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  1. Ahhhh gotcha. I was so confused haha I even attempted to de-level it down to 19 and level it back up to 20 and I was like what is going on hahaha.
  2. So I finally picked back up with my Mono-flying run of Reborn and I got my favorite Mon, Aerodactyl. I went ahead and fully EV trained it, but then I found that it never learned Rock Slide? Move relearners do not show it, but it is supposed to learn it naturally at level 20... Is this a glitch??
  3. I agree with the person above about Metagross. Also, you have a bronzong too that could work well too! Gyro Ball her whole team and that levitate will help incase she has some ground moves to combat the steel typing since we all know the gym leaders love to have their coverage. You could also pull your Typhlosion out of the box for the fight too for more fire power (literally) and just rebox him afterwards. I find it useful to train up a good rotation like that so you are prepared for any situation.
  4. One thing to consider though is aside from Alakazam, you only have physical attackers. It might be useful to try to balance out with some special attack as well just to help with certain parts of the fight. Your Alakazam should be able to outspeed the Garchomp too, maybe try using Dazzling Gleam on your Alakazam, you might be able to OHKO it since Garchomps sp def is one of its lowest stats.
  5. Yeah I would diversify the team somewhat. Definitely good to have multiple types trained up but I wouldnt use them at the same time unless you're working on a specific gym, like the fighting gym for example. If you look you have multiple members weak to Steel. Fire and Ground and poison are also some weak areas for you. Look at this chart or go to https://marriland.com/tools/team-builder/ to help plan out a team so you can see how well your type coverage is. While you do have coverage, losing one mon, like Talonflame for example could really hurt you during Reborn. For example, a good Alolan Sandlash would BODY your team. So finding those weak points and covering them will be crucial, especially in the late game.
  6. Train both, grinding up a few extra mons never hurts. Sure it takes some time, but as long as youre doing it as you go along, especially as they approach the level cap, its not too bad. Also theyre both useful in the longrun depending on the fight. I wouldnt use them both at the same time unless you're in a specific battle that they both could be useful like fighting that dang bug nerd but other than that I don't forsee any issues having both. Also shiny Noivern is wicked so like definitely keep him around!
  7. Honestly, I would say train both separately. There are so many times that you will be swapping out your mons depending on the challenge you face ahead so it doesnt hurt to train a few of each type. I know I have a box almost completely full of mons that I can swap to if need be. You obviously can win through other methods but its so much easier to have a couple of each type that you like. I know I kept my Slugma til late game and there were many times it came in handy. Additionally though, I used a Rapidash and a Darmanitan just depending on the battle. So I say keep both and level them up accordingly as you play along and you'll probably be glad you did in the long run!
  8. Oh no worries at all! With everything going on in the world right now, I completely understand how it could be challenging to focus on this. Hope you have a great time though when you do start!
  9. See, I do disagree with your theory even though I think it is extremely well thought out and here is why. If Arceus is the god pokemon, I don't think it is something that would truly be evil. Lin (at least in the adult form we know her as) is truly evil. Forcing friends to fight and torturing (not just killing or trapping to get rid of those in her way) but truly torturing is evil. Additionally, she cares nothing for loyalty or family, only "unbridled power". My personal take, is that perhaps the Lin we see as an adult is Giratina and Child Lin is somehow with Arceus. Perhaps Giratina took this form or is making a projection of Lin to Spite the god that condemned him. Idk it just doesnt seem like the current Adult Lin's traits would fall in line with the ideals of the Creator pokemon.
  10. So I think you have a pretty solid team tbh. Gallade is great, you could also try out Medicham, with Pure Power it certainly hits harder, but it is a little slower. I would agree that adding Thunder Wave to your Togekiss would be beneficial as you have no hazards on your team right now. If you had a way to set up Sticky Webs or Stealth Rock youd be set. Maybe even toxic spikes or something. It is usually really helpful to have some form of hazards that eat up your opponents health or force them to take a turn to get rid of them.
  11. Honestly though you have some great options in reborn. Aerodactyl, Turtonator, Hawlucha, the issues I guess are with early game getting access to decent ones, but late game you'd be fine.
  12. Hey bud, how is the playthrough going? I am curious how far you've made it so far and what your team is looking like? Hope you're having fun!
  13. What did you end up utilizing in its place?
  14. So I know I haven't updated this in a MINUTE so here we go. I beat Shade eventually, I am not sure why it took me so long because when I beat him, I beat him bad, I exorcised his ghosts bad. But anyway I moved on to bigger and better things. I opened the doors and watched the kids get kidnapped and had to go shrek Kiki to get strength but no badge.. RIP... and then did the faceoff with Garchomp. I somehow managed to outspeed with Jumpluff and him to sleep and Leech Seeded him. Then I just revived til it died, took me a few tries but did it eventually. Found Cain and went to AYA. She was so easy. TBH I just used Calm Mind on my Swoobat a few times (Its simple) then one shot everything with Psychic for the most part. I finally followed to Yureyu to help out. I made my way through and faced off with Sigmund because why not. Guess who got their ass kicked considering I was using a mono flying team and he uses electric typing? Not me, I beat the living shit out of him. Moving on, we fled to the Lake house and I had to go assault the team meteor base and face Serra, but caught a Ducklett beforehand and swapped out Drifblim. Another case of the Bill Cosby sleepies from Jumpluff made everything a breeze. Oh yeah, I also caught an Oricorio named Cha Cha and I also got Toucan Sam the Toucannon. Barely used them though. I did the side quest though at the museum and got an Archen so that I could use Archeops in lieu of not having my Aerodactyl yet... but soon.... I continued onward to Radomus but danged Luna got kidnapped so I had to deal with that whole sidequest. FORTUNATELY, I caught myself a Swablu and evolved it to Altaria. One quick claw later and I perish songed the Arceus Ditto and moved on with my life after catching a Sigilyph and Natu. Completely THWOPPED Radomus and I am currently making my way to the Dark Gym. I am ready though to unleash hell with my Vivillon as it has come sin handy being able to Sleep Powder and Quiver Dance. Then I Hurricane Katrina her enemies out of existence. Although for Luna I'll probly Bug Buzz most of her team. My current team is: Vivillon Archeops Talonflame Jumpluff Swanna Rotating- Altaria, Swoobat, Xatu, Sigilyph After I head to Agate I will be getting a Braviary and a Hawlucha which I am very excited for.
  15. Here is another challenge idea that I have that I quite like. You can only obtain a new pokemon after defeating a gym leader. So you would have your starter until you beat Julia. Then you could catch a second pokemon. Once you beat Florina, you can catch another, and so on and so forth. You can have more than 6 for a rotation as you progress. Additionally, I think its worth saying you could catch mons for the gyms that dont give you badges as well (Looking at you Corey and Kiki). I think this would be a challenging run because it would REALLY make you consider what singular pokemon to capture moving forward in the game. This type of format could be combined with other game types as well such as mono-type runs or even the 450 and under runs.
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