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  1. Bugs I found: I don't know if anyone noticed but the letter "m" is missing from the keyboard. Another bug I found is the event (after you defeat Trevenant)with the blond lady ( cant remember her name) but when that event first it was like her character disappeared but the dialogue still happened. After I finished the Calvera story and went back there the event happened again but this time I could see her character. Anyway, I am thoroughly entertained and actually find the story very interesting. The topic of racism is touchy but so far it has been done right in
  2. I have a question. What is the effect of Verdant Terrain? I am building a either Bug/Grass monotype team or a Forest theme team.
  3. So I am playing this for the first time and I love every second of it so far. Only game since Reborn or Rejuv that I have played and enjoyed immensely. I love all of the changes and features. I love that it gives me more teambuilding options for my fav types (grass and ice) so far. Cant wait to see this fully developed some more.
  4. I beat her using Rainbow field team. Ninetails + Politoed. It was hard tho.
  5. I restarted quite a few times with Samson and Ciel. This was with items banned so I had to come up with unique strategies.
  6. Every battle has the forest field in effect. I'm in Evergreen Island and I need the ice field to progress. Game.rxdata
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