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  1. Haha yeah makes sense about not wanting to use those, but could definitely come in handy against some high level bosses. Don't forget about mons like snover and hippopotas to get a up a quick hailstorm or sandstorm to boost your sand slashes. What are your thoughts about wishiwashi by the way? Because it starts at 175 total but transforms in battle into this beast with 620 base stat total. But it's slow with low hp so in my opinion you can get away with it . Makes me think, eviolite Duosion could be cool as well, you'll probably have some pretty slow mons as well so duosion can take a hit and set up a trick room if you want while still having a base sp.attack in 125(!) which is just as high as reuniclus'.
  2. Nice idea! Wish you good luck with it! You'll probably be abusing the f*ck out of moxie mightyena and swords dance alolan sandslash Don't forget the simple mons like swoobat and bibarel they'll be handy too. I don't remember if the eviolite will be available soon but pre evolutions are available as well ofcourse so keep that in mind. Like eviolite gurdurr, piloswine, doublade or even chansey are very powerful. I might even try this one out myself! Minior is available too for some nice shell smashing. Intimidate Arbok could come in clutch even. Quagsire is even available woah did not expect that. (Alolan) marowak with thick club hits extremely hard, same for huge power diggersby and huge power belly drum aqua jet azumarill though. And pure power medicham ofcourse. Vivillon is Nice as well for sticky web for instance. You could also use it and something like venomoth to quiver dance up. And murkrow and wobbufet for some sneaky plays. Those are like pretty much all your options but when used well not even that bad now that I look into it!
  3. I know a game! Two even! They are called Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Really nice games with overworld pokemon and stuff.
  4. FYI; pokemon stop obeying you when they are 1 level past the level cap, so at 26,31,36 and so on. Good luck with your non-starter playthrough! Really like the idea.
  5. I would go with the second one as well. Greninja is meant to out speed and kill with stab attacks. And his level up moveset is not that great until later on. But Frogadier gets smack down at 33 which is really helpful. So imo you need that attack boost early on in this game. Later Greninja gets Extrasensory but tm dark pulse is quite late available as well so you could teach him night slash (with the move relearner) if necessary, otherwise at lvl 77 but idk if dark pulse is available by then. So an increased attack is really not that bad just like his 95 base attack stat. And as @Wolfox said you'll eventually be able to change his nature when needed.
  6. Swampert (mega, sweeper) Volcarona (Defensive Quiver dance (sweeper), defog-roost or just straight up offensive) Excadrill (sash rocks, sweeper, ballon, also a mon with so many options) Aegislash (always nice to be able to trick the AI with King Shield + sacred sword, sweeper) Trevenant (Defensive leech seed with horn leech, will-o-wisp or something like D-bond) Haxorus ((late-game) sweeper (dragon dance or even swords dance) + extra water resist) rotation: Tauros (ghost immunity, intimidate) Jolteon (speed control and volt switch + gets rain dance for mega swampert) Bisharp (Suckerpunch and dark resist) Talonflame/Xatu/Gliscor (ground immunity, defensive defog + get a strong prioritised brave bird off, or magic bounce, or Toxic orb poison heal with swords dance) I really love Corviknight and Dragapult as well but they won't be added to this game so at the end this is what i would pick out of your mons i guess.
  7. Calm mind Simple Swoobat put in a lot of work for me early game in one of my first playthrough. It gets Calm Mind at level 29 and Air slash not much levels after. I remember that i stopped using him when he was like level 50 so that's a long time it was usefull for me. But depending on your other team members it could potentially put in more work for you. That being said, for lategame i would definitely go for screens. Blaziken works really well with screens. So you could get a A-sandslash and get the Arora-veil TM at Serra and later on swap it out for a A-Ninetales. Sharpedo is good behind screens as well. Straight up offence is most of the time not a great idea to deal with the power Reborn attacks you with. With shift on it could work ofcourse but I always depended on pure luck at the double battles with my first playthroughs cause of I didn't had anything to take a hit so i could heal my mons. You could also go with something like a calm mind Slow Bro, it's kinda offensive, but can also take a hit if it needs to. But like @WildRoad said the rest of your team really depends on the mons you like to use and the playstyle you have or want to use, it's not like here are the 5 mons who go good with Blaziken haha.
  8. You're over exaggerating in my opinion. They are working on it so it's mostlikely going to happen so you'd better prepare for your disappointment then. I mean all there is left is a gym leader, elite four and post-game. Gym leader will raise the cap to 100 (mostlikely). Then there is the elite-4 and not every member will give you a level cap. You'll probably need common candies so your mons won't pass the cap when you're at the 3th or 4th member or you just stay a couple of levels under it. Then there's probably Lin or something and post-game so you'll probably have to go to like level 110,115 or 120. Not that big of a deal especially with all the money you grind and the ability of buying rare candies (for not even that big of a price).
  9. I'm guessing that EP19 is the last gym leader + elite4 and post-game. While EP18.4 is probably all of the above but the post-game. In the scoreboard it says that the post-game scoreboard will open after the rest is done so after that is done maybe they change the threat into EP19? It's just a theory but could be it, idk.
  10. Meech is my bestwoman: she has a speech Meech is doing the laundry: she uses bleech Meech wants to lower the opponent's defence: she uses screech
  11. Wild Paras and Parassect are holding the Balm Mushroom, they can be found in the woods left of beryl ward and jasper ward.
  12. I got this error a couple of times and now i'm afraid to save cause i don't know what it will do to my save file. Can it do any harm against if or am i save to save? Edit: Found my answer for the spoiler above
  13. Ah okay I did not know that. I can respect that and I'm sorry. I ment it in a good way and I now know how it is, I won't bring it up again.
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