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  1. Letting out a slightly annoyed sound as her armor powers down a little to cool the many, many systems she had presumably overheated, Jun continues to charge on ahead towards the giant genji armor to slash away with her sword. Jun attacks Genji Armor with her plasma blade, dealing 4d6+(Dex*1.2) damage, triggering ambush hunter to deal an additional 4d4 damage if Undyne has attacked it before she moved.
  2. Heidrun, Navin (25 v 16) The ghost had a slightly...inquisitive look in her eyes as Heidrun took a deep breath, and slowly started to tugged at the invisible field(?) of energy around them, and pulled a stream of it towards her, causing thin strands of white(?)/pure light to flow in her direction, mingling but never truly mixing with the brackish(?)/brown/sludge that she could now sense as permeating the very air. She pulled it all inside of her, as much of it that she could handle, and forced it to bend to her will, performing the painstaking process of pulling every little mote of mana free from the hopes and fears and lingering will of all who had lived and died here, until finally.... She's sweating, the room felt far colder now, and her stomach was churning something fierce, but she had it now, a shimmering orb of pure, life(?) aligned mana hovering just a little above the palm of her hand, and all that was left was to...offer it up to the ghost? Just spray the hot white stuff mana all over the ghost and hope it works out?. It didn't really matter how she did it really, but she had to choose soon, unless she just, wanted the ghost to walk over and touch it of her own accord, which would...probably happen sooner than later judging by the slight, shine in the ghost's eyes. Alexandria, Liliya There was an actual, honest to god expression of shock on Junior's face for a brief moment, as he saw the robotic lady casually grabbed actual trash from off of the floor and stuffs it inside of her mouth, only to spit out an actually decent looking business card onto the table in return, that he...picks up to very cautiously examine. The next words uttered out of the robot woman's mouth perhaps causing him to wonder if they were actually telling the truth, or if he was convinced to put his reputation on the line by a very convincing chuunibyou. "Yes, I'll be in touch," he eventually managed to say, with a far more neutral expression on his face than before. Friedhold (28 v 8 ) With the short amount of time alloted to him, Friedhold could just barely determine that the door is both electronically locked and keycard operated, and that he would likely need to produce a very large amount of power in a shortish amount of time to overload the door's systems, and that judging by how he's almost an entire century forwards in time, it would likely be a lot more efficient to just throw some water on the floors, and create a nice and slippery coating of ice to distract anyone trying to run away while he finds a way to disable the generators or something, instead of....spending a drekload of time trying to figure out if the future's capacitors will give up before his cold war era magic does.
  3. Loadout Muttering a curse word or three under her breath as the giant armor revealed it's new and improved form to the party, Jun held up her sword once more, and charged at the genji armor. Jun attacks Genji Armor with her plasma blade, dealing 4d6+(Dex*1.2) damage, triggering ambush hunter to deal an additional 4d4 damage if Undyne has attacked it before she moved.
  4. Loadout Shaking her head slightly to get right back into the game, Jun takes up her sword again, and holds out her gauntleted hand at the guard armor looming over the battle, attempting to distrupt it's concentration from afar, before he charges in once more to try and slice more of its limbs into tiny ribbons. Action 1: Jun uses C.H.O.K.E. System on Guard Armor, making an Intelligence vs (Essence-2) roll to see if she succeeds in stunning it. Action 2: Jun attacks Guard Armor Right Arm with her plasma blade, dealing 4d6+(Dex*1.2) damage, and triggering her extra attack passive to slash at it again, also triggering ambush hunter to deal 4d6+(Dex*1.2)+4d4 damage. Action 3: Jun attacks Guard Armor Right Leg with her plasma blade if it is still intact, switching to Guard Armor Right Arm if it's already down by her third action, or left arm if right arm is down too. Action 4: Jun uses I need healing on Ignia to give them an immediate out of turn move to pop a Cure on Jun.
  5. Liliya, Alexandria Junior rummages around in his jacket a little in search of something in response to Liliya's question, eventually taking out a...small notebook and a pen he had kept tucked away in a breast pocket, that's funny, you didn't peg him for a traditionalist. He flips to a semi random page, finding a blankish looking one he could write something down on, his handwriting is...about what you'd expect from an uncommon criminal living a century deep into the information age, but it's legible enough, forming a set of numbers anyone with even rudimentary knowledge of a phone would recognize as a phone number, presumably a mobile one. He tears it off the page, handing Liliya the crumpled up wad of generic paper substitute, "You may call this number to set up a meet once you have...subdued the shaman, but other than that? There's not much else you need to know, other than to watch out for any insect spirits that might be lurking in her abode, and whatever traps she had set out to defend herself from the many gangs that plague the barrens." "Of course, her current location will need to...wait until this plan has obtained the approval of my comrades but, I think that an hour would be all that is needed for this, perhaps we can meet up in that bar again, unless you're willing to give me another way to contact you," and with that said, he slides the notebook back into whatever pocket he had fetched it from, and waits for a response.
