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  1. i think this is what theyre talking about: it isnt even much of an insult imo
  2. can u plz give a tl:dr i dont mean to be rude but no one wants to read a textwall
  3. im stuck at the battle against melia in the i cant get past her aegislash plz help trained mons: delphox lvl 85 flamethrower psychic shadow ball light screen vaporeon lvl 85 acid armor surf wish detect sawsbuck lvl 85 return charm horn leech jump kick sandslash lvl 85 swords dance earthquake rock slide sandstorm sylveon lvl 85 misty terrain calm mind hyper voice shadow ball garbodor lvl 85 acid spray toxicc toxic spikes drain punch mawile lvl 85 thunderpunch ice punch play rough sucker punch gigalith lvl 85 arenite wall stealth rock bu
  4. i didnt get anything ill try going out of online mode and back in
  5. username : Jkman trainer name: Kailah time: any time between 8:15 pm UTC and 6 am UTC (or between 3-5 pm UTC)
  6. i think i know how to get a roggenrola that will work i noticed that the cyndaquil that u purchase from the market on 7th street has sanford as the original trainer (my trainer name is NOT sanford) i think thats how the game determines whether or not a pokemon is valid for the quest so i think that u just need to get a roggenrola with the right ot and itll work i think i can get one for u, but ill need a bit of time (or sandbox/debug)
  7. sorry but i already did the sidequest and dont have the roggenrola can u still accept the buneary tho
  8. Hey so im thinking about breeding a 6IV tyrogue and since it and the rest of the hitmons are male only i need a ditto (i didnt sr for a 6iv one) i have a 6iv jolly buneary (w/ lopunnite) as well as literal boxes full of flabebe/goomy to give in return
  9. I, Eva X, encourage everyone to submit a toast to Nicholas Alexander for managing to pirate WarCraft 3 so that he may play Defense of the Ancients. Let us all congratulate Nick and tell him to enjoy his DOTA. *sluuuuuuuuuuuurp*


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