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  1. So I was training Pokémon for the Pokédex and made very sure I didn’t get rid of them holding the Exp Share. Yet somehow, I lost it when I was sure I took it away from all the Pokémon I gave it to. I know this is the only one you can get, though is there a way around this?
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    Glad I could help! If you need any more help or advice, I’d be happy to tell you, though what I said are pretty much the basics.
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    For team building in the future just in general, I suggest having most Pokémon being a dual type. If you can get a variety of types on your team then you can use that Pokémon in battles against different types, and give yourself an advantage. Ground and Dark types are a must, as Electric is only weak to Ground, and Ghost would be hard to counter with another ghost type, so Dark can cover it. If you can, try not to have both types be resisted by one type, unless it’s Steel (as it resists 11 types) or you can get a good move that can be super effective against it. Take Scolipede. A bug and poison types, which Steel, and Poison resist both types. Might not be a good choice. However, Scolipede can also learn Earthquake, countering the 2 types that completely wall it. Have a good variety of Physical and Special attackers. Having all Physical or all Special attackers would be terrible if you ran into a tank that soaked up all your damage. Try to use moves that go with Physical or Special, whatever stat is better. A Machamp can learn Special moves, but because it’s Physical Attack is better, using Physical moves would be the smarter choice. Likewise, Alakazam can use Physical moves, but it’s Special moves are much better. Take this into consideration when learning new moves. Starting off it’s not a big deal, but as you go on it’ll become much more important. Abilities are very important, especially in this game. When determining what Pokémon you want on your team, look up it’d Abilities. Things like Speed Boost, which raises your speed stat once every turn, or Sheer Force, which doubles Physical Attack are great. You can also use them to set up, Prankster makes it so any non attacking move goes first, meaning you can get off a quick Toxic on them, no matter what their speed stat is. Drizzle sets up the rain, boosting water type attacks, so maybe get a Pelipper to help boost your water type attacks. When you find a Pokémon you don’t know, look it up. You can not only see it’s type, but also see what it might use. If it seems like it’s meant to set up and sweep, take it out quickly. If it’s meant to wall Special attacks but has terrible Physical defense, use Physical moves. If you come across a special attacker, maybe use a special wall to stall it out. There’s plenty more, like items, but for those you can just look them up and see what they do if you don’t know. I feel these are the most important tips I can give when creating a team, just in general. Hope I helped!
  4. Wow, looking at this I see Mantine learning it AND getting Water Absorb. The only issue is I’ll need a Heart Scale to get Wide Guard, but that isn’t an issue, as you can find Luvdisc in the same area as Mantine, plus I have Compound Eyes Galvantula with Thief so it shouldn’t be that bad. Thanks for the advice! I’ll finish Ep 18 today! Edit: Literally just did this, first encounter is a level 71 Shiny Mantine with Water Absorb. Dang. Edit 2: Did it! It wasn’t easy though, took several attempts to figure out the right strategy and a bit of luck getting Wide Guard to hit twice in a row, but I did it! Thanks so much for your help!
  5. Ah, good thinking. Whimsicott comes with Prankster often, right? Or is it a secret ability? Either way, I might have an idea similar to what I did with Charolette, which is spamming surf. Though this time I can even X Special Attack. Combined with tailwind or Wide Guard that’d be it. Though what’s a good Pokémon that can learn Wide Guard?
