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Found 2 results

  1. HI (again !? - Yes and for ever) ! This time I checked the Wiki of Pokémon Rejuvenation and I saw the stats of Delpha. I know she's not meant to be used, but she became so powerful thanks to the experiments with Black Shards, and we, The Interceptor, is linked to the Black Shards with the Obelisk near of Sashila Village. So, in term of lore, one of our Pokémon would be filled by our power and the power of Black Shards, and it would be our starter. Only the starter we choose at the beggining would be able to 'evolve' just before the last battle against Madame X or the final bad Boss of the game. With the information I found about Delpha, I choose some rules to respect : - the Pokémon will have a total of 706 of Base Stats - the Pokémon will learn 2 exclusive moves : one will be a Legendary move, and one regular move. (Depha knows Blue Flare and Dark Pulse) - the Pokémon will have a new Ability (for example Delpha has Adaptability) - the Pokémon won't be able to mega evolve indeed - If the Pokémon have a single type, you can chose a second type, but it needs to be able to learn an offensive Stab ( For example Swampert couldn't be a Ghost Type because it only has Curse and HP Ghost) Then, I choose MY starter, my beloved starter is... Feraligatr ! Feraligatr is known as a fierce Pokémon, so I made a very offensive set based on Punch. So this form will be a bit more muscular and fierce like this one (but a little more muscular but faster than this form of Insurgence) : The picture from DrWhiger made me to think to Jojo and Pillar Men and a bit Star Platinum (Fierce Warrior) ^^ So let's go for the set ! First of all, I will present its stats, Type, and Ability : HP : 100 Atk : 160 Def : 100 SpA : 125 SpD : 90 Spe : 131 Ability : No Guard Type : Water / Fighting In its regular form, Feraligatr is vulnerable against special moves, and I wanted it "still" be its weakness being its worst stat. Moreover, Feraligatr knows a lot of Fighting Type moves, such as Superpower, Focus Blast, Focus Punch or Power Up Punch. In the Pokedex, it was said it's very fast, and it already knows a lot of Punch moves. Now its sets ! The First One : Feraligatr @ Fightnium Z or Icium Z Ability: Torrent EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Surging Strikes - Dynamic Punch - Ice Hammer - Dragon Dance This set uses the 2 moves I choose : Surging Strikes and Ice Hammer. It's fast and strong and pretty bulky as it should be. But in the Pokedex it was said it's clumsy. In my opinion it sometimes prefers power over speed which explains why I choose Ice Hammer. It's like a Dark Souls Boss : its attacks are fierce, but it has a flaw after it finish its combo with Ice Hammer. Nonetheless, it's possible to make it to be a Mixed All Out Attacker with its good stats in Special Attack ^^ Feraligatr @ Life Orb / Z Move / Choice Scarf ? / .... Ability: Torrent EVs: 176 Atk / 80 SpA / 252 Spe (It's possible to change the spread ^-^ ) Naive Nature - Surging Strikes - Focus Blast - Blizzard - Iron Tail / Hydro Pump / Rock Slide With No Guard, it can use some powerful moves as Focus Blast, Iron Tail or Blizzard without missing (I fear this kind of moves ) but I think it's less good to use Dragon Danse with special moves (you can use Agility if you want). Ahhh, I love creating new forms and evolution, I swear ! I don't if you love reading this kind of posts, but Pokémon Rejuvenation made my brain in fire ! Combined with my Jojo and music vibes I'm getting so many ideas ^-^ And after all of this, maybe the Blackeory Family found the way of the Archetype ? The way searched by the Garufan ?
  2. The tavern built into the body rocked side to side as it moved through the water. The wooden walls were decorated just right to give a homey sort of feel. Kenku’s rushed around delivering drinks and a bard played a merry tune on a barrel. A halfling sat at a table, receiving constant orders for more drinks. The halfling chortled merrily as he took another long sip from his bottle. The sway of the ship, The Falcon’s Edge, didn’t effect him as he continued to drink and recieve more drinks. The halfling barely seemed to notice when rum almost spilled on his fancy suit he was wearing. The halfling took a swig from the now empty bottle and glared at it as if it was the bottle’s fault for being empty. He set the bottle down and looked at the ragtag group sitting at the table. He took a swig from a new bottle, which was provided by a Kenku, before addressing the eleven. “Welcome to the Safe Travel Society, where we are dedicated to... safe travels. I’ll spare you all my usual spiel, so we can still have time for merrymaking. The basis of this is that, we send you out into the wilds, you tame the wilds, and get paid. We get safe trade routes in return. No work, no pay. We will send a messenger to check in and deliver pay occcasionslly. You all already should know this, you did sign up to join after all. Sometimes we might send you in a special mission, like this one. You might have to work as detectives. Anyway, you all know the story of Clearwell’s springs: Some magical magic sorcery happened or a priest blessed the pond. Regardless many people claim it performs miracles. But now it doesn’t. You get to find out why. You get a little adventure, side cash, travel, and maybe some other good things. Now, I expect you not to kill each other, but I don’t really know any of you. Feel free to let me know you. It might be wise to introduce yourself to your companions. At least then you know who’s name to curse when you get stabbed in the back.”
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