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  1. I beat her using Rainbow field team. Ninetails + Politoed. It was hard tho.
  2. This is a really fun team I came up with and Im really enjoying it so far. https://pokepast.es/c1674f05821e2fcc Edit: Miltank holds Life Orb instead of Rocky Helmet
  3. I restarted quite a few times with Samson and Ciel. This was with items banned so I had to come up with unique strategies.
  4. I just beat Adrienne in one try with this Rainbow Field Team that I slowly built as the game progresses. Took me a while to come up with a finalized team but it might go through some more changes eventually. "The Blooming Defense Core" Meganium @ Light Clay Level: 85 Ability: Leaf Guard Nature: Calm IVS: Maxed EVS: 252 HP, 252 SP.Def, 4 SP. Atk Moves: Ancient Power, Giga Drain, Reflect, Light Screen This girl is the core of my team being able to tank a Blizzard or Ice Beam from Aurorus without Screens Up. She really carried me
  5. Every battle has the forest field in effect. I'm in Evergreen Island and I need the ice field to progress. Game.rxdata
  6. Every trainer or wild battle that I've had on any terrain is always forest field. I've tried using an older save but it didn't work and I dont want to start over Please can I have assistance?
  7. Hello, I'm Wintergem and a long time lurker and fan of the games that so many of you brilliant minds create. I have finally joined after much deliberation and know I wont regret this decision Yes, I love Pokemon. Mainly Ice Types and I hope to share some of my runs in your future.
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