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  1. Yes, that was the idea. Using seed moves to set up the field but you still need to use the moves (Rototiller, Flower Shield, Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Growth, Ingrain, Grassy Terrain, Bloom Doom) and abilites ( Flower Gift, Flower Veil, Drought, Drizzle, Grassy Surge) to actually grow the field. I didn't use Leech Seed because it can only be used on an opponent once unless they switch out. Example: Your Pokémon uses a move like Bullet Seed and after the move is used you can have a text like, "Seeds are being scattered on the field"
  2. I really love the idea behind this field despite it being exclusive only in Kingdom Goomidra. I just wished we could use more of it during our playthrough which is why I came up with the suggestion of it being summonable only using seed moves like Bullet Seed, Seed Bomb, or Seed Flare in battle. Bullet Seed and Seed Bomb should be used at least three - four times in battle while Seed Flare once. Once you use them more than once you can get the prompt "Seeds line the field." Obviously it won't be summonable on certain fields but It would be nice if you can change Grassy Terrain, Forest Field, and other compatible fields into Flower Garden Field that way.
  3. If you refuse to do the quest of the girl in the inn you appear back outside and get stuck just outside the door.. Afterward, none of the controls work and you're forced to reset the game.
  4. Not sure if its a bug but since its not listed in the field effects under Grassy Terrain. Leaf Guard activates on Grassy Terrain which from according to the notes doesn't activate on that terrain. I realized it only happened when I was battling the Puppet Master and he tried to Thunder Wave Meganium and Leaf Guard activated. I didn't had Sunny Day active either so idk. ANYWAY, it was a welcomed surprise and maybe it should be implemented.
  5. So I'm on my way to do the Nightmare Medallion thing and I'm going to have to fight the Puppet Master soon. I have a set of teams utilizing either grass or bug. Which team do you guys think is best? I did some resetting of the IVs and Evs for my current team. They utilizes the Sunny Day and Grassy Terrain to outspeed and do massive damage but also have can provide support with Sleep Powder, Poison, or burn with Slash and Burn. Meganium and Florges can tank a lot of hits as well as heal themselves. I guess it will be much better when I get the Meganium Crest and make her more bulky. My second potential team is one that utilizes trick room and sunny day. Fruit Themed of course and Comfey will be the lead to set up trick room basically. I would need to train them up but I don't mind a little hard work. Other potential team is Half bug/Half Grass team which also uses Sunny Day. Last team is one that utilizes Rain Dance but I haven't gotten around to making it yet.
  6. My final team should be: Jumpluff, Sunflora, Cherrim, Meganium, Beautifly, Volcarona. I got larvesta as a mystery egg and have to train it up now.
  7. One of my fav pokemon and I've seen that we can get crests later in the game and wondered what a Beautifly Crest would do. My idea was that a crest that would give it 50% boost in speed and every physical or special attack has a 30% chance to cause infatuation on the opposite gender ( or both).
  8. I'm playing casual mode and I had to restart MANY times with Angie. She has been the hardest for me so far then Amber. I actually have other mons I've used like Pinsir ( who was the mvp of the battle) and Vivillion in order to win. Sunny Day was the saving grace though.
  9. Idek. I was having trouble with battling Kyorge ( restarted many times) and my bf did something to get me that item that will help me.
  10. I just beat Amber (After so many tries. I had to reteach my Jumpluff Bounce to change the field.). This is just a fun team I made that is based around flowers and bees. The bees protect the flowers ( grass types). The team utilizes sunny day which only benefits the grass types honestly but I love the theme. Thought I'd share. c:
  11. I used the patch since I had the Reborn folder. I suspect it was something else . I tried removing my mods folder and following the instructions as suggested. (I was using my android phone btw since I have joiplay) the events and everything else was working fine except the abilities. I used the main download and added the mods to it and now it works great. So problem solved tbh.
  12. Alright, I managed to get this to work but the abilities for most pokemon are blank. What am I doing wrong?
  13. I beat her using Rainbow field team. Ninetails + Politoed. It was hard tho.
  14. This is a really fun team I came up with and Im really enjoying it so far. https://pokepast.es/c1674f05821e2fcc Edit: Miltank holds Life Orb instead of Rocky Helmet
  15. I restarted quite a few times with Samson and Ciel. This was with items banned so I had to come up with unique strategies.