  6. Hardy. I shouldn’t need to say more, but dear Arceus he’s broken. Samurott Level 90 Wave Incense Shell Armor Modest Maxed EVs in Attack and Speed (Also note that he has max speed IVs and near perfect attack IVs) - X Scissor - Aqua Jet - Razor Shell - Swords Dance Scolipede Level 90 Scope Lens Speed Boost Modest Maxed EVs in Attack and Speed - Mega Horn - Protect - Poison Jab - Screech Chandelure Level 90 Charcoal Flame Body (whatever nature gives special attack with less attack) Maxed EVs in Special Attack and Speed - Will-o-Wisp - Flamethrower - Shadow Ball - Hex Krookidile Level 90 Black Glasses Intimidate Jolly Maxed EVs in Attack and Speed - Crunch - Brick Break - Earthquake - Foul Play Zoroark Level 90 Wise Glasses Illusion (whatever gives special Attack and lowers Attack) Maxed EVs in Special Attack and Speed - Nasty Plot - Night Shade (I think it’s called it can lower accuracy) - Flamethrower - Extrasensory (I have TM for Psychic don’t know if he can learn it or not) Sigilyph Level 90 Leftovers Magic Guard Naive (I believe raises special defense lowers Attack) Maxed EVs in Special Attack and Special Defense - Fly (shadow ball or a recovery move would be nice to replace with) - Cosmic Power - Psychic - Air Slash So, as you can see, I took the time to EV train all of my Pokémon, and most of them have maxed Speed. Scolipede is also incredibly fast, AND has Speed boost. I took the advice from ??? and I thought I was in luck, as even my Chandelure was decently fast. Even with +1 Speed, Scolipede can’t outspeed his Pokémon. I’m at the level cap, have one of the faster Pokémon in the game, maxed it’s Speed (has 28 IVs in speed) and yet it STILL can’t outspeed his Pokémon. His Pokémon are Level 92, above the level cap, making this stupidly hard. I know there are ways to make my team better, but not enough to revolutionize the battle. He still sweeps me with his Mega Aerodactyl and Lycanroc. I get that I can probably get like a Bisharp or Ferrothorn (maybe not even that), but training it up is going to be a pain, plus getting the right EVs for it too. I also basically stuck with this one team the entire time playing it, only having some other members that are only up to level 50 - 60. Most notable of these is a Klingklang, but he’d be way to slow to even do anything. Any advice?
  7. Thanks for telling me! Also, I managed to beat it by stalling out with Sigilyph, using 20 Hyper potions an X Speed, and a LOT of PP stalling with her Togekiss. Sigilyph underrated.
  8. I’ve been going through the game and so far have been able to pull through with just a small guide online, but now I’m legit stumped entirely. Ciel is a nightmare, mainly her Togekiss that she starts up with. Haven’t even gotten past that once yet, and I’m reading that she has a Mega too? In short, please help. My entire team is level 75, and I have: A Scolipede with Speed Boost (who I purposefully bred to have good IVs in speed and attack) A Krookidile with Intimidate A Sigilyph with Magic Guard A Lampent with Flame Body (I want to evolve it, but don’t know where a Dusk Stone is) A Zoroark with Illusion that I taught Flamethrower A Samurott who I want to teach Swords Dance but I can’t, since I have cut and surf and don’t know of a way to get rid of the moves where I am in the game. My plan is to set up with Zoroark, but the Togekiss ruins it all, I can’t even get close to setting up, and somehow Togekiss can oneshot Scolipede, whereas I can’t with poison tail.
  9. Thanks for clarifying, though I still think it’s really odd. I’ve also see many other examples of it seeing through illusion though, some that are just unexplainable. Like an opponent using toxic on said garbodar that is actually a Zorua. So whilst I think you’re mostly right, the AI still needs to be adjusted quite a bit to illusion.
  10. Ah, thank you for clarifying. I just found it very odd that I ONLY found level 43 Unown. From my perspective, someone messed up the levels and instead of hitting 3 and 4 to mean level 34, they hit 4 then 3 instead as they were rushing to get all the unown levels, as there are 28 versions of them.
  11. So I was training on the last floor under the Grand Stairway, where you find a bunch of Unowns. They range from level 26-35, though I sometimes found level 36s too. This isn’t the problem though. Twice now, out of nowhere a Level 43 would show up. Nothing lower or higher, exactly 43. Going to do a bit more research, cause I believe the bug probably stems from someone accidentally switching the 3 and 4, and level 34 unowns can spawn there, so maybe it means that a specific letter is bugged, or even multiple. Though if it isn’t a bug, do let me know.
  12. So AI trainers seeing through Zoroark’s illusion and knowing ALWAYS that it’s Zoroark is a bug? Honestly don’t think so, I think there should be exceptions, like it first uses a super effective move, but if that doesn’t work for some reason (like a Psychic move not working on illusion Hitmonlee that’s actually a Zoroark) THEN it uses a different move. This wouldn’t be hard to do with Illusion as once they’re hit the illusion is broken. Definitely seems like a bug to me.
  13. Recently got to Shade and I managed to get my hands on a Zorua that evolved into Zoroark. I used him in battle for Shade, and after using Thunder Wave on his Gengar and two additional struggle bugs when he knocked out my Galvantula, I sent out my Zoroark disguised as a Garbodor. This is the part that confuses me. He switched out his Gengar for his Mimikyu and set up Swords Dance. I still had my illusion up, and yet despite clearly being not very effective, he used Play Rough, completely seeing through the illusion. If this wasn’t the case I could’ve used an X Attack then Foul Play and sweep his entire team, but because of this glitch I can’t. Any idea to at least what is going on? Is it a bug?
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