  6. "Kid, just don't worry about it too much, the important thing 'ere is that they go down when you shoot 'em as well as when you slash 'em, some folks here just know to handle a sword or a spear better," Mot finally said, as he gently revved his bike a little closer to the newcomer, his helmet still covering most of his face, "The name's Michael in case you're wondering, but some still call me Mot."
  7. Loadout Slowly taking out her other sword from it's sheath, Jun takes several confident steps towards the giant as the red plasma slowly slides out to form the blade. Her armor emitting a very faint whirring sound as it's various systems charge up, to prepare for her launch into combat. "So, do you know anything else about these guys that we should know about? Any weaknesses or?." Jun uses her first action to use A.G.I.L.E. System to multiply her Dexterity (11) by 1.8 for two rounds, before using Spin to Win to hit Guard Armor Right Leg and Left Leg for 4d6+Dex * 1.2) damage, with an additional 4d4 if someone has hit them before during the round. Jun has a Dodge chance of Dex*2% (22% before A.G.I.L.E. is activated), and her meteorite shield core reduces the damage taken from projectiles by 50% for one round if she is struck by one, before going on cooldown for a round.
  8. Briefly and very figuratively shitting himself at the sight of essentially the entire hoard of deadites converging on Scout Skipper's current position, Alan decides to leave a message on whatever contact information the Avengers reservists gave him that said, "Uhhhhh, I think Scout just challenged the entire zombie horde to a dance off, and they seem to have...accepted it? Now I don't know about you but I think I'm just going to try and bag the necronomicon while Doc Ock's minions are uh, doing thriller or something? I don't fragging know." Before he tries to wheel his van about to one of the mall's non deadite covered entrances, and charges forth towards the laser tag with his many drones in tow, and the really dissapointingly small Overwatch PDW in hand.
  9. Jun gently waves goodbye at the bar and it's patrons as she follows after Ignia, "This probably won't take that long, especially if we have anyone else helping out..."
  10. Slowly turning around to acknowledge Ignia's presence, Jun lets out a strained sigh before she finally said, "Damn it, of course this place has those too, how far away are they? And are you sure that it won't just, pop open while you were away and send one of those heartless things out to cause trouble?."
  11. "Damn, I don't really know how to fix one of those either, it's a bit...ancient," Jun said, after taking a while to examine the jukebox itself from a distance, and realizing that she came up blank on how to even begin with fixing it really.
  12. Jun quickly follows after Gerson and the Dog Squad to see if there was anything she could do to help with their search for a working karaoke machine.
  13. Seeing as everyone was going around doing good and honest work with preparing the feast she had accidentally requested, Jun in lieu of actually helping out in the kitchen, instead decides to find a lead for a working karaoke machine, singling out Gerson, the foremost merchant (still in the castle) as the person she will sidle up to and very suddenly ask, "Hey, thanks for teaching me how to use THE LAW earlier, even though I didn't actually need to use it this time. But anyway, this might seem a bit sudden but, do you know where we could find a working karaoke machine?."
  14. "Spaceship? Don't you mean the school bus Ignia?," Jun asked, briefly wondering if Ignia genuinely just didn't know what that was, or if the knight simply wanted their ride to sound a bit cooler than it actually was. And with that said, she slowly turned to face Toriel once more before very politely saying, "Well, we mostly get called in to worlds that's in great danger or otherwise in dire need for help propping up before it all collapses, but if we find a cool enough world I'll keep the queendom of monsters in mind. Of course if you've already found one and need a bit of help with settling in you could always give us a call..." There is a brief and very awkward pause before Jun coughs, and says, "And uh, if it isn't too much too ask, I've kind of been wondering what a proper slice of butterscotch pie tastes like ever since I saw the recipes in the trash..."
  15. "Starting," Jun said, with the calm and confident tone of someone who's probably a bit more familiar with the subject than she lets on, "Like it or not, King Asgore is still the legitimate and rightful ruler of the underworld, the fact that we are backed by the former Queen simply lends a bit more legitimacy to our claim." --------------------------------------------------------------- Jun naturally concludes that monsters either showed affection and concern through displayed physical force, or that Toriel's general reaction to a distressing situation is to hit something or someone really hard after watching the uh, scene unfolding before them. She curtsies a little after making her own entrance, keeping her hands clasped together, and far away enough from anything that could count as a weapon, "Yes your majesty, it would be best if we discuss all of...this in a, more neutral setting." Jun uses Ace Ambassador.
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