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  1. Well I finally won thanks to my destiny bond Cofarigus, but I'm curious how casual players who are not prepared are supposed to pass this point if game, since we can't breed pokemons.
  2. Seriously, this thing is too much overpowered, I don't know what I can do to beat it... I have a full team of pokemons which all are at level 80 and EV trained with maximum speed and Atq/SPAtq, however she outspeeds all of them and deals a lot of damage, she can even OHKO pokemons who are resistant to dark moves. On top of that she has a large amount of HP which make my strongest attacks ridiculous. Here is my team : - Blaziken (speed boost) Flare Blitz, Brick Break, Bulk up, Brave Bird - Mammoswine (thick fat) Icicle crash, Earthquake, Ice Shard, Strenght
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