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  1. I dont know how to do that? How do I go back a save? Additionally, I did redownload it and it didnt help.
  2. Yeah I would diversify the team somewhat. Definitely good to have multiple types trained up but I wouldnt use them at the same time unless you're working on a specific gym, like the fighting gym for example. If you look you have multiple members weak to Steel. Fire and Ground and poison are also some weak areas for you. Look at this chart or go to https://marriland.com/tools/team-builder/ to help plan out a team so you can see how well your type coverage is. While you do have coverage, losing one mon, like Talonflame for example could really hurt you during Reborn. For example, a good Alolan S
  3. Train both, grinding up a few extra mons never hurts. Sure it takes some time, but as long as youre doing it as you go along, especially as they approach the level cap, its not too bad. Also theyre both useful in the longrun depending on the fight. I wouldnt use them both at the same time unless you're in a specific battle that they both could be useful like fighting that dang bug nerd but other than that I don't forsee any issues having both. Also shiny Noivern is wicked so like definitely keep him around!
  4. Honestly, I would say train both separately. There are so many times that you will be swapping out your mons depending on the challenge you face ahead so it doesnt hurt to train a few of each type. I know I have a box almost completely full of mons that I can swap to if need be. You obviously can win through other methods but its so much easier to have a couple of each type that you like. I know I kept my Slugma til late game and there were many times it came in handy. Additionally though, I used a Rapidash and a Darmanitan just depending on the battle. So I say keep both and level them up acc
  5. Hello everyone! I am sorry I haven't posted in a while. My computer crashed and I was worried I had lost my reborn data. Fortunately I did not however when I play the game, after about 30 seconds or so I receive this error. I did not know what to do so I redownloaded the game and ran it from there and I am having the same issue. Please help, I put so much into my playthroughs and don't want to lost it all! Image below: \ Thanks!
  6. Personally, I think the game is quite remarkable. From a story telling standpoint, the game encapsulates an authentic pokemon experience, while making it more in tune with its older audience that have been playing the original games since early childhood. The evil Team Meteor is reflective of the Team Rocket/Team Galactic/Plasma/etc. with great, albiet cruel plans to reshape the world in their image. The background music is amazing and unique while still feeling like a classic pokemon game. The fact that you can see your characters influence on the world as Reborn grows and is renovated is ama
  7. Heck yeah! Thats awesome. I have never actually used a Meowstic myself but my first time playing through Reborn I played it alongside two of my best friends and one of them ran a Meowstic. (We actually had quite different teams too without even trying to playthough the game differently which was cool to see how we were all different as trainers). But he loved that thing. I've watched quite a few Lets Plays as well where people have used and swore by their Meowstic too so I could see how it would arguably be one of the most useful mons to pick up early. And I couldn't agree more wi
  8. Donphan is a beast. I like to watch other people's playthroughs to see how their experience was different than mine and the guy mained a donphan and yeah it was amazing! Never attempted a Cacturne myself but I can see how it would be valuable. Drapion is amaziing. Used him in Diamond and have one trained up to lvl 88 for my rotation in Reborn!
  9. Wow! I also have not heard of anyone utilizing Kecleon in Reborn let alone as their MVP! That is awesome! I have a shiny one (the sprite is hilarious) that is at a decent level. Maybe I can train him up some for whenever Episode 19 comes out.
  10. I could imagine! It sounds great, probably destroyed Adrienn
  11. I have actually never used Amoonguss! Thats awesome, I love hearing about people using mons i never thought to try!
  12. Question, who is MC? Is that just an abbreviation for Main Character?? Additionally, it would be fun to join Team Meteor with the mission of infiltrating and destroying from within-but to have to do so without getting caught or noticed.
  13. Ooooohhhhh nice! I also got Axew from my egg and trained it up for a rotationed team that I am working on putting together. Ya never know what Amethyst will throw at ya with each new episode so it is always good to have some hidden beasts saved up.
  14. Additionally, I think Dragon Dance is the key to running a good Kingdra. Once you start setting them up its bulky enough and powerful enough to take on ALOT
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