  16. I just beat Adrienne in one try with this Rainbow Field Team that I slowly built as the game progresses. Took me a while to come up with a finalized team but it might go through some more changes eventually. "The Blooming Defense Core" Meganium @ Light Clay Level: 85 Ability: Leaf Guard Nature: Calm IVS: Maxed EVS: 252 HP, 252 SP.Def, 4 SP. Atk Moves: Ancient Power, Giga Drain, Reflect, Light Screen This girl is the core of my team being able to tank a Blizzard or Ice Beam from Aurorus without Screens Up. She really carried me through a lot of my battles thanks to screens. I know there are better pokemon but Meganium is one of my favs and I just wanted to enjoy my baby. In the Rainbow Field, "if" she manages to get a boost from Ancient Power she becomes really hard to take down. She can get walled easily but that is what her teammates are there to help. "The Sun Goddess" Ninetails @ Heat Rock Level: 85 Ability: Drought Nature: Timid IVS: Maxed EVS: 252 Speed, 252 SP.Atk, 4 Def Moves: Attract, Confuse Ray, Solar Beam, Overheat Ninetails and her Attract + Confuse Ray combo is amazing and it supports her teammates especially Meganium and Alataria so she came come back in at get screens back up. However, Overheat + Sun OHKOs Pokémon easily. Solarbeam is for coverage obviously. She was a prominent member when I was fighting against Zel and that Magnezone. "The Rainbow Sweeper" Altaria @ Leftovers Level: 85 Ability: Cloud Nine Nature: Bold IVS: Maxed EVS: 252 Def, 152 SP.Atk, 100 Speed Moves: Hyper Voice, Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower, Roost Altaria is the Rainbow Sweeper and thrives on that field. I usually send her onto the Rainbow Field after Ninetails sets up Drought and create the field. Its good to get her in the moment the field is up to get those Cloud Nine boosts. Flamethrower + Sun + Rainbow Field kind of guarantees a burn. The Cloud Nine + Rainbow Field combo is basically luck based but it usually works in my favour especially with evasion boosts or SP. Atk boosts. Dragon Pulse STAB + Rainbow Field usually 2HKO some Pokémon. "The Rain Goddess" Politoed @ Damp Rock Level: 85 Ability: Drizzle Nature: Calm IVS: Maxed EVS: 252 Sp.Def, 252 SP.Atk, 4 Def Moves: Amnesia, Weather Ball, Ice Beam, Focus Blast The Rainbow Field effect on Weather Ball + Rain has really pulled through for me. Ice Beam. I chose Amnesia to boosts her already high SP.Def. Focus Blast is Filler but I might change it eventually. "The Wishing Well Monster" Clefable @ Leftovers Level: 85 Ability: Unaware Nature: Bold IVS: Maxed EVS: 252 Def, 252 HP, 4 Sp.Def Moves: Cosmic Power, Wish, Moonblast, Focus Blast Clefable is a monster. Cosmic Power + Wish + Unaware in Rainbow Field is beastly. She can tanked Zel Magnezone Flash Cannon easily and barely scratched this queen. She is the glue of the team and keeps everyone healthy with her Wishes. Focus Blast is to hit those pesky Steel Types. "The Thunder King" Electivire@ Life Orb Level: 85 Ability: Motor Drive Nature: Jolly IVS: Maxed EVS: 252 Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP Moves: Meditate, Bulldoze, Ice Punch, Wild Charge This King is for electric types who threaten Miss Toed so he can get that free speed boost but he also acts as the Physical Sweeper. Meditate in Rainbow Field gives him +3 atk and he is able to OHKO his enemies quickly. He is the protector of his girls on the team. Standby Pokémon: Magnezone Gothitelle Meowstic Cherrim Kingdra Aggron Braviary Beautifly Blissey
  17. Every battle has the forest field in effect. I'm in Evergreen Island and I need the ice field to progress. Game.rxdata
  18. Every trainer or wild battle that I've had on any terrain is always forest field. I've tried using an older save but it didn't work and I dont want to start over Please can I have assistance?
  19. Hello, I'm Wintergem and a long time lurker and fan of the games that so many of you brilliant minds create. I have finally joined after much deliberation and know I wont regret this decision Yes, I love Pokemon. Mainly Ice Types and I hope to share some of my runs in your future.
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