified Artful Flourish against the Giant Hooker, dealing [4d4 + INT (10) + INT/4 x 3(Total 6) + INT (10) +5 + DEX/4 (1) . Total: 4d4 + 32) x 30% damage to it with a guaranteed chance for a critical strike. This attack will trigger the Lotus armed on it, adding a further 50% bonus damage of the final attack's damage (mulitplicatively) toward the Hooker, and dealing 50% of its total damage to all surrounding enemies, rounded down.
  5. Venus (58/65) Venus casts Curtain against Mini Meathook 2, dealing [2d4 + INT + INT/4 x 2 (Total 4)] x 30% damage (with 30% crit chance for double damage) to it. Mini Meathook 2's attacks have a DEX (5) + SYN/2 (3) + INT/2 (5) = 13% chance of missing Venus for two turns.
  6. Venus (58/65) Venus arms Lotus onto the Giant Hooker. The bomb does nothing this turn, but the next time Venus targets the Giant Hooker, the Lotus will explode, causing Venus' next attack to deal 150% bonus damage to the Giant Hooker and 50% of the attack's damage to all surrounding enemies.
  7. Venus (65/65) Whatever it was that had presented itself before Venus at present, the sight proved intriguing to the artist despite its evident repugnance to the average person; the sight reminded him of a puppet, if a puppet was itself a puppeteer of gory, sanguine hooks that hung like stage props. There was a certain appeal to the presentation, even in the predatory, dull face of the corpse crudely bound to sharp metal -- perhaps his fascination came from the unexpected sighting, let alone the resemblance the situation held to what the artist was quite used to. There was the thrill that came surging through Venus -- thrill that came with the grim connotation the surrounding atmosphere was giving out, only adding to the unexpected interest of what he was seeing at present. It was like walking into a living horror opera, except he was not the one that directed it --not for the exposition, anyway. Grinning and brandishing his weapon, he was ready to make full use of the circumstances at play. Venus uses Petal Hail on Mini Meathook 4, dealing [4d4 + INT (10) + INT/4 (2) ] x 130% damage and marking it. The next time Mini Meathook 4 takes damage from Venus, Venus' attack deals level bonus damage and ignores damage reduction.
  8. Happy Birthday πŸ˜„, i hope that you will have a great day πŸ˜„πŸ°

  9. Kino (56/98) Enma (68/68) Enma attacks the Red Imp 3 dealing 1d6 + INT(9) damage to it, and marking it with Entente of Malice, which will empower Kino's next attack dealt to it. Kino attacks the same Red Imp 3 with Burial Rites, dealing 2d6 + INT (9) + INT/2 (4) +2 damage to it, and restoring Kino and Enma's health by SYN/2, respectively, triggering Entente of Malice. If Kino's target dies during the turn after being damaged by this ability, Kino restores health equal to the damage this attack dealt to them.
  10. Kino and Enma Familiarity was a double-edged sword; as much as Kino could take a good guess as to what targets she should attack and their potential resistances and capabilities, they too, may also have some preparation toward Kino and her kin. While the Imps seemed meek, Kino's attention was more fixated on the avian that was eyeing the group--was it the bird that made the Inn's ominous name? Part of Kino resisted to attack given that fact, and even Enma felt less eager about the battle even with their numbers. Only the goddess appeared to dare attack it at present, though she seemed to possess an idiosyncratic position and familiarity to the world that surpassed Kino's herself; she decided she needed more information, and chose to attack the less intimidating targets at present. Are you scared? I'm with you. And our brothers and sisters. There's little to fear. Kino (73/98) Enma (68/68) Kino unleashes her Revelation of spirits, the incantation causing wear that costs 25% of her maximum health. Enma attacks the Black Imp, dealing 1d6 + INT(9) damage to it, and marking it with Entente of Malice, which will empower Kino's next attack dealt to it.
  11. Kino and Enma The receiving Imps seemed to provide a polite, if not the most warm reception, to the sisters and her band of otherworlders. Kino's dispassionate expression remained on her pale face, though she sensed that her ghost sister was feeling tensed as the Imp mentioned the name of the inn. Vultures were known to the siblings back in their times as nuns, for their were ominous harbingers of death and preyed on the decayed...part of the thin divide that Kino walked on. Enma in particular feared the idea of vultures preying on corpses in the past, for it was their former duty to put the unfortunate deceased to rest, and though the younger twin now had no flesh to speak of, she found herself fearful over the suggestive name. Kino and Enma were perhaps the only ones amongst their group--their massive kin of spirits aside- to have any semblance of...being dead. And though the idea remained that the group could very well be walking into a butcher's haven, there seemed to be no immediate cause for alarm given how timid the Imps were, or perhaps it was the particular strength of the Goddess, that seemed to be more familiar with this area than most of the other groups members. Kino could not tell which of these was the more accurate guess of the two. The aching wails of the kin continued eating away at the ominous atmosphere, something that did not seem to fade even as Kino followed the others through the gates, though they also did not intensify due to alarm or hunger for the moment, another suggestion that nothing seemed to be too immediately threatening. We're not offering ourselves as main courses for birds, are we? It's just a name, Kino assured her, in a voice only she could hear. You needn't worry, though I suppose we'll find out why it's named as such if we decide to get in.
  12. Venus "Three to one. Very well," Venus said, plainly, deciding to respect the merit of moving together as a group. The startled reactions his colleagues had made at his appearance were a satisfactory consolation, the merest hint of an icy smile creeping up his unseen mouth. "We shall proceed with the initially proposed path, then."
  13. Hey it's been a while! How are you? πŸ™‚

