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  1. Set it to shift and then return to options. Is it still shift?
  2. Odd. Just to check, have you tried saving after you switched to switch mode?
  3. I believe it's pretty much anywhere during the day, since pretty much all areas of the desert (except the Ruined City and such) have the same encounters. Pretty low encounter rate, though.
  4. So with the advent of V13, the EV training rooms have been yeeted to post-Valarie, which I feel doesn't improve the game a whole lot. My main argument is this - The removal of early EV training doesn't make the game harder, it just makes it more tedious. Right off the bat, you can already grind EVs off the wild pokemon in Gearen City. HP, Attack, and Speed are pretty simple with the abundance of birds, bugs, and doggos present in pretty much any patch of wild grass. If you're desperate, you can get Special Attack EVs from the Psyduck in Gearen Park, and if you're really
  5. See, unlike you, I have no experience in modding Pokemon Rejuvenation, which is why I can confidently say that your gaming chair is just not good enough /j In all seriousness, maybe you need to change the variable names and stuff? Again, I have literally no idea how any of this works, but it might be trying to run both mods under the same name or something. So maybe change "Aephiex_AshGreninja" to something like "Dreaming_BBLuxray" or something like that, just make sure it's consistent so it works properly. As for the ability, maybe change instances of "FROAKIE", "FROGA
  6. In lieu of a starter pokemon, like the ones their classmates use, Alain uses a custom Pikachu in their Nightmare fight. It doesn't have a special icon or shiny sprite, because I don't think it's intended to be obtained. I'm just going to list the stats anyway. Base Stats: 55 HP, 80 Atk, 50 Def, 75 SpA, 60 SpD, 120 Spe (440 BST) The base stats are incredibly similar to the Partner Pikachu received in Pokemon: Let's Go! Pikachu, with the exception of a higher base HP (55 vs 45). Looks like pretty much everything else is the same as normal Pikachu, including
  7. I personally go full Attack and enough Defense investment to have equal Def and SpD after a Coil boost, with Gunk Shot and Play Rough as STABs and Bulldoze for coverage (because Stomping Tantrum and Drill Run couldn't be taught)
  8. Looks like Aevia uses Mudsdale, Whimsicott, Venomoth, Noctowl, Samurott, and Mega/GMax Lapras. I believe it's Axel that has the Feraligatr. Edit: It also looks like Ariana uses Oricorio-Bella, Kingdra, Meowstic-F, Volcarona, Blaziken, and Mega Altaria. Edit 2: Also looks like Alain uses Araquanid, Haxorus, Scrafty, and three others as a Sticky Web team.
  9. ... Crescent's class in Spotlight City, a.k.a. all the potential Interceptors? I believe one of them uses a Feraligatr, but I'm not sure if all of them have distinct teams or what pokemon they all prefer. Is there a list of what pokemon they all use?
  10. If you didn't save in the cutscene, you should be able to just go back out into the castle and use the PC there. If you did save in the cutscene, you can restore a previous backup by going to the Saved Games folder and finding whichever slot you're using. Just pick one of those backups and rename it to replace the Game.rxdata or Game_#.rxdata files. If you're using Erin's team, there's not much you can do, since you can't change up the team if you didn't use the Interceptor's Wish. Pretty sure there's a thread on here about beating the new Angie fight with just her team.
  11. Pretty sure it's been changed to taking 49 damage in Wispy Ruins without getting K.O.'d
  12. Did you start in GDC apartments, Kakori Village HQ, or Gearen Lab? Because if you didn't there's a decent chance you get translocated to a different map.
  13. Looks like he's selling the Noctowl, Phione, Luxray, Druddigon, Thievul, Samurott, Boltund, Probopass, Swalot, and Cinccino Crests for 9000 Red Essence each. The existence of the Samurott crest implies the existence of the Emboar and Serperior Crests, though the location of these is unknown.
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