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  1. That's really a lot of hard work x__x The sprites are hella awesome and it's pretty badass be riding a fricking volcarona! Maybe you could add like, a little shine in the helmet? Idk but overall it's pretty great! As a lazy person i just did some of the sprites hahaha boy goes to normal when riding, diving or fishing
  2. It looks really good! And the plot of the game sounds pretty interesting too :3 I'll be waiting for the release
  3. Thank u I will definitely make some space to play some of the games!! I think im gonna check Rejuvenation next ;3
  4. Hi everyone! I just finished E18 three days ago and now I feel a black hole in my chest hahaha okno but I'm really into the story and... What can I say? I love Pokemon games ~ I haven't played Swsh yet ( I don't have a switch press F) so I'm usually searching for fan Pokemon games to play I'm a 21 years old girl, no pets, almost done with studies and ready to start another file for reborn I would like to share some drawings from the game here, since I can't really find a lot of fanart Aaaaaand I'm done ✌:D Btw u can call me Owly
  5. Escavalier since I fought Radomus. I ended battles pretty fast thanks to his def stats + fell stinger + scope lents I never thought I would adore a bug Pokemon too much
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