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  1. Law wipes the sweat from his face. "Now that was some hard work." "So, what's this about a lightsaber? Some kind of laser weapon?"
  2. Genji Armor fires its cannon, squeezing the Cannon-shaped heartless and forcing it to fire a cannonball into the air! Undyne throws a spear at the monster, which it obsessively grabs. It's SOUL turns green, and it becomes unable to move! (1,1,4,1,) Jun deals 31 Damage to Genji Armor with a devestating slash attack! Doge's Flaming Spear returns to normal, so they re-ignite it! Genji Armor defends with one of its shields, incoming damage is halved! "Don't move, whatever you are!?" Doggo unleashes a flurry of blue attacks, but they all miss! Lesser Dog raises its shield and defends as well, damage is halved! "I'll wait for you dear" "(...So thoughtful!)" Dogamy Delays their turn until Dogaressa's! (9) Genji Armor unleashes a blistering Lance Attack at Lesser Dog, dealing 19 Damage! The Lance penetrates the dog's shield! (2,5) Dogamy and Dogaressa use a team attack! One after another, the dogs use brutal, interwoven axe attacks from their heavy battleaxes! Genji Armor takes a reduced 8 damage! (3,2,2,1) Greater Dog summons a small white dog... The dog wakes up from Genji Armor's rattling, firing off rapid loud barks! Genji Armor takes a reduced 3 damage! (7,7,7) Prodditor places a massive rift directly on top of Genji Armor. Its Dog-faced shield tries to block, but Prodditor gets lucky! Genji Armor takes 45 Damage and a 50% miss chance for one turn as its shield is broken! (8) Genji Armor swings the Hammer Heartless in its grip violently, releasing shockwaves that will stun and damage foes that get too close! Ignia uses cure, fully restoring Lesser Dog's health! Ignia uses Poison Edge, striking Genji Armor's shield-bearing arm with a toxic blow! The Hammer-arm's blows try to stun her, but a sudden surge of energy allows her to instead counterattack with Payback Crush! It takes 13 Damage twice, and an additional 9 damage from poison! Rachel sings the song of her people! A blinking reticule appears underneath Rachel's feet..! Theme Status Initiative
  3. Alphys, it seems, vastly underestimated how much it would tingle, as she quickly goes to work scribbling even more runes onto Arminius's skin with a blend of lightning magic and cheap markers. The end result is that the runic tattoos that he had been using all his life now have English annotations, commentary scribbled out, and what appear to be a vast number of additions, tweaks and modifications. "There. I made an app on your phone to control the runework. As a human, you'll probably have much better success using tools like this rather than manipulating the magic directly." She hands over a smartphone to Arminius, which seems to have been magically tethered to his own arrays. The monstergirls bound to him are in his contacts, and there appear to be a number of other functions besides. She shakes her head. "Monsters are MADE of magic, and I doubt we could manage runework like that by hand. I have no clue whose bright idea it was to give you those, but they did NOT make it easy for you... The way they're set up, they'd drain the life out of anyone you fought!"
  4. Alphys gives the human a deeply disturbed look. "We'll have to use one of mine then." She cracks her knuckles and rummages around for a welder's mask. As if noticing Arminius's reaction to this, she waves him off. "The mask is for you, don't worry." Her fingers crackle ominously with electricity as she uncaps a sharpie taken out of the pencil holder on her desk. "Now hold still. This may tingle a bit."
  5. Alphys looks at Arminius, then his runes, and then thinks back to Bombshell. She waves towards her lab. "Come on. I'm going to fix those stupid runes, and you're going to never create a living thing that awful again. Honestly, even Bratty and Catty were nice at least." she mutters, stalking up the volcanic trail back to the upper parts of Hotland. Upon entering the lab, Alphys questions if Arminius has a cellphone.
  6. Alphys backs up. "W-well, I'm a l-lot more interested in the fact that you can do that at ALL. Moral q-q-quandries aside, it should be impossible!" "W-w-well, impossible, in the sense of making a living m-monster from scratch, that is..."
  7. As Arminius gathers the materials together, his tattoos ignite with brilliant white light, combining the meteorite, slime, lava, and cannon together into... A rotund molten bimbo who, moments after being birthed, is already texting on a phone that looks suspiciously like the Star Cannon Arminius had been hoping it would assimilate. Alphys looks shocked and confused at the new monster coming into being, but her surprise quickly turns into disgust when, upon approaching Arminius for an explanation, she waggles a finger back. "Like, back off, fugly, that one's mine." Despite the rude comment, they quickly return to tiptapping away at their phone, mass texting entries on their friends list, such as "Meteorhead1", "Meteorhead1999", and "Meteorhead2", whose name has hearts and glitter around it in the friends list. Alphys just gives Arminius a confused look of vague disgust. "P-please tell me that isn't what you were TRYING to do."
  8. Alphys pulls what appears to be an ordinary looking extension cord out of a box, plugging it into the wall socket. "This will probably work," she says, stripping the end of the cord with some wirecutters to reveal the cabling, which sparks with yellow magic.
  9. Alphys perks up at this. "Yeah, I think there's a shovel somewhere around here." she roots around and grabs a shovel out of her tool cabinet. "Do you need help?"
  10. Alphys nods, not paying him her full attention as she scribbles down math. "Uh huh. Don't plug stuff into the core, just use an outlet," she mutters, using lighting from her fingertips to weld together two metal bits on the table.
  11. -Arminius Arminius zchoops over there in record time, arriving to the sight of Alphys drawing up blueprints, a messy list scribbled onto some paper on the table next to her.