    1. Noir


      Oh, hi. Been a while, quite a while actually.Β Wanna continue this off discord/DMs?Β 

    2. Cool Girl

      Cool Girl

      Sure πŸ™‚Β I don't remember your discord, but my discord is Cool Girl #6637. You can also talk to me on DMs here if you want. Let's keep in touch! πŸ™‚Β 

  14. Venus Venus had followed the trio quietly behind them as they ventured deeper into the abandoned warehouse, stopping a short distance away as discussed their next course of action. The warehouse housed a variety of unpleasant scents, the foremost of which he expected to be blood given the rumors of underground organ trade, but he could not make the scent out easily from the other factors that contributed to the stench in the air. As Heidrun appeared to conjure a light well enough to illuminate their path, he thought of the idea that as much as light would illuminate their way, it put the bearer as much at risk of being easily detected and vulnerable, should there truly be anything sentient existing within the area. Sound as their reasons were to opt for the left path, Venus preferred to see the big picture, the greater scope of possibilities. A contrasting situation of the two paths, one with a maze and one without, seemed too cliche. Too convenient. Or perhaps it was merely his own thrill of the unknown that spurred his contrarian ideas. "Perhaps we can access more ground if we divide ourselves for a moment?" The artist suddenly spoke up. He knew that he had wax and some materials that he could make a candle's light out of. "I can conjure a source of light myself, albeit...only temporary. Given your light," He addressed Heidrun, "I doubt it would be fairly difficult to rejoin later on. And while what you said is true," He then turned to Navin, "I would assume that should there be...any adversary within this dull setting, they would be more likely to strike from the more accomodating route for us. I propose we diverge into each route in groups of two, though I'm a fair man--I'm no stranger to a...democratic arrangement." His inscrutable gaze from beneath his mask then eyed Solomon, knowing that he had the final say in their course of action given that Navin and Heidrun had opted for the left path.
  15. Kino (55/97) Enma (60/67) Enma attacks the Gashadokuro, dealing 1d6 + INT(9) damage to it, and marking it with Entente of Malice, which will empower Kino's next attack dealt to it. Kino attacks the same Gashadokuro with Burial Rites, dealing 2d6 + INT (9) + INT/2 (4) +2 damage to it, and restoring Kino and Enma's health by SYN/2, respectively, triggering Entente of Malice. If Kino's target dies during the turn after being damaged by this ability, Kino restores health equal to the damage this attack dealt to them.
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