  12. Before Ignia can attack, or anyone else can properly react, a second Guard Armor falls from the sky, smashing into the first one and scattering chunks of armor everywhere! The pile of armor rattles in confusion and disarray on the ground, as if one were complaining to the other, asking why it were late. With terrifying slowness, the two piles of armor rise up into the air... DOUBLE-THEME OVERRIDE CLANGCLANGCLANGCLANGCLANGCLANGCLANGCLANG!!! The armor pieces slam together, two legs, four arms, and a second pair of legs that slot just underneath the first set of arms! Ignia can sense the darkness in the air as the amalgam of armor pieces begins summoning yet more Heartless to it, swirling portals of darkness ripping open to spit out even more of the bastards, each new Heartless wielding a nasty looking weapon, or even BEING a nasty looking weapon. With a single squeeze from each of its hands, this giant armor suit kills the heartless that are wielding weapons, and grabs the ones that simply are weapons, until it is fully equipped. The two Guard Armor Heads spin around each other at incredible speeds, suffused in purple fire. With a loud creak, both of their visors open like eyelids, each one revealing a single yellow eye. Undyne takes a step back. "And just what the hell is this thing?!" Status Initiative
  13. Undyne growls. "Oh no you don't!" She throws another spear towards the Guard Armor Leg, but it bounces off clumsily! Doge uses another flaming spear attack, but the Orange Magic phases through the Guard Armor, which decides to move this turn! Jun uses their CHOKE system to stun the Guard Armor, stunning the entire suit of armor! (3, 1) "I said don't move!" Doggo shouts, releasing even more wild slashes. The blue magic crashes into all the Guard Armor parts, dealing 14 damage to each! Guard Armor Right Leg creaks ominously! Guard Armor Left Leg creaks ominously! "NGAHHH! What the hell is this thing made of?!" she shouts, throwing another spear at the Guard Armor and trying to force it into Green Mode! The Guard Armor is too stunned to catch the spear, and it clanks off awkwardly! Lesser Dog yips in a stunned tone of voice! Doge frowns, and, noticing Prodditor isn't getting much use out of Dark Mode, switches them to Orange Mode as well. "...Walk it off." (9, 8 ) Dogamy and Dogaressa use a team attack! Dogamy blows blue and white kissy hearts at Dogaressa, which slam into Guard Armor Torso and deal 27 damage! Due to it moving this turn, the blue hearts hit too, dealing 27 damage again! (6, 5, 4, 4,) (2, 1, 3, 1) (3, 4, 1, 3) Jun unleashes a blistering combo of attacks, dealing 43 damage to the Guard Armor Right Arm! Attacking a second time, Jun deals 42 damage to it! The arm collapses in a shriek of dark metal! "You've got the right idea, it seems!" Undyne shouts, steeling herself. "This ends now!" (11, 9, 2, 8 ) Undyne heaves, flinging a massive bundle of spears at the Guard Armor Torso, with a flare of light, they all strike it at once, dealing 50 damage! Guard Armor Right Arm rattles ominously...! Guard Armor Left Arm rattles ominously...! Greater Dog throws a dog biscuit at Lesser Dog, restoring them to full health! Lesser Dog's neck stretches like a slinkie in its excitement to grab the treat out of the air... Doge attempts to change Guard Armor to Orange Mode with malicious dog magic, but it failed! (5, 2, 4, 5) Jun unleashes a brutal attack, dealing 40 damage to Guard Armor Right Leg, and destroying it! (3, 11) Undyne unleashes yet more spears, and deals 34 damage to Guard Armor Torso! The armor clatters to the ground, helmet rolling off of it! Prodditor turns Ethereal, becoming immune to harm! Ignia restores an ally's health! (6) Rachel begins singing, granting all allies +13 Temporary Health! Jun has Ignia use another Cure! The Guard Armor remains creak ominously... THEME OVERRIDE The Guard Armor rises up into the air, but something is wrong! Its torso flips upside down, and, with pulses of dark energy, the legs plug where the arms should go, and the arms plug where the legs should go... The Guard Armor's head slams into place with a loud clang, and the visor opens, revealing malicious yellow eyes! The aura of danger that the heartless gave off intensifies as it reveals its true form! Status Initiative
  14. "In all fairness, when your technology goes wrong, you may choose to blow it to pieces with a gun. When our technology goes wrong, it is much more difficult to eradicate it with a blaster." Law taps the side of his head uncomfortably. "There is a very good reason that all Eco in existence requires a copy of our genetic code to both create and control it, and that reason is that some Precursors believe that we shouldn't limit our entire race to the shape, behavior, and singular intelligence of a small fuzzy ancestral prey-species mammal that achieved spaceflight as it was several billion years ago." "Some of them would prefer to be freakish biomechanical sociopathic mutants hellbent on destroying planets instead." Law lets out a puff of air. "There are some advantages to having something other than you undergo the heavy thinking, modification and upgrading, I will admit."
  15. "As a species, the mind of a Precursor is built from the ground up to multitask, in spite of our only slightly-above-average intelligence. Assuming I had the proper training, which I admittedly do not, I could simply do the calculations, not one after another, but all at the same time." "It would take me 25 minutes to plot a course from one planet to another, if it were as difficult as you claim. It would also take me 25 minutes to plot a hundred courses between a hundred planets while watching television and eating my lunch." Law thinks for a moment. "I think my people did make Artificial Intelligence at one point or another, but we quckly figured out that it made more sense to simply have a Precursor or two do all of it while they worked on something else. Our technology is designed to help us perform that input more quickly. I mean, even if we could solve all those problems at once, it would take hours to simply type it or speak it..." Considering the best way to prove his point, Law waves his scanstave, and summons up a tablet made of thin metal using the Ender Forge. "My multiplication tables, to a hundred-thousand. They weren't in the printer's list of prefabs